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Super Smash Bros. Terror (often abbreviated as SSBT) is the upcoming installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. It will be a launch title for the Wii X3. The game has been announced to be released in October 2020. The game will be published and developed by Nintendo as well as third-party companies with their characters. Sakurai confirmed in a Miiverse post that a total of 70 characters will be developed for the game. There is a page on the Smash Bros. Terror DOJO!!! where fans can suggest characters for the game as well as new modes, stages and other content. When a returning character/newcomer is confirmed for the game, they will have a reveal trailer for them. The game was announced at E3 2017 with a trailer showing off returning characters as well as 4 newcomers.


At E3 2017, some employees working there announced a surprise reveal for a brand new game. Over 80,000 people were watching it online at a livestream while over 200,000 people were watching at the event itself. Masahiro Sakurai presented the trailer and Mario was walking peacefully when the Villager from Animal Crossing came along and waved at him. Mario waved back but the Villager threw a bowling ball at Mario but he used his cape to reflect it back. Villager pocketed it and threw it out again but Pikachu shocked it with electricity and threw it at Villager hurting him. Mario used this as a a change to land a huge fire attack on him but Pikachu used Thunder to shock him. Pit, Charizard, Mega Man, Luigi and Link jumped in and started a fight around each other. Then gameplay footage was shown revealing a new Super Smash Bros. game and at the end of the trailer, a logo showing off the game's title was shown titled "Super Smash Bros. Terror". Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that the game would be one of the four launch titles for the Wii X3. He also had shown off trailers off 3 newcomers who were not shown in the trailer who were Bomberman from the Bomberman series, Paper Mario from the Mario series and another huge surprise, Ghirahim from the Legend of Zelda series. Sakurai also confirmed that a total of 70 characters would be present in the new installment of Super Smash Bros.

After a leak that was shown on 4chan by MasterGanon49, Ganondorf was confirmed as a playable character with a brand new moveset with his old moveset being confirmed as a custom moveset. Mew two was also announced in a video trailer on the Smash Bros. Terror DOJO!!! meaning that the other two leaked characters (Peach and Heihachi) had yet to be confirmed for the game. Japanese trailers for Marth, Ike, Roy, Ness and Lucas were leaked days later proving their existence in the game as well as Heihachi who was revealed on the Smash Bros. Terror DOJO!!! a few days later. The person who previously leaked Heihachi confirmed that he would be a replacement for Ryu which was quickly proven false as he was confirmed at the start of a Nintendo Direct 2 weeks after MasterGanon49 announced this. Ken was also announced in the same trailer as Ryu. Peach was the only character that had yet to be confirmed by this leak.


MasterGanon49 Leak

Just a few weeks after the game's announcement, someone named "MasterGanon49" uploaded 4 pictures onto 4chan showing that Ganondorf, Peach, Mewtwo and Heihachi from Tekken would be playable characters. Many people said the images were fake as Ganondorf's had him using one of Bowser's moves which was Fire Breath believing that it was nothing more than a photoshopped image. Peach's image looked like she was using one of Mario's moves "Fireball" proving once again that this could be photoshopped. Mewtwo's had him using Shadow Ball which had a sort of blue colour meaning that it is just a recolour of Lucario's Aura Sphere meaning it could once again be photoshopped. Heihachi's picture looked like it was the only one not photoshopped, however further inspection has him having a bit of red on his glove which looked odd but nobody thought it was photoshoppd still so everyone had to wait until the next character reveal to believe these leaks. Sakurai announced a few days after the leaks happened that a new character would be revealed later that day in a livestream. A few minutes before the live event occured, the leaker uploaded a trailer for Ganondorf in Japanese confirming the existence of Ganondorf in the game. However, the character that was revealed in the livestream was Mewtwo instead of Ganondorf. This meant that Peach and Heihachi had yet to be confirmed.

Sakurai announced another character reveal a few days later and once again, there was another trailer leak except it wasn't for any of the two characters that MasterGanon had previously leaked, it was for Marth from Fire Emblem and later that day, Marth was confirmed in the livestream meaning that Marth would be in the game. MasterGanon49 also leaked photos of Ike, Roy and Ness. All of these looked completely legit and were taken as real and a few days later, a Japanese trailer confirming Ike and Roy was leaked along with a trailer confirming Ness and Lucas. MasterGanon said exactly what date Heihachi would be announced and also claimed that he'd be a replacement for Ryu from Street Fighter who previously appeared in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. This caused controversy due to Ryu being one of the most popular characters in Smash 4 and most people wanted him to stay and not be replaced. Heihachi was confirmed on the exact date that MasterGanon49 leaked (23rd August) and Sakurai also confirmed that day that not every character from the previous game would return hinting that Ryu would not be in the upcoming instalment proving MasterGanon49 could be telling the truth and Ryu could be officially deconfirmed. However, at the start of a Nintendo Direct 2 weeks later, a trailer for Ryu and Ken was shown announcing both of them for the new game. Peach was the only character who had yet to be confirmed by this leak at the time.

A few weeks later, MasterGanon49 uploaded 7 more photos of some unconfirmed characters who were Peach, Geno, Shovel Knight and Kirby. Peach's photo had her using her Up Special from Melee, Brawl and SSB4. Geno's photo had him using some sort of kick with magic power added to it. Shovel Knight's photo's had him using his recovery, down special and Final Smash. Kirby's photo's had him using a Heihachi Copy Ability and using Hypernova which appears to be his Final Smash. Most people took these as real until someone did some massive research only to find photo's of these character models that were used in the leak confirming it being fake. Then he leaked some gameplay footage of Shovel Knight which was quickly taken down by Nintendo of America confirming him for the game. MasterGanon49 said that to protect him from being sued that he would stop posting anything related to the leaks. Then the rest of the roster was left as a mystery.


A total of 70 characters have been confirmed for the game with 24 of the spots already taken leaving only 46 character slots left to be taken.

Super Mario

The Legend of Zelda


Kid Icarus


Mega Man

Animal Crossing


Street Fighter

Shovel Knight

Fire Emblem

Sonic the Hedgehog



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