Super Smash Bros Supernova
Developer(s) UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
26 April 2014
Classic, Adventure, Story, Training, Clash, Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Action, Fighting, Adventure
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Super Smash Bros Supernova is a new game in the Super Smash Bros series, made for the Wii U.


Any gamemode with a variable CPU difficulty may be set to: Beginner (1), Easy (2), Novice (3), Basic (4), Normal (5), Hard (6), Brutal (7), Intense (8), Ultimate (9). Stock can be set for 1-5 in all modes, except for Duel in which it caps at 99. 



  • Description: Experience a story from the perception of the many characters!
  • Options: CPU Difficulty


  • Description: Fight through a multitude of characters on their native stages!
  • Options: Character Selection, CPU Difficulty, Lives, Stamina
  • Battle Order:
    1. Regular Match (1-v-1)
    2. Regular Match (1-v-1)
    3. Break the Targets (1)
    4. Regular Match (1-v-1)
    5. Team Match (2-v-2)
    6. Regular Match (1-v-1)
    7. Board the Platforms (1)
    8. Regular Match (1-v-1)
    9. Team Match (2-v-2)
    10. Regular Match (1-v-1)
    11. Race to the Finish (1)
    12. Giant Match (4-v-1)
    13. Fighting Team Match (1-v-30)
    14. Metal/Subspace Duel (1-v-2)
    15. Final Destination (1)


  • Description: Travel through the many worlds of the different universes!
  • Options: Character Selection, CPU Difficulty, Lives, Stamina


  • Description: Battle through every single character in the entire game!
  • Options: Character Selection, CPU Difficulty, Lives, Stamina


  • Description: Complete oddly specific challenges!
  • Options: CPU Difficulty

Boss Battle

  • Description: Eliminate all of the bosses over again!
  • Options: Character Selection, CPU Difficulty, Lives, Stamina


  • Description: Choose from various game tests!
  • Options: Character Selection, Opponent Selection, Mode (Training, Target Test, Board the Platforms, Race to the Finish)



  • Description: Up to eight characters may battle on a single stage!
  • Options: Character Selection CPU Difficulty, Stock, Time, Stamina, Item Switch
  • Special Matches: Coin Clash (Beat coins out of each other), Boss Battle (Play a 1-v-1 match, each playing a boss), Final Form (Use Final Smash forms to battle)


  • Story: Multiple players can play through the story mode
  • Classic: Same as Solo, but the number of opponents is equal to the number of players
  • Adventure: Same as Solo, but opponents and bosses have more durability
  • All-Star: Same as solo, but number of opponents is equal to the number of players
  • Event: A different set of missions made specially for multiple players
  • Boss Battle: Same as Solo, but bosses have more durability

Playable Characters


Characters returning from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Characters newly introduced in Super Smash Bros. Supernova.


These characters must be unlocked through certain methods. Some return from past games while others do not.


A new system introduced in Super Smash Bros. Supernova, it has special characters that occupy the last two slots on the character select screen, under Mega Man and above Random. Every week, a different two are available to play. Many of them are clones while others are third party or simply a late addition. Two, of the player's choosing, may be permanently downloaded for $2.99; the last two spaces become a selection box with all currently-downloaded characters. To unlock this feature without purchasing DLC, players must have at least 40 characters available. The system will begin on 7 May 2014, and change every Wednesday thereafter, with characters being introduced through 25 June 2014, after which point they will be randomized.

Other Characters

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies are an item that can rarely appear in a battle with items enabled. When used, it summons an ally to temporarily fight with the player who had the item. Some must first be unlocked.

