Super Smash Bros. Supernova
Developer UniversalGaming Inc.
Publisher Logo
Genres Fighting
Release Date Early 2017
Platform Nintendo Wii U
Media Nintendo Optical Disc
ESRB2013E1012Rating80px-CERO B.svg
Super Smash Bros. Supernova is the successor to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, though it will only be available on the Nintendo Wii U; confirmation has also been provided for the return of switchable characters. It has been stated the game will have a bigger focus on the Wii U Gamepad during gameplay and the viability of having a fifth player. Another primary feature of this game is an all-new story mode, featuring characters both new and old alike in a mysterious world where all fictional characters exist simultaneously. The game is slated for release in 2018.

Custom Special Moves have been revamped, and Custom Smashes have also been added. The roster will contain more than 60 characters.

Game Modes


Classic Mode is the original single-player feature available as far back as the original Super Smash Bros. Intended for lone players, the game mode provides the player with a number of matches in which they must fight one-on-one matches against various characters on their home stages. In this game, however, the mode can be played with up to four players. Any character currently unlocked may be selected by players in this mode, and a number of lives ranging from 1 to 5 must be selected (this number of lives will apply to all players). The difficulties Beginner, Easy, Novice, Basic, Normal, Hard, Brutal, Intense, and Ultimate are available in this mode.

Much of the mode is occupied by a series of "Regular Matches" which involve a battle against a number of opponents (with 1 life each) equal to the number of players. The characters will all be from the same, or similar, series; the stage they are fought on will be the home stage of a lone character or a general series stage when multiple characters are fought. There are also "Team Matches," which are exclusive to playing alone, that create a 2-v-2 match with an AI-controlled partner for the player; these are changed to "Regular Matches" for multiplayer. A "Giant Match" will also occur towards the end of the mode, with a 4-v-1 style where the four are players and/or AI-controlled characters and the one is a much larger and more powerful version of a playable character. The second-to-last match is either a "Metal Duel" or "Subspace Duel" in which a number of metal characters or subspace clones equal to the number of players are fought on Battlefield.

Scattered between the fighting matches are a series of matches similar to minigames. The first is "Board the Platforms!," in which players must touch down on as many platforms as possible, though some may move or rotate around. The second match is "Break the Targets!," where players are required to smash a number of targets which may also move around. The final game is entitled "Race to the Finish!," which required players to traverse a large, branching map to reach the furthest doorway possible before time runs out.

At the end of it all is a battle on Final Destination, against the infamous Master Hand. If playing on hard or higher, Crazy Hand may also be faced if certain conditions are met. When playing on intense, players will face Master Core. The hands have 100HP on beginner, increasing by 50 with each difficulty, while Master Core has an unknown amount.


Face every character in the game, in order of their original appearance, with limited healing items.





Play a game with up to eight players locally; players may choose from a number of options to optimize their gaming experience to their liking. Any character and stage already unlocked may be chosen for play.

Boss Smash

In this special game mode, a ninth player can join in with the Wii U Gamepad, and take control off a special boss.

Smash Run

Smash Tour

Playable Characters


MarioSupernova PeachSupernova CaptainToadSupernova RosalinaLumaSupernova BowserSupernova BowserJRSupernova YoshiSupernova DonkeyKongSupernova DiddyKongSupernova LinkSupernova ZeldaSupernova SheikSupernova TetraSupernova SamusSupernova ZeroSuitSamusSupernova PitSupernova PalutenaSupernova LucasSupernova IkeSupernova CorrinSupernova KirbySupernova MetaKnightSupernova KingDededeSupernova FoxSupernova FalcoSupernova LittleMacSupernova IceClimbersSupernova PikachuSupernova CharizardSupernova SceptileSupernova LucarioSupernova GreninjaSupernova OlimarSupernova MachRiderSupernova CaptainFalconSupernova VillagerSupernova IsaacSupernova WiiFitTrainerSupernova WonderRedSupernova InklingSupernova Pac-ManSupernova MegaManSupernova SonicSupernova


