Not to be confused with Smash Tactics.

Super Smash Bros. Tactics is a Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo GameCube being made by Lemmykoopa24. This particular Smash game has a very unique gameplay, as each character has a tactic for winning and modified controls for each tactic.



Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay minorly resembles most Smash games. There is a damage counter and you attack to raise that damage counter. However, each character has their own fighting style that can be used to fight more effectively. Additionally, the stages are also destructible and when part of the stage gets attacked, the attacked part will disappear. While all characters have modified controls to match their tactic, most characters can do normal, straightforward attacks with A.



The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario fights by moving along the stage and pressing B to use his Jump Attack, which causes damage. In some areas of the stage, Mario will find hidden blocks that hide a power-up for him to collect. The items are a Mushroom (heals 30% of damage), Fire Flower (which lets Mario throw fireballs with X), Blue Shell (which lets Mario slide along the ground and hide from damage), and the Super Star (which lets Mario become invincible).

  • Control Stick - Move/Dash
  • B Button - Jump Attack
  • A Button - Attack
  • X Button - Throw fireball


The hero of Hyrule. Link fights by riding on his horse, Epona, and pressing A to unleash a devastating blow with his sword. Epona moves by herself, so she can't be controlled. But you can tilt the Control Stick in the opposite direction to change Epona's direction. The faster Epona is moving, the more powerful Link's blow becomes. If Link is further away, he can use the C Stick to shoot an arrow at the foe.

  • Control Stick - Change direction
  • A Button - Powerful Sword Attack
  • B Button - Jump
  • C Stick - Tilt to shoot an arrow in the corresponding direction.


A character from the kingdom of Hyrule. Goron uses his massive strength to shape the stage into anything he wants. And when the stage is just right, Goron can curl up in a ball and roll downwards down a slope for a fatal attack. If you can't get it, then you can just use Goron's weaker attacks on the enemy. Touching Goron without attacking will bounce the enemy away from him. He cannot jump.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack. Use with different directions to shape the stage.
  • B Button - Ball Mode


One of Mario's nemesis's. Fawful is likely the weakest character in the game, having the worst attack power. However, he can be an incredibly hard character to fight if his tactic is used correctly. For starters, he flies on a large hoverboard that lets him fly as long as he wants. He can also move freely around the stage. But flying around won't help him win. So he uses a little shovel-like mechanism inside his machine to dig through the stage. However, the ground will reform a few minutes later, so this makes big stages difficult. If you can dig through the ground until there's nothing left, the enemy will just continue falling. Attacking Fawful will cause him to take damage, but he won't get sent flying. If you want to knock him off the stage, you must attack his hoverboard.

  • Control Stick - Move freely.
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Deploy Shovel.

Koopa Kid

A minion of Bowser. Koopa Kid uses elements from the Mario Party series to fight. He cannot move unless he hits a number block. The number he gets determines how far he will move. When he runs out of steps to move, an event will start up. The event will harm the foes. Sometimes it will cause minimal damage, while other times it will cause a devastating attack.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Number Block
  • Y Button - Jump


Mario's brother. Luigi uses the same tactic as Mario, but he can jump higher and his fireballs fly straight. He also has less traction.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Jump
  • X Button - Fireball


A blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog. Sonic is the fastest character in the game and can attack with great speed. His tactic is drilling through the ground, creating a path. When the path is finished, he can use his spin dash attack to zip around the stage for an attack with both speed and power. Additionally, Sonic will gain bonus points for his performance on the path he makes.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • Down + B Button - Drill Mode
  • B Button - Spin Dash

Dr. Eggman

Sonic's nemesis. Dr. Eggman cannot attack at all. Because of this, people view him as an utterly flawed character. Instead, he hides in a tall tower at the top of the stage and sends out his Eggbots to do the fighting for him. He can send out 4 different types and 4 at a time. While he cannot control them, they behave as a CPU player would. It nearly impossible to hit him on top of his tower, so you have to attack it's base to break down sections of it. When the whole thing is destroyed, Dr. Eggman can get sent flying with supreme ease and cannot fight, jump or even dash.