Character Availability Effect
Count Bleck Unlock Rosalina Flies into the center of the stage, and creates a vortext sucking in all opponents, which then bursts outward
Hammer Bro. Starter Jumps around the stage, throwing hammers towards opponents
Lakitu Starter Hovers around, releasing 5 spinies which will proceed to walk around; they do not harm the user
Rambi Starter Rampages around the stage, homing in on any opponents he gets too close to
Funky Kong Unlock King K. Rool Will catapult around the stage with his cane, also using it to whack any nearby opponents
Birdo Starter Will shoot eggs off to the sides, and occasionally walk around for a better position
Kat & Ana Starter The two dart around the stage, slicing opponents as they go
Ashely Starter
Tingle Starter Performing his signature dance; 5 random Hammers will fall, the screen will zoom in on the user, or he will just float away
Skull Kid Unlock Ganondorf He will fly into the sky, and summong the moon from Majora's Mask to come down, falling vertically through the stage
Knuckle Joe Starter Hopping towards various opponents, he will perform repeated Vulcan Jabs to rack up minor damage
Sphere Doomer Unlock King Dedede It will fly to the right side, then the left, and back to the right side, before releasing 4 shadow balls and fleeing
Professor Oak Starter The screen zooms in on him as he whips out the Pokédex and reads info about one of the fighters
N Unlock Zoroark Will throw out either Zekrom or Reshiram, who will proceed to use their signature Fusion move
Andross Starter Floats around the background of the stage, spitting out projectiles which slowly approach the foreground
Star Wolf Unlock  Wolf A group of Wolfen will invade the stage, blasting shots at various locations
Bulborb Starter Walks towards the nearest opponent, and will attempt to eat them, at which point it will chew on them for a while
Metroid Starter Latches onto a random opponent and rapidly damages them
Ike Unlock Marth Uses a weaker version of the Great Aether
Jeff Starter Launches a wave of rockets into the air that home into opponents, before launching a single large rocket
Octoman Unlock Cpt. Falcon Dances around, grabbing opponents who come near, effectively stunning them in the air
Chaos Kin Unlock Palutena Flies to a random opponent, and completely randomizes their controls
Polar Bear Starter Wanders left-to-right on whatever platform it is spawned, causing opponents to bounce off
Mr. Resetti Starter Talks for a while, taking up half the screen with a speech bubbl
Little Mac Unlock Wii Fit Trainer Will approach the nearest opponent and begin to beat them up with a combo that ends in an uppercut
Nintendog Starter A random dog species will climb up in the foreground, blocking most of the stage
Excitebike Starter A bunch of Excitebike Riders will ride around the stage aimlessly, proceeding to fall off soon after
Devil Starter Manipulates the screen to move around in odd directions
Starfy Starter Walks around aimlessly, occasionally performing a spin attack
Helirin Unlock R.O.B. A rotating platform which can be walked on top of, or also serve as an obstacle
Saki Amamiya Starter Uses his canon sword to shoot and slash at opponents
Jill & Drill Dozer Starter Riding around the stage with her drill, she attacks the nearest opponent and avoids falling off the stage
Dr. Wright Starter Causes a few skyscrapers to burst out of the ground, causing major knockback
Tails Unlock Sonic He flies across the screen in the Tornado, blasting lasers at various targets as he goes
Proto Man Unlock Mega Man Uses various weapons and methods of combat to attack foes all over the stage


Pokémon Move Used Frequency
#018 Pidgeot Brave Bird Uncommon
#042 Meowth Pay Day Common
#101 Electrode Explosion Common
#118 Goldeen Splash or Horn Drill Common
#120 Staryu Swift Common
#143 Snorlax Body Slam Uncommon
#145 Zapdos Discharge Uncommon
#151 Mew Drops 3 Trophies Rare
#152 Chikorita Razor Leaf Common
#175 Togepi Metronome Common
#182 Bellossom Sleep Powder Common
#202 Wobbuffet Mirror Coat Common
#244 Entei Lava Plume Uncommon
#249 Lugia Aeroblast Uncommon
#250 Ho-Oh Sacred Fire Uncommon
#251 Celebi Drops 3 Music CDs Rare
#255 Torchic Fire Spin Common
#282 Gardevoir Protect Common
#316 Gulpin Swallow Common
#376 Metagross Earthquake Common
#383 Groudon Overheat Uncommon
#384 Kyogre Water Spout Uncommon
#385 Jirachi Wish Rare
#386 Deoxys Hyper Beam Uncommon
#393 Piplup Surf Common
#405 Luxray Spark Common
#439 Bonsly Can be thrown Common
#446 Munchlax Eats Items Common
#461 Weavile Fury Swipes Uncommon
#479 Rotom Depends on Form Uncommon
#490 Manaphy Heart Swap Rare
#492 Darkrai Dark Void Uncommon
#494 Victini V-Create Rare
#518 Musharna Future Sight Common
#579 Reuniclus Psychic Common
#595 Galvantula Electro Web Common
#632 Durang X-Scissor Common
#637 Volcarona Fiery Dance Uncommon
#647 Keldeo Secret Sword Uncommon
#649 Genesect Techno Blast Uncommon
#652 Chesnaught Spiky Shield Common
#666 Vivillon Psybeam Common
#680 Doublade Fury Cutter Common
#700 Sylveon Moon Blast Common
#706 Goodra Outrage Uncommon
#717 Xerneas Geomancy Uncommon
#718 Yveltal Olbivion Wing Uncommon
#719 Zygarde Land's Wrath Rare