Secret01Supernova Secret02Supernova Secret03Supernova Secret04Supernova Secret05Supernova Secret06Supernova Secret07Supernova Secret08Supernova Secret09Supernova Secret10Supernova Secret11Supernova Secret12Supernova Secret13Supernova Secret14Supernova Secret15Supernova Secret16Supernova Secret17Supernova Secret18Supernova Secret19Supernova Secret20Supernova Secret21Supernova Secret22Supernova Secret23Supernova Secret24Supernova Secret25Supernova


See more detail here

A select few stages have two variations in this game; such stages have a small and large variant, the latter of which is used in 8-Player Smash, but may be optionally chosen for 4 or fewer players. Final Destination and Battlefield also come with numerous skins, which allow them to take on an appearance similar to those of other stages, but retaining their basic structure; it is also possible to use a design based on past Super Smash Bros. games.


Name Series Home to
Final Destination SSB Super Smash Bros. Series ---
Battlefield SSB Super Smash Bros. Series ---
Peach's Castle SSBM Icon SSB Mario Series Peach
Comet Observatory SSB Mario Series Rosalina & Luma
Airship Raid SSB Mario Series Bowser Jr.
Wingo's Keep SSB Mario Series Captain Toad
Great Tower of Bowser Land SSB Mario Series Bowser
Mario Circuit 8 SSB4 Icon SSB Mario Series Mario
Kongo Jungle SSB64Icon SSB Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong
Jungle Hijinx SSB4 Icon SSB Donkey Kong Series Diddy Kong
Yoshi's Island SSBB Icon SSB Yoshi Series ---
Woolly World SSB4 Icon SSB Yoshi Series Yoshi
Warioware Inc. SSBB Icon SSB Wario Series Wario
Hyrule Castle SSB64Icon SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Zelda
Skyloft SSB4 Icon SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Link
Temple SSBM Icon SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Sheik
Great Sea SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Toon Link
Norfair SSBB Icon SSB Metroid Series Samus
Phendrana Drifts SSB Metroid Series Zero Suit Samus
Planet Phaaze SSB Metroid Series Dark Samus
Palutena's Temple SSB4 Icon SSB Kid Icarus Series Palutena
Reset Bomb Forest SSB4 Icon SSB Kid Icarus Series Pit
Castle Siege SSBB Icon SSB Fire Emblem Series Secret 03
Arena Ferox SSB4 Icon SSB Fire Emblem Series Robin
Serenes Forest SSB Fire Emblem Series Ike
Onett SSBM Icon SSB EarthBound Series ---
Fourside SSBM Icon SSB EarthBound Series Lucas
Big Blue SSBM Icon SSB F-Zero Series ---
Cosmo Terminal SSB F-Zero Series Samurai Goroh
Dreamland SSB4 Icon SSB Kirby Series King Dedede
Clay Dreamland SSB Kirby Series Kirby
The Great Cave Offensive SSB4 Icon SSB Kirby Series ---
Battleship Halberd SSBB Icon SSB Kirby Series Meta Knight
Lylat Cruise SSBB Icon SSB Star Fox Series Fox
Orbital Gate SSB4 Icon SSB Star Fox Series Krystal
Pokémon Stadium X SSB Pokémon Series Charizard
Saffron City SSB64Icon SSB Pokémon Series Pikachu
Sky Pillar SSB Pokémon Series Lucario
Temporal Tower SSB Pokémon Series Grovyle & Celebi
Kalos Pokémon League SSB4 Icon SSB Pokémon Series Greninja
Garden of Hope SSB4 Icon SSB Pikmin Series Olimar
Gaur Plains SSB4 Icon SSB Xenoblade Series ---
Boxing Ring SSB4 Icon SSB Punch-Out Series Little Mac
Balloon Fight SSB4 Icon SSB Balloon Fight Series ---
Apocalyptic Highway SSB Mach Rider Series Mach Rider
Pilotwings SSB4 Icon SSB Pilotwings Series ---
Venus Lighthouse SSB Golden Sun Series Isaac
Town & City SSB4 Icon SSB Animal Crossing Series Villager
Pictochat X SSB DS Series ---
Living Room SSB4 Icon SSB Nintendogs Series ---
Wuhu Island SSB4 Icon SSB Wii Sports Series ---
Endless Ocean SSB Endless Ocean Series ---
Wii Fit Studio SSB4 Icon SSB Wii Fit Series Wii Fit Trainer
Find Mii SSB4 Icon SSB Find Mii Series Mii Fighters
Miiverse SSB4 Icon SSB Miiverse Series ---
Tomodachi Life SSB4 Icon SSB Tomodachi Life Series ---
Geath-Wakhsay SSB Wonderful 101 Series Wonder Red
NES Remix SSB NES Series Ice Climbers
Turf War SSB Splatoon SeriesB Inkling
Pac-Land SSB4 Icon SSB Pac-Man Series ---
Wily's Castle SSB4 Icon SSB Mega Man Series ---
Green Hill Zone SSBB Icon SSB Sonic Series ---
The Gates of Hell SSB Bayonetta Series ---
Starlight Garden SSB Fantasy Life SeriesB ---


