Item Type Notes Art
Apple Throwing/Recovery Produced by Whispy Woods on Green Greens. Each apple can be either a throwing item or a recovery item, and in rare cases may explode when thrown.
Berry Red
Assist Trophy Special When picked up, once the character lands on the ground, they will perform a short animation and summon a random character to aid them in the fight.
Banana Peel Throwing Once thrown, trips opponents that touch it.
Potassium Mario Smash Football
Barrel Container When thrown, struck, or lands on a hill, may roll across the stage and damage what it hits before breaking.
Beam Sword Battering Starting in Melee, gets longer when swung depending on character.
Bob-omb Throwing If not grabbed within a few seconds of its appearance, it lights its own fuse and begins walking around, exploding on any character it meets. If it doesn't meet a character it will blow itself up after a while.
Bumper Throwing Can be placed on the stage or (in Brawl) set in midair, where it will knock away characters that touch it.
Bunny Hood Status Increases the user's movement speed, jump height, and falling speed.
Crate Container
Deku Nut Throwing When thrown, damaged, or after a short time (even if held), nearby characters are stunned (if grounded) or launched (if aerial).
Egg Container Produced by Yoshi series stages. Essentially identical to Capsules.
Mystic egg
Fan Battering Fastest-swinging battering item.
Fire Flower Shooting Produces a continuous stream of fire.
Food Recovery Each type of food recovers a different amount of damage.
Freezie Throwing Freezes characters struck. Slides across the stage. Can be destroyed before being picked up.
80px-MM Freezard
Golden Hammer Special Acts the same as the regular Hammer, though faster and with the ability to float. May be a Golden Squeaky Hammer as opposed to losing its head.
Green Shell Throwing When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits.
Hammer Special Limits the user to walking and a single jump; the user cannot even choose to drop the item. May randomly lose its head and become useless; the head can be picked up and thrown for massive damage.
Heart Container Recovery Strongest recovery item.
Home-Run Bat Battering In Brawl, forward smash uses a unique animation.
Lightning Bolt Status When touched, shrinks all opponents. Can backfire and shrink the user or enlarge all opponents.
200px-MKwii Thunderbolt
Maximum Tomato Recovery
Metal Box Status Increases the weight and falling speed of the user. Can be activated by pickup or by direct attack; indirect attacks will either destroy it (in Melee) or do nothing (in Brawl).
Parasol Battering Reduces the holder's falling speed.
Party Ball Container Once activated by being thrown or damaged, float into the air and opens, dropping its items.
Poison Mushroom Status Slides across the stage. When touched, shrinks the character.
Poké Ball Throwing Once thrown and lands on the ground, unleashes a Pokémon to aid the user.
Ray Gun Shooting Fires blasts of energy that have infinite horizontal range.
Red Shell Throwing When thrown, attacked, or landed on, slides across the stage and damages everything it hits. Aims for nearby characters and avoids sliding off edges.
120px-SMRPG TroopaShell
Rolling Crate Container When thrown, struck, or lands on a hill, will roll across the stage and damage what it hits without breaking. Can be stood on.
Smart Bomb Throwing Produces a large explosion when thrown or attacked. Has a chance to be a dud.
Star Rod Battering/Shooting Has a limited supply of long-range star shots produced on f-tilt or f-smash.
Star Status Renders the character it touches invincible for a limited time.
Super Mushroom Status Slides across the stage. When touched, enlarges the character.
Warp Star Special Once picked up, the user flies into the sky and then crashes down with an explosion.
Yoshi Egg Throwing Created when Yoshi eats an average enemy.
Yoshi Egg Sprite

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