Included in the game are a multitude of different stages for Players to battle on. Each stage is based on something from the series its is from, and each character gets a unique Home Stage. There are a few stages more than there are characters, though, and all stages from the previous games can be unlocked. In addition, any stage can have any unlocked music added to its playlist. Unless the player adds an alternate theme, the stage is guaranteed to play one of three default themes.


  • Starship Mario (Mario)
  • Rainbow Road (Peach)
  • Tower of Bowser Land (Bowser)
  • 75m (Donkey Kong)
  • Rumble Falls (Diddy Kong)
  • Yoshi's Story (Yoshi)
  • WarioWare 2.0 (Wario)
  • Temple of Time (Link)
  • Skyloft (Zelda/Shiek)
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 (Pikachu)
  • Pokémon Stadium (Pokémon Trainer)
  • Green Greens (Kirby)
  • Corneria (Fox)
  • Pyrosphere (Samus)
  • Onett (Ness)
  • Reset Bomb (Pit)
  • The Summit (Ice Climbers)
  • Sealed Grounds (Ghirahim)
  • Patch Land (Prince Fluff)
  • Unknown Dungeon (Mega Mewtwo)
  • Garden of Hope (Koppai Trio)
  • Sol Sanctum (isaac)
  • Smashville (Villager)
  • Fitness Room (Wii Fit Trainer)


  • Mansion Tour (Luigi)
  • Comet Observatory (Rosalina)
  • Gangplank Galleon (King K. Rool)
  • Kamek's Tower (Kamek)
  • Gerudo Valley (Ganondorf)
  • Pokéfloats (Jigglypuff)
  • Radiant Chamber (Kalos Trainer)
  • Battleship Halberd (Meta Knight)
  • Eternal DreamLand (King Dedede)
  • Lylat Cruise (Wolf)
  • Sauria (Krystal)
  • Distant Planet (Olimar)
  • Planet Zebes (Ridley)
  • Castle Siege (Marth)
  • Arena Ferox (Lyn)
  • New Pork City (Lucas)
  • Big Blue (Captain Falcon)
  • Port Town Aero Dive (Samurai Goroh)
  • Palutena's Temple (Palutena)
  • Flat Zone 3 (Game & Watch)
  • Nintendo Land (R.O.B.)
  • Windy Hill Zone (Sonic)
  • Castle Wily (Mega Man)


  • Bowser's Sky Castle (Paper Mario)
  • Sports Run (Waluigi)
  • Bombs Away (Dixie Kong)
  • Yoshi's Island (Baby Mario & Baby Luigi)
  • Pirate Ship (Toon Link)
  • Twilight Realm (Wolf Link & Midna)
  • N's Castle (Zoroark)
  • Other Dimension (Bandana Dee)
  • Sector Z (Falco)
  • Akenia (Roy)
  • Devil's Machine (Paula)
  • Green Plant (Black Shadow)
  • Underworld (Magnus)
  • Yggdrasil Labrynth (Highlander)
  • Exor Castle (Geno)
  • Tower of Salvation (Lloyd)
  • The World That Never Was (Sora)
  • Spiral Mountain (Banjo & Kazooie)


See a list of Trophies here.

Trophies of each character is unlocked by completing Classic or Adventure mode with them. As for characters that can switch, you must play as the desired character for at least 75% of the time. Final Smash trophies are obtained by completing All-Star mode as the desired character.