Name Series Home to Unlock
Meta Crystal SSB64Icon SSB Super Smash Bros. Series --- Clear Classic with 10 characters
Subspace SSBB Icon SSB Super Smash Bros. Series --- Clear Adventure with 10 characters
Luigi's Mansion SSBB Icon SSB Mario Series Secret 04 Unlock Secret 04
Paper Mario X SSB Mario Series Secret 09 Unlock Secret 09
Volcano Dome SSB Donkey Kong Series Secret 07 Unlock Secret 12
Yoshi's Story SSB64Icon SSB Yoshi Series --- Clear 100-Man Smash as Yoshi
Gamer SSB4 Icon SSB Wario Series --- Clear 3-Minute smash as Wario
Twilight Realm SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Secret 12 Unlock Secret 12
Dark World SSB The Legend of Zelda Series Secret 15 Unlock Secret 15
Brinstar Depths SSBM Icon SSB Metroid Series Secret 13 Unlock Secret 13
Underworld SSB Kid Icarus Series Secret 14 Unlock Secret 14
Valor SSB Fire Emblem Series Secret 11 Unlock Secret 11
Magicant SSB EarthBound Series Secret 01 Unlock Secret 01
Mute City SSB4 Icon SSB F-Zero Series Secret 02 Unlock Secret 02
Another Dimension SSB Kirby Series Secret 10 Unlock Secret 10
Sector Z SSB64Icon SSB Star Fox Series Secret 06 Unlock Secret 06
Pokéfloats SSBM Icon SSB Pokémon Series Secret 08 Unlock Secret 08
Cerulean Cave SSB Pokémon Series Secret 20 Unlock Secret 20
Formidable Oak SSB Pikmin Series Secret 04 Unlock Secret 04
Bionis Tour SSB Xenoblade Series Secret 16 Unlock Secret 16
Flat Zone X SSB4 Icon SSB Game & Watch Series Secret 19 Unlock Secret 19
Duck Hunt SSB4 Icon SSB Duck Hunt Series Secret 18 Unlock Secret 18
Tetris TetrisSymbol --- Get 3 KOs in Cruel Smash
Excitebike SSB Excitebike SeriesB --- Clear All-Star with Mach Rider
Summit SSBB Icon SSB Ice Climber Series --- Clear Classic with the Ice Climbers
Wrecking Crew SSB4 Icon SSB Wrecking Crew Series --- Clear All-Star with Mario and Secret 05
Gyromite SSB R.O.B. Series Secret 17 Unlock Secret 17
Hanenbow SSBB Icon SSB Electroplankton Series --- Clear Classic with Secret 17
Treasure Lake SSB Fossil Fighters Series --- Use over 100 Poké Balls
Pac-Maze SSB4 Icon SSB Pac-Man Series Secret 21 Unlock Secret 21
Light Labs SSB Mega Man Series Secret 22 Unlock Secret 22
Lyric's Lair SSB Sonic Series Secret 23 Unlock Secret 23
Glade of Dreams SSB Rayman SeriesB Secret 24 Unlock Secret 24
Molentary Express SSB Professor Layton Series Secret 25 Unlock Secret 25
Yggdrasil Labyrinth SSB Etrian Odyssey Series --- Clear All-Star with 5 characters


