A Pokéball

In Super Smash Bros. Supernova, Pokéballs are an item that can be thrown. When thrown, it will release a random Pokémon. The Pokémon then proceed to attack. Below is a list of Pokémon:

Name Picture Attack Used


Rarely Horn Attack

Staryu Swift
Wobbufett Counter
Meowth Pay Day
Snorlax Body Slam
Electrode Explode
Ditto Transform (Copies you and fights with you for a short time)
Articuno Sky Attack (Freezes)
Zapdos Sky Attack (Zaps)
Moltres Sky Attack (Burns)
Mew Gives out trophies before flying away
Bellossum Sing
Togepi Metronome (Copies Another)
Marill Surf
Unown Hidden Power (Group)
Lugia Aeroblast
Ho-oh Sacred Fire
Entei Fire Spin
Raikou Thunder
Suicune Hurricane
Celebi Gives out CDs before flying away
Gulpin Swallow
Gardevoir Protect
Salamance Giga Impact
Metagross Earthquake
Latios/Latias Extreme Speed
Groudon Overheats itself
Kyogre Hydro Pump
Deoxys Hyper Beam
Jirachi Gives out rarer trophies before flying away
Bonsly Wanders around and can be thrown
Mime Jr. Makes nearby players dance in-place
Porygon-Z Take Down
Munchlax Eats items it comes across
Weavile Dashes back-and-forth, confusing opponents
Giratina (Normal) Shadow Force
Giratina (Alternate) Flies around, tackling opponents
Manaphy Gives out rarer CDs before flying away
Darumaka Ember
Basculin (Red or Blue) Surf
Cobalion Sacred Sword
Terrakion Close Combat
Virizion Giga Drain
Keldeo Bubblebeam
Kyurem Glaciate

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