  • A Button - Normal Bot
  • B Button - Flying Bot
  • Y Button - Sword Bot
  • X Button - Gun Bot

Donkey Kong

A large ape the lives on a jungle island. Donkey Kong has immense strength that lends him a hand when in close combat. His true strength lies in his music. When the B Button is pressed, DK will take out his Bongo's. And when A is pressed with correct timing, DK will play a sound. If he keeps pressing it in time to the beat of the music of the stage, the music waves will get longer and stronger.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack/Play
  • B Button - Take Out/Put Away Bongo's.


A friend of Donkey Kong. Rambi is one of, or may be, the strongest character in the game. He has only one attack, yet it is extremely powerful. When he dashes, he unleashes a small burst of speed and continues running even after you let go of the Control Stick. You use the Control Stick to change his direction. If he runs into a character, they will likely get sent flying. He can only be attacked from behind or from the top. If you jump onto him however, you will ride on his back and be unable to do anything until you jump off. If Rambi runs into a wall, he will be stunned until he gets attacked.

  • Control Stick - Change Direction.
  • A Button - Jump


A warrior prince from the Fire Emblem series. By pressing Z, Marth will thrust his sword into the air. When he does this, a tower will sprout from underneath him. Then, he can use the C Stick to add defenses to it and repair it. Attacking the tower will cause it to take damage. Enough damage will make Marth fall. Sometimes when the tower is destroyed, it will explode and Marth will likely get KO'd.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • Z Button - Tower
  • C Stick - Add cannons, catapults, and repair tower.


A guest character. Bomberman has very weak attack power and a low jump, but his tactic is very effective. By pressing B, Bomberman can place bombs around the stage and stick them to walls, ceilings, and even enemies. Bomberman can place as many bombs as he wishes. By pressing Z, Bomberman will detonate the bombs all at once. The bombs cause massive damage to everyone, including Bomberman. Additionally, the stage will crumble depending on where you place the bombs.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • Y Button - Jump
  • B Button - Set Bomb
  • Z Button - Detonate


One of the most popular Pokémon of all time. Pikachu is one of the smallest characters in the game. His tactic requires ground. By pressing down on the Control Stick and pressing A repeatedly, Pikachu will quickly move it's leg back and forth, gaining electricity. When he's done charging up, he can press B to unleash a discharge from his body. This attack attacks the enemy repeatedly and sends them flying. This does not alter the stage.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • Y Button - Jump
  • A Button - Attack
  • Down + A Button - Store Friction.*

B Button - Discharge


Another new guest character. Slimey's normal attack causes a mere 1% of damage, it's a slow attack, and the enemy doesn't even flinch. However, Slimey's tactic doesn't even focus on attacking, but rather defense. Slimey has the ability to stick to walls and ceilings and move across them. If he starts falling, his arms can stretch as far as he wants to recover, and he takes less damage from physical attacks and even absorbs projectiles. If he's fast enough, Slimey can shoot the projectiles back at the enemy, but he'll have to be extra fast. Slimey is often called the most annoying character in the game.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Stretch Arms
  • Y Button - Shoot absorbed projectile.

Western Frontier Grunt

The basic unit type from Battalion Wars. WFG moves slowly across the stage, with high jumps, and attacks with his gun. You aim in any direction with the C Stick and press and hold B to fire a stream of bullets. They only cause damage, though, and can't send the enemy flying. So when you think their damage counter is high enough, hit Z to call a tank to fire a tank shell at them.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • Y Button - Jump
  • B Button - Shoot
  • Z Button - Tank Attack


A pink alien from the planet Pop Star. Unlike his previous Smash appearances, Kirby has lost the ability to copy his opponent's Special Move. However, he does keep his Inhale ability, but is used for a different purpose. Kirby's jumping ability lets him float slowly around the stage, like a balloon. He can jump as often as he wants, but also floats slowly downwards as time passes. By using Inhale, Kirby faces the screen and starts inhaling. As he continues inhaling, the vortex he creates gets bigger. It sucks players towards Kirby and when they touch Kirby, they take damage. The vortex will continue sucking the player to Kirby and they will keep taking damage, causing difficulty of escape. If the player inhales for extra long, it will even start moving the stage around and tearing it up.