New Items

  • Colored Shields - Will counter a physical attack with one based on the color of the item
  • Ball and Chain - Provides the user with a powerful projectile which, when grounded, can be pulled back for a second attack
  • Lantern - Creates a ring of light around the user which steadily damages opponents in range until it runs out of fuel, and is also throwable
  • Energy Tank - Provide a shield around the user which can absorb damage, but will not prevent knockback
  • Cancer Claws - Allows the user to perform a very fast combo on anyone caught by the initial strike
  • Pure Water - Reduces knockback received from all sources for a short while
  • Pharaoh's Curse - Drenches the opponent in an ooze which deals steady damage and slows them down for a short while
  • Sound Stone - Gives out sound waves each time it is thrown; briefly buffs the last user if it is thrown eight times without being lost
  • Mint Leaf - Allows the user to give out puffs of air; it can also be charged for a single, more powerful puff
  • Action Star - Causes one of a number of effects to occur
  • Super Rod - If it connects with an opponent, it will yank them helplessly towards the user for a follow-up attack
  • Laser Upgrade - Adds a laser for extending the range of the user's tilts
  • Choice Band - The next move used will have increased damage, but only for that one use
  • Ultra-Bitter Spray - Turns all opponents in a cone area into stone for a little bit, but they also gain increased defense
  • Shock Therapist - Allows for the placement of up to four electrode, which will connect in a chain of electricity once detonated
  • Lucky Medal - Use it to obtain one of a variety of different effects
  • Boss Galaga - Will attempt to lift an opponent off the top of the screen
  • Super Tank - Will heal the user for as long as it is held (up to 150%), but any attack will cause it to vanish
  • Power Sphere - Absorbs some damage and reduces knockback received from all attacks for a short while