Story Mode



The ending scene of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is seen, where a blank sky at sunset is shown, right where the Island of the Ancients used to be. A shimmer appears, and the screen begins to zoom in. When close to the shimmer, a cloaked facility appears, and the camera fades to black. The camera returns showing Tabuu, who is lying on his stomach; the screen zooms out, showing he is in a test tube, and a pair of feet walk by. The camera follows the feet, a sliding door opens, and the screen moves upward, and pans across the various characters in the room. It is a meeting of the villans, who are: Bowser, Ganondorf, King Dedede, Wolf, Hydreigon, Ridley, and Black Shadow. Bowser holds his claws up and roars, Ganondorf puts his right fist forward and makes a fist, Wolf crosses his arms and looks away, Ridley screeches upward, and Black Shadow just crosses his arms while his cape flies. The screen then pans beyond Black Shadow, and reveals a room behind a glass barrier, where Mr. Game & Watch is. He is victim to multiple metal claws extracting Shadow Bugs from within him. The screen fades to black, and the logo appears, before heading to the File Select screen.

Chapter 1 - The Battle

The screen pans to show a huge stadium full of cheering fans. The camera slows down once it circles back, and then continues to pan downard. A green pipe rises out of the stadium, and Mario jumps out from within it, shouting his classic "Wahoo!" The screen dashes over to the other end, where Sonic runs up the wall from the ground below, and uses a midair spindash to land smoothly. He spins around in a circle, hops upward, unfolds himself, and gives a thumbs up.

<Gameplay: The Arena; Choice: Mario or Sonic; 2 lives each>

The winner jumps backwards, and waves to the crowd. He then proceeds to walk towards the loser, and attempts to resummon them, but Bowser jumps in, and tries to take the statue.

<Gameplay: The Arena, vs Bowser; Choice: Winner; 3 lives each>

Bowser slides backwards, but he snaps his finger, picks up the loser's trophy, and hops into his summoned Clown Car. He pulls out a bomb-like object, and throws it downward, where it proceeds to explode into Subspace. The winner looks around, with a worried expression, and realizes that the only way to escape is by jumping. They jump off the arena, and the screen fades to black.

Chapter 2 - Kirby's Cake

Kirby is seen running in the distance, and the screen zooms in like a pair of binoculars, and sensor details appear. The screen turns around, and reveals King Dedede, who bounces a piece of cake in his hand, and ties a string to it. It throws it out onto the path, and Kirby tries to get it.

<Gameplay: The Field, Chase!; Choice: Kirby; 3 lives>

Kirby trips over a rock, and cannot catch the cake. He watches as it is pulled into the forest, and looks disappointed. Bandana Dee, however, jumps out from one of the bushes, and offers to help Kirby. They then continue to triy and pursue it.

<Gameplay: The Forest, Exploration!; Choice: Kirby, Bandana Dee; 4 lives>

Kirby finally catches the cake, and inhales it, but King Dedede steps out of the bushes, and Kirby prepares for battle. King Dedede shakes his head, pulls out his hammer, and slams the tree next to him with it. He runs off into the woods, while Whispy Woods awakens, and challenges Kirby

<Boss Fight: Whispy Woods; Choice: Kirby, Bandana Dee; 4 lives>

Whispy Woods is knocked out, and Kirby and Bandana Dee run forward. They see King Dedede floating into the distance, and they come to a cliff. They look around, the ground starts to shake, and they see the Subspace Bomb from Chapter 1 go off. Kirby hops off the cliff, and Waddle Dee reaches forward, but Kirby floats back up on the Warpstar, and flies off towards the Arena.

