Super Smash Bros. Tag Team Turmoil
Developer(s) Dreams Inc., Sora Ltd., Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Starry Skies
Release Date(s)
December 12, 2018
Age Rating(s)
E+10 (America), Pegi+12 (Europe), Cero B (Japan)
Genre(s) Fighting/Action
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U
Successor  ?
Super Smash Bros. Tag Team Turmoil (known as "チームバトルスマッシュブラザーズ" (Chīmu Batoru Sumasshu Burazāzu), translated as "Team Battle Smash Bros") is the fifth installment in the Super Smash Bros. series released for the Starry Skies system and developed by Sora Ltd., Nintendo and Dreams Inc. This installment in the franchise makes heavy use of Starry Skies' controller screens and includes a brand new "Tag Team" mechanic.


The game has many returning features from past Smash Bros. games and mantains the same formula, where players select Nintendo characters and fight in big stages trying to knock each other off said stage, but it also adds many new features of its own, including the main mechanic of the game, the "Tag Team" mechanic.

Before entering a stage, you choose 3 characters and once you choose a stage you'll start off as the first one selected, but as the fight goes on you'll be able to switch characters by simply pressing a button. Due to this mechanic, the stages are slightly bigger, so players will have to use their controller screen to get a close-up of their character.

A returning feature from Brawl and 4 are Final Smashes, which work similarly to before, when a Smash Ball spawns you can break it to absorb its power and release one powerful attack, but when you get a Smash Ball this time it doesn't carry over to your other character (Ex. If Mario gets it and you switch over to Link, Link won't have it). Not only that, but also a new type of special was introduced known as "Tandem Blast" which can be triggered by filling a meter up with "Team Combos" and makes all three characters release a powerful attack that, while not that special on its own, it can be devastating once combined with the other characters' attacks.

As mentioned above, the game also has "Team Combos" that can be triggered by pressing a combination of buttons that can make another character of your team briefly appear on-screen to help you out by delivering an attack that can chain up with your's, this is all to fit in the new combo system that allows you to chain up different attacks to make their strenght rise.


E3 Trailer - Three's a Crowd!

The trailer starts off with a box containing figurines of Mario, Link and Pikachu covered in dust and spiderweb until a hand appears and cleans them before throwing the figurines into the air where they flash until landing in a field, where all the figurines disappear except for the Link figurine who turns into the actual Link. Master Hand and Crazy Hand then appear out of nowhere and start fighting against Link who, after some struggling, dashes at Master Hand before turning into Mario who does a sommersault off Master Hand and dodges the attack, making him crash and get stuck with Crazy Hand until Mario turns into Pikachu and shocks them both with lighting until they explode. 

While Pikachu celebrates, a ship flies above him and fires missiles at him until Pikachu fires a lighting bolt that makes the ship explode, releasing the pilot of said ship, Samus, who tries to crash against Pikachu until he rolls out of the way. Pikachu turns into Link again and Samus turns into Kirby before they both clash and mak an explosion that covers the screen before cutting to gameplay and showing off the Tag Team mechanic.

After the gameplay it shows Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby, Samus and Ike on a picnic and Link asks Kirby to pass him a sandwich, which he does until seeing that Link is actually trapped in a net trap by a Link that resembles the Link from the original LoZ, who takes the sandwich and takes a bite before the trailer ends.



Image Franchise Description
170px-Mario - Mario Party 10 Super Mario Bros.

Mario is Nintendo's mascot, so if he isn't in a Smash game, there's something wrong with you. Mario can use a set of punches and kicks as well as his fire powers and cape to deflect projectiles. Overall Mario's a pretty all-around character.

Gold Mario Finale: Mario turns into Gold Mario and fires a powerful swirl of golden fire that can turn opponents into gold, making them unable to move for a short period of time.

Flame Chain: Mario fires two blasts of fire that bounce along the ground like the fireballs in the Mario franchise, these can chain up damage before dissapearing.