Returning Items

  • Crate - Can be broken open, either exploding or dropping other items
  • Barrel - Can be broken open, either exploding or dropping other items; will roll around if struck but not broken
  • Rolling Crate - Can be broken open, either exploding or dropping other items; will roll around if struck but not broken
  • Exploding Crate - Will explode after being broken or hit with fire damage
  • Capsule - Can be thrown, opening to reveal another item
  • Party Ball - Will hover into the air before opening up and dropping a number of items
  • Gooey Bomb - Latches on to the target, an explodes a few seconds later, but may be transferred through direct contact
  • Bumper - Will knock all players away once placed
  • Ray Gun - Fires a beam of energy in a horizontal line
  • Steel Diver - Fires an explosive projectile which gains speed over time
  • Super Scope - Rapidly fires orbs of energy, or can charge to fire large single shots
  • Cracker Launcher - Launches large explosives in the direction aimed
  • Fan - An item which can be swung rapidly, and deals major damage to shields
  • Beam Sword - An energy sword with a rather large blade
  • Home-Run Bat - A powerful weapon which can be charged for a near-guaranteed KO
  • Sandbag - Can be beat up, sometimes releasing items after taking damage
  • Food - Can be consumed for various amounts of healing
  • Assist Trophy - Summons an ally to help out for a short while
  • Super Mushroom - Increases the character's size, power, and defense
  • Poison Mushroom - Decreases the character's size, power, and defense
  • Firebar - A sword which may be used several times before depleting itself of fire
  • Koopa Shell - Slides along the ground once thrown
  • Spiny Shell - Will hover over the most well-performing opponent and explode on them after a moment
  • Fire Flower - Allows the user to spew flames for a short while
  • Banana Peel - Opponenets will trip if they step onto it
  • Freezie - Freezes any opponent it hits, knocking them upward
  • Boomerang - Will come back to the user for a total of three throws
  • Bob-omb - Explodes once thrown, dealing massive damage
  • Metal Box - Turns the character metal
  • Lightning Bolt - Shrinks all other characters; rarely shrinks only the user
  • POW Block - Damages all grounded opponents
  • Super Leaf - Gives the user a tail, allowing them to hover in the air
  • Bullet Bill - Will turn into a Bullet Bill and shoot in the given direction
  • Starman - Makes the characer invincible for five seconds
  • Golden Hammer - A much faster Hammer which allows the user to hover in the air
  • Hothead - A flame which grows in size if hit by fire and simply runs along edges
  • Soccer Ball - Can be knocked around with attacks, reflecting damage of moves used to attack it
  • Barrel Cannon - Will shoot whomever is caught inside in the given direction
  • Spring - May be used to reach new heights
  • Hammer - For a few seconds, gives the user a powerful hammer
  • Deku Nut - Stuns all characters caught in range of the blast
  • Bomchu - An explosive bomb which travels along the ground and walls
  • Beetle - Flies in a straight line, lifting any opponents it catches upward
  • Gust Bellows - Launches powerful wind forward
  • Bunny Hood - Speeds up the user, and allows them to jump much higher
  • Fairy Bottle - Acts as a projectile, unless the user is above 100%, in which case it heals 100% damage
  • Heart Container - Restores up to 100% damage
  • Cuccoo - Creates a Cuccoo swarm if hit around too much
  • Screw Attack - Replaces the user's first two jumps with the screw attack, but only has a set number of uses
  • Back Shield - Protects the user from any attacks launched from behind
  • Ore Club - A bashing weapon which also launches tornadoes if charged
  • Drill Arm - Launches a drill head forward for multiple hits
  • Killer Eye - A turret which launches lasers for a short while
  • X Bomb - Once detonated, creates a powerful cross-shaped beam of energy across the screen
  • Daybreak - Must be constructed from three parts, then allows the user to shoot a powerful beam of energy across the stage
  • Mr. Saturn - A race of odd creatures which may be thrown as a projectile, dealing major damage to shields
  • Franklin Badge - Causes any projectiles which strike the user to be reflected
  • Parasol - Can be used as a melee weapon, or to allow for floating in midair
  • Star Rod - A legendary weapon which can be swung to send out powerful stars
  • Warp Star - Flies the user off the top of the screen, before crashing back down for major damage
  • Superspicy Curry - The user spews fireballs, while also gaining bonus speed
  • Maxim Tomato - Heals up to 50% damage
  • Dragoon Parts - Used to construct the legendary Dragoon, a machine which must be targeted at a set location, instantly KOing anyone caught by it
  • Smart Bomb - Produces a large explosion which hits multiple times; can be a dud
  • Poké Ball - Will unleash a random Pokémon to assist the user
  • Master Ball - Much rarer, this ball guarantees a legendary Pokémon will be summoned
  • Hocotate Bomb - Flies off the top of the screen, then crashes back down and explodes
  • Beehive - Throw it at an opponent to trigger a swarm of bees around them for a short while
  • Pitfall - Instantly buries any opponent who is caught above it
  • Rocket Belt - Can be equipped for an extended jump, until it runs out of fuel
  • Unira - Attaches to a desired location, damaging any opponents who come in contact with it
  • Lip's Stick - A flower which causes repeated damage to an opponent, even after the user stops attacking
  • Special Flag - Hold for a long time to obtain an extra point or stock

Assist Trophies

Most Assist Trophies can be defeated if they sustain enough damage.