Chapter 3 - Midair Battle

A blank sky is shown, but an Arwing suddenly flies by, and [Fox if Mario won; Falco if Sonic won] is seen in the cockpit. He starts to turn, and looks down out his window. Below, he sees the bomb go off in the Arena, and sees a small figure falling; he angles the Arwing downward, and proceeds to catch the winner just before they hit the ground, and they attempt to fly off, only for an off-screen laser to hit the wing of the Arwing and sends it crashing downard. Wolf flies by in his Wolfen, but his contempt is soon gone when another Arwing flies in and attempts to shoot him. He dodges, and flies off towards the open sky, and the other Arwing chases him

<Special Gameplay: Chase!; Choice: [Fox/Falco] in Arwing; Health Bar>

The Arwing keeps trying to shoot the Wolfen, but he keeps barrel-rolling out of the way. A glint appears in the distance, and Kirby flies in on the Warpstar. He slices right through the Wolfen, and it is sent crashing down to the ground. The pilot of the Arwing thumbs up Kirby, and the two fly down to the crashed Arwing. The two in the crashed Arwing are trophies, but Kirby and the Pilot reawaken them. The four look off towards the forest in which Wolf's Arwing crashed, and head in to investigate.

Chapter 4 - Sore Loser

Various F-Zero machines are shown racing through Big Blue, and the finish line is nearing. Captain Falcon (Blue Falcon, #7) and Black Shadow (Black Bull, #30) are fighting for first, but Captain Falcon just wins. A celebration is held, and Captain Falcon recieves a trophy, but Black Shadow opens a portal with a device of sorts, and tackles Captain Falcon into it. They two land in a grassy field, tumble over, and jump up, preparing for battle.

<Duel: vs Black Shadow; Choice: Captain Falcon; 3 lives each>

Black Shadow falls backwards, but is undefeated. He takes out a Trophy Blaster, and quickly blasts Captain Falcon, thus turning him into a trophy. He proceeds to run into a nearby cave. He runs into a large, circular room, but is attacked by an Emperor Bulblax, which knocks the trophy out of his hand. He is backed into the corner, and gains a grim expression.

Chapter 5 - Pokémon Battle

A tournament is being held at Pokémon Stadium 3, and Kanto Trainer is the main contestant. He must battle his way to the top!

<Duel: vs Johto Trainer; Choice: Kanto Trainer; 1 life each>

<Duel: vs Hoenn Trainer; Choice: Kanto Trainer; 1 life each>

<Duel: vs Sinnoh Trainer; Choice: Kanto Trainer; 1 life each>

<Duel: vs Unova Trainer; Choice: Kanto Trainer; 1 life each>

Kanto Trainer comes out victorious, and confetti is flying all around. Suddenly, two shadows raise from around the stadium, and a large purple sound blast envelops the stage, turning off the lights. Hydreigon then comes into the stage, and prepares to attack, but the Trainers have gotten to their feat and are ready to battle!

<Duel: vs Hydreigon; Choice: Pokémon Trainer; 2 lives each>

Hydreigon staggers backwards, but he looks up, growls, and flies away, as the other Shadow reveals itself as Shadow Lugia. The colossal Pokémon proceeds to charge another sound blast, and shuts down the stadium's jets, causing it to collapse to the ground, and break a massive hole.

Chapter 6 - The Caves

Louie is running around in circles, and is being chased by a Dwarf Red Bulborb. They are deep within a cave, when suddenly a Red Pikmin flies through the air and squishes the Bulborb. Olimar steps out from the shadows, and gives a thumbs up to Louie. The two decide to head deeper into the cave.

<Gameplay: Explore!; Choice: Olimar, Louie; 5 lives>

The two come to a large clearing, and a dark figure quickly dashes by. Stomping is heard, and an Emperor Bulblax runs by. The two watch, and Olimar recognizes a nearby trophy as Captain Falcon, and reawakens him. Captain Falcon salutes him, but an earthquake starts, and the ground above them collapses, and the ruined Pokémon Stadium 3 falls around them, and the trainers are left helpless in a pile of rubble, and Black Shadow is once again cornered. The threesome decide to help out, and jump in front of the Emperor Bulblax

<Boss Fight: Emperor Bulblax; Choice: Olimar, Louie, Captain Falcon>

The Emperor Bublax falls to the ground, and the Trainers stand up, shaking hands with the heroes, while Black Shadow runs off.


  • The game was originally titled Super Smash Bros. Clash, but was changed to be less generic
  • The last character tok be added to the main roster was Kalos Trainer, for fear of being redundant

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