Luigiart Super Mario Bros.

Luigi is Mario's brother and in terms of attacks...he's actually pretty similar, he does hold some differences, however. His moveset includes his Poltergust 5000, his electric powers and his signature Green Missile, in which he throws himself like a rocket against his opponents! Luigi is actually more powerful than Mario, though is lighter and takes more damage to combat this.

Negative Zone: Luigi starts dancing around and creates a field around him that inflicts negative effects on opponents until trapping them and electrocuting them all, which deals a good amount of knockback.

Poltergust Gust: Luigi gets out his Poltergust 5000 and fires a gust of wind that can push opponents away and even knock them off the stage before disappearing.

180px-Peach - Mario Party 10 Super Mario Bros.

Peach is usually the damsel-in-distress, but now she's ready to fight! Peach can throw vegetables of different types at opponents, use her trusty talking parasol Parry and even having the ability to switch out emotions mid-battle to modify her stats and slightly change some attacks!

Vibe Scepter: Peach uses the Vibe Scepter to create a field around her that starts out with Sadness, sucking enemies in, then Joy, which delivers damage to those around her and ending with Rage, delivering tons of knockback and sending her opponents flying!

Peach Blossom Projectile: Peach fires a heart that, if it comes in contact with the enemy, can make them fall asleep for a short period of time, leaving him defenseless against the other attacks.


Image Franchise Description
Trace Metroid

Trace is a cold and ruthless bounty hunter from the Kriken Empire whose skills once rivaled Samus when they competed for the Octoliths way back! Trace is a swift and sealthy warrior, being able to briefly turn invisible (though only when standing still) and turning into a faster version of himself by changing into his Triskelion form (similar to a spider) which lets him lunge at opponents. Not only that, but Trace is even more projectile-based than Samus, with his main weapon of choice being the "Imperialist", a sniping laser gun that requires high precision!

Omega Beam: Trace jumps into the background where he lands in Oubliette's main deck and gets the Omega Beam, which you can aim in the foreground before it's released and detonated, releasing a powerful blast of radioactive energy that does repeated damage before sending foes flying

Imperialist Attack: Trace locks on to his opponent and fires three shots from the Imperialist that, unlike other Tandem Blasts, briefly chase the opponent before disappearing.

643px-Linkalttpr The Legend of Zelda

Retro Link is a Link resembling the Link from the original Legend of Zelda! Some of his attacks resemble attacks from normal Link but he also has a fair share of his own attacks, such as using his power Bracelets to throw rocks at opponents and using the Magical Sword to fire beams which become stronger if you have less damage.

8-Bit Ganon!?: Retro Link turns into his 8-bit form as a ton of pixels come and form 8-bit Ganon, Link rides on-top of Ganon's head as they gain the ability to walk across the background like if they were top-down in the original Zelda. You can control Ganon closer to the other fighters to send him flying, but Ganon is kinda slow and you only have 20 seconds before everything goes back to normal

Thunder Spell: Retro Link gets out a Thunder Spell from Zelda II and fires it forward, if it hits an opponent it will deliver slight damage but the most important part is that it will stun them and leave them open for attack.

IsabelleAnarchy Animal Crossing

Isabelle is the adorable mayor assistant in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but now she's here to FIGHT! Isabelle can attack with moves simlar to Villager's but she does have her own unique moves, like summoning Gyroids to push enemies back, summoning Resetti to attack opponents and her main gimmick, healing and boosting teammate's stats!

Happy New Year!: A giant counter appears in the center as a big crowd forms and the counter starts ticking down from 5, once it reaches 0 it says "Happy New Year!" right before the crowd starts jumping around and screaming in happiness, bouncing opponents around and dealing damage before they all blow their party poppers, blasting opponents away.

Construction Gyroids: Isabelle calls some construction Gyroids which start dashing across the ground, if they hit an opponent they'll throw him to the air with their tools, however, the Gyroids can be easily avoided if the opponent is in the air.