  • Waluigi - Runs all across the stage, burying enemies and smacking them around
  • Hammer Bro. - Randomly hops around the stage and tosses hammers in an upward arc
  • Lakitu - Flies around the top of the stage, dropping a number of Spinies which move independently
  • Boo - Will turn mostly transparent, fly up to a nearby enemy, and stick its tongue out to shortly stun them
  • Chain Chomp - Idly hops around, occasionally lunging very quickly towards a random target
  • Rambi - Charges towards a random target, before pausing and taking a break before trying again
  • Shy Guy - Runs around the stage, tackling enemies or using its spear to attack
  • Kamek - Flies around the stage, casting magic which homes in on various opponenets
  • Kat & Ana - Repeatedly fly in from the edges of the screen, slashing through enemies
  • Ashley - Randomly effects an opponent by casting a purple cloud over them
  • Tingle - Will hurl a number of a random item onto the stage
  • Midna - Teleports around the stage, grabbing and attacking anyone she ends up near
  • Skull Kid - Brings the moon closer, which will gradually move closer to the stage, until finally crashing down
  • Ghirahim - Moves quickly around the stage, both taunting and attacking with his sword
  • Metroid - Will fly around, latching on to various targets, and rapidly increasing their damage
  • Mother Brain - Launches a wide laser horizontally across the screen
  • Space Pirate - Quickly dashes around the stage, launching projectiles and slashing enemies
  • Magnus - Travels around the stage, powerfully swinging his sword around
  • Phosphora - Glides around the stage, launching a number of lightning attacks
  • Viridi - From the background of the stage, directs the forces of nature to attack various enemies
  • Roy - Appears on stage, and uses his powers of fire to attack various opponents with his sword
  • Miciah - Casts various spells of the light element, damaging the nearest opponent to her summoner
  • Jeff Andonuts - Launches a number of homing missiles from his bottle rocket launcher
  • Starman - Teleports all over the place, launching lightning bolts at all opponents
  • Pico - Once on the stage, he will attack various enemies with his blaster
  • Deathborn - Slowly moves around the stage, assaulting any opponents who stray too close
  • Knuckle Joe - Hops around the stage, throwing out a flurry of Vulcan Jabs and Smash Punches
  • Marx - Hovers in the air for a moment before proceeding to teleport around and launching a number of attacks
  • Nightmare - Appears in the background of the stage, and casts darkness over everyone
  • Slippy Toad - Flies into the background with his Arwing, then darts across then darts across horizontally
  • Andross - From the background scenery, he launches a bunch of projectiles through the stage
  • Burrowing Snagret - Cannot move, but is capable of burrowing and attacking any nearby opponents
  • Emperor Bulblax - Damages enemies on contact, and also tries to consume them with its massive tongue
  • Bald Bull - Stampedes around the stage, slamming into opponents
  • Polar Bear - Stomps around slowly, damaging anyone who gets too close; jumps occasionally
  • Quadrunner - Drives around the stage, attempting to slam into opponents
  • Jenna - Casts Dragon Fume, which creates a flaming serpent that travels all over the stage
  • Isabelle - After being summoned, she will toss various fruit at the player, in order to heal them
  • Mr. Resetti - Pops out of the ground, and gives a long monologue which covers a large chunk of the screen
  • Wii Balance Board - Occasionally shifts the stage similarly to the POW Block, knocking all opponents upward
  • Fiora - Dashes around the stage, performing some powerful attacks with her twin blades
  • Elma - Switches between both her knife and rifle, attacking opponents with weak but quick and successive attacks
  • Immorta - Will slowly traverse the stage, at times firing her crossbow at unsuspecting opponents
  • Octopus Army - Four of them will cover the stage, and proceed to unleash an onslaught of ink-based attacks
  • Sheriff - Walking around in the air, he will randomly fire in each of the eight base directions
  • Takamaru - Throws pinwheel knife rooks at all opponents, and slashes his sword at those who stray too close
  • Infantry & Tanks- A number of units will charge from the spawn point, attacking any opponents in line
  • Prince Sablé - Creates a cloud of smoke to trap opponents, behind which he will pummel them
  • Starfy - Idly walks around, only attacking if provoked, but he does occasionally spin gleefully
  • Dillon - Charges around the stage in his rolled up form, repeatedly ramming opponents
  • Saki Amamiya - Moves around on his own accord, both slashing and shooting at opponents
  • Devil - Randomly pushes the stage in a randomly selected direction a few times
  • Nintendog - Climbs up to the camera, blocking view of the majority of the screen
  • Dr. Wright - Will summon a massive skyscraper, sending all opponents caught skyrocketing
  • Dr. Kawashima - Flings numbers onto the stage which will explode if joined together to equal 10
  • Armored Archfiend - Very slowly traverses the stage, but he will swing his hammer for a very powerful attack
  • Color TV-Game 15 - Plays a game of Pong across the stage, damaging any opponents who touch it
  • Ghosts - Inch around the stage, using various patterns, and simply harm any opponents who touch them
  • Zero - Quickly darts around, using bavrious attacks at his disposal
  • Bayonetta - Moves around the stage, performing various combos on anyone she can catch
  • Globox - Hops around the stage, using his various slaps and other attacks
  • Don Paolo - Flies around the stage in his helicopter, with his ball and chain
  • Yuelia & Noelia - Cast their light and dark magic around the stage randomly

