In Super Smash Bros. Supernova, there are capsule-like items that summon a temporary helper to fight or do something for you.


Name Picture Universe Rarity Description
Boo 180px-BooMP8Official Mario Bros Emblem Uncommon The Boo will cloak the summoner for about 20 seconds.
Lakitu Lakitu Artwork Mario Bros Emblem Common The Lakitu will throw five Spinies in various locations. The Spinies will eventually roll out of their ball, and start walking around.
Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. Party 8 Mario Bros Emblem Common The Hammer Bro. will throw his hammers towards the nearest opponent.
Tingle Tingle Legend of Zelda Emblem Common

Tingle will do his Tingle-Tingle-Kooloo-limpah dance, which can cause:

  • Release 10 random Hammers
  • Release 10 Lip Sticks
  • Release 10 Banana Peels
  • Zoom in on the summoner
  • Float up on a bunch of balloons
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe File:Kirby Emblem.gif Common Knuckle Joe will run for the summoner's opponents, then use his Vulcan Jab attack on them. He will occasionally launch a Smash Punch.
Sphere Doomer Regular Sphere Doomer File:Kirby Emblem.gif Rare The Sphere Doomer will first fly around the stage. It will then move off to the right, launch four Shadow Balls, then fly off the left of the screen.


  • Bowser Jr. was originally a playable character, but he was taken out because there were too many Mario characters

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