  • Control Stick - Move/Jump.
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Inhale


A Poison/Bug type Pokémon that resembles a moth. Venomoth has the ability to fly freely around the stage, but what's special about Venomoth's flight is that enemies will take small amounts of damage when he touch them while flying. Venomoth cannot land any especially big hits, which hinders his KO ability, but his strategy, if used correctly, can be extremely devastating, especially in a team battle. When the B Button is pressed and held, Venomoth will spew toxic gas that will stay on the stage for roughly a minute, rapidly increasing the enemy's damage counter. When the damage meter gets extra high, normal attacks could easily result in a KO. Venomoth is extremely light however, and so can get launched easily. On top of that, his size makes him an easier target than most characters.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Spew Poison.

Rest TBA...

Unlockable Characters


A small, dragon-like creature. Tamagon is an extremely hard character to defeat, as both his offensive and defensive skill is impressive. For starters, Tamagon is a very fast character and can outrun most characters. However, if you hold in B, Tamagon will create some blocks above and under him, and he'll be able to go in between these blocks and move around freely. Wherever you go, the blocks will stay there, which may get in the way of enemies. If Tamagon accidently runs into one of the maze walls, he will take much damage. It is very frustrating when Tamagon and Slimey are on a team.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • Hold B Button - Create Maze.


A pink robot who never got a spot in Brawl. Sukapon is more straightforward about KO-ing his enemies. When he walks up to them, he'll stay next to them and follow them around. You can then use his fighting moves to attack them. His attacks are extremely powerful.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Use with Control Stick for different attacks.


A villain from Super Paper Mario. By jumping twice, Dimentio can float around the stage. He can then fire magic bolts at his enemies, causing fair damage. His most unique skill is the ability to pick up items and enemies from any spot on the stage and place them anywhere. He can press Z to teleport. Teleporting will save him from attacks that he can't move away from in time, but he will fall afterwards.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Magic Bolt
  • Y Button - Jump/Fly
  • Z Button - Pick up enemy/item.

Ice Climber

This time around, a lone Ice Climber will take to the field. Ice Climber can use a freezing attack to make the ground slippery. He can also use his mallet to destroy the ground, helping to use his tactic. By freezing the ground and making it slippery, and making the ground less in quantity, he can then hit them and make the slide off the edge. Additionally, Ice Climber can grip any surface except 90 degree angles.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Freeze ground.
  • C Stick - Destroy ground.


A bee-like, bug-type Pokémon. Beedrill, like a few others, possess the ability to fly if they double jump. It can use it's main stinger attack to cause good knockback, fair damage, and poison enemies. If it's players hits the C Stick, it will fly straight and drill into the ground, wall, or ceiling. Hitting an enemy while doing this will cause you to pick them up. If you drop back down on solid ground, they will take massive damage, with another stinger attack almost always causing a KO.

  • Control Stick - Move/Fly
  • A Button - Attack
  • Y Button - Jump/Fly
  • B Button - Stinger Attack
  • C Stick - Drill Mode


A guest character from the Final Fantasy series. Cactuar is the 2nd fastest character in the game, only being beaten by Sonic. Cactuar is, however, the lightest character. So he can easily be sent flying. However, making direct contact with Cactuar will cause you to take damage, giving him enough time to run away before you can get a good hit on him. He's close to useless on the ground, but in the air, he's a deadly foe. When in the air, the player can press B to unleash a storm of needles, causing severe damage to opponents. However, after he does this, he will be wide open to more attacks.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • Y Button - Jump
  • A Button - Attack
  • B Button - Use in midair for needle storm.

Rest TBA...





  • Bob-omb - Explodes when thrown. Will start walking if not picked up.
  • Smart Bomb - Covers a large area of the stage with an explosion.

Rest TBA...

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