Poké Ball Pokémon

Some Pokémon may be knocked away, if they sustain enough damage

  • Clefairy- Gravity
  • Meowth - Pay Day
  • Electrode - Explosion
  • Goldeen - Splash (Horn Drill, rarely)
  • Staryu - Swift
  • Ditto - Transform
  • Eevee - Tackle
  • Snorlax - Body Slam
  • Moltres - Fly
  • Mew - Drops Trophies
  • Togepi - Metronome
  • Bellossom - Sleep Powder
  • Wobbuffet - Counter
  • Hitmontop - Rolling Kick
  • Raikou- Thunder
  • Entei - Fire Spin
  • Suicune - Aurora Beam
  • Lugia - Aeroblast
  • Ho-oh - Sacred Fire
  • Celebi - Drops CDs
  • Mega Sceptile - Frenzy Plant
  • Mega Blaziken - Close Combat
  • Mega Swampert - Muddy Water
  • Gardevoir - Reflect
  • Metagross - Earthquake
  • Latios & Latias - Steel Wing
  • Kyogre - Hydro Pump
  • Groudon - Overheat
  • Deoxys - Hyper Beam
  • Jirachi - Wish
  • Skorupi - Poison Sting
  • Abomasnow - Ice Punch
  • Weavile - Quick Attack
  • Togekiss - Air Slash
  • Gliscor - X-Scissor
  • Rotom - Ominous Wind
  • Giratina - Dragon Breath
  • Manaphy - Heart Swap
  • Darkrai - Dark Void
  • Arceus - Judgement
  • Victini - V-Create
  • Snivy - Razor Leaf
  • Oshawott - Surf
  • Zoroark - Fury Swipes
  • Landorus - Earth Power
  • Kyurem - Glaciate
  • Keldeo - Secret Sword
  • Meloetta - Echoed Voice
  • Genesect - Techno Blast
  • Chespin - Seed Bomb
  • Fennekin - Ember
  • Talonflame - Flare Blitz
  • Spewpa - Stun Spore
  • Gogoat - Take Down
  • Swirlix - Cotton Spore
  • Malimar - Topsy-Turvy
  • Dedenne - Discharge
  • Xerneas - Geomancy
  • Yveltal - Oblivion Wing


See List of Trophies in Super Smash Bros. Supernova



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