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Name Production Distribute Broadcaster Seasons Episodes Type Genre Rating Status First Air Date
Super Smash Bros. The Coming End TV Show Happy TV Company Kobetendo TV Fan TV 7 921 Animated Comedy, Action, Adventure TV-PG Airing December 31 2012

Main Characters

Image Name Series First Episode Appearnce
Mario SSBU
Mario Super Mario Mario Vs Bowser
Marshmellow Inanimate Insanity The End Of The Smash HQ
Bowser SSBDF
Bowser Super Mario Mario Vs Bowser
Tree Battle For Dream Island Animation Style Changed Again
Army Dilo
Army Dillo Donkey Kong The Ultimate Villain
Ridley SSBG
Ridley Metroid The Ultimate Villain
Red bird
Red Bird Angry Birds The End Of The Smash HQ
King Pig
King Pig Angry Birds Animation Style Changed Again
Kirby K3DS

Kirby with his 3DS.

Kirby Kirby The End Of The Smash HQ
Olarx X
Olarx X Kami & Shiro Animation Style Changed Again
SKull Kid SSBG
Skull Kid The Legend Of Zelda The Ultimate Villain
King K. Rool Brawl
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Animation Style Changes
Donald Duck15
Donald Duck Mickey Mouse The End Of The Smash HQ
Master Hand
Master Hand Kirby The Ultimate Villain
Gatling pea
Gatling Pea Plants Vs Zombies Animation Style Changed Again


Season 1

Name Description Title Slide
Mario Vs Bowser Mario Fights Bowser! Who Will Win?
The End Of The Smash HQ The Smash Bro's HQ Gets Destroyed! Will They Build A New One?
Animation Style Changed Again The Animation Style Changed! Everyone Does Not Like It!
The Ultimate Villain 4 Villains Fight To Be The Ultimate Villain! Who Will Win?

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