Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show
Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show
Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show Intro Picture.
Producer(s) Happy TV Company
Distributor(s) Kobetendo TV
Broadcaster(s) Fan TV
Type Animation
Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Adventure
First Air Date(s)
USA: November 20th 2012

Japan: December 1st 2012

Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Super Mario Brothers Super Show Intro
Ending Theme Super Mario Brothers Super Show Outro
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
Season(s) 3
Episodes 60
Runtime 11 Minutes
Status Airing
This Is A Show! Feel Free To Fill In The Empty Slots Of The Episode Section.

Main Characters

Canon and Fanon Characters:

Image Name Series Emblem (Series Name If No Emblem For That Series) Heroes/Villain
Mario (NSML)
120px-Mario emblem.svg
Luigi (NSML)
120px-Mario emblem.svg
Advance3 sonic
Sonic Emblem
120px-Mario emblem.svg
Megaman Megaman Hero
File:Kirby Emblem.gif
? (Part Villain and Part Hero)
Unten - Fantendo Nightmare
Unten That One Series With A Long And Unintresting Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember Hero
Legend of Zelda Emblem
File:Kirby Emblem.gif
Mother Brain - Nintendo All- Stars Boss
Mother Brain
File:Metroid Emblem.gif
Ganondorf OoT3D
Legend of Zelda Emblem
Legend of Zelda Emblem
Pacman Pacman Hero
Godzilla 1971
Godzilla Godzilla (Mostly Hero)
Donkey Kong65
Donkey Kong
File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif
Diddy Kong7584
Diddy Kong
File:Donkey Kong Emblem.gif
Skull Kid
Skull Kid
Legend of Zelda Emblem
Proto Man
Proto Man Mega Man Hero
120px-Mario emblem.svg
120px-Mario emblem.svg
Tabooki Tabooki Hero
Sam Toad
Sam Ultra Toad Hero
Netnu That One Series With A Long And Unintresting Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember Villain
Fire Emblem Universe (2)
Fire Emblem Emblem
120px-Mario emblem.svg
File:Metroid Emblem.gif

Iceboys12's Characters:

Image Name Series Heroes/Villain
Apple Peach Princess Apple Peach Hero

Princess Apple Peach

Rina Princess Apple Peach Hero
Icarus Doki Doka! Hero
Gail Doki Doka! Hero
Alice Doki Doka! Hero
Riko Jr. Doki Doka! Villain
Mylan 2
Mylan Hero
IceBoy(Avery) N/A Hero
Kami Kami & Shiro Hero
Shiro Kami & Shiro Hero
Snowy Hero
Turbo Turbo Soldier Hero
Marian S.T.A.R. Metal Hero
Jessica S.T.A.R. Metal Hero
Jabi (Part Hero Part Villain)
Aeon Chaos Empire Hero
Jinna Chaos Empire Hero
Hades Chaos Empire Villain
Nedirk Chaos Empire Villain
Iceboy N/A Hero
Olarx X
Olarx X Kami & Shiro Villain
Irater Iceboy's MisAdventure Villain
Zypher Hero
GP Pichu Iceboy's MisAdventure Hero
Kaile Chaos Empire Hero
Narma Chaos Empire Hero
Ninja Chaos Empire Hero
Syname Chaos Empire Hero
Sieli Chaos Empire Hero
Starlina Chaos Empire Hero
Orochi Chaos Empire Villain
D-Lord Chaos Empire Villian
D-Lord Jr. Chaos Empire Villian
Omega Chaos Empire Villain
Sama-Kari Villain
Neku Hero
Nick Powers Doki Doka! Hero


Season 1

Episode Name Description Title Slide Villains/Heroes Working For Heroes/Villains? If so, who and Reasons? Character Focus
The Not-so-Very First Battle With Bowser Mario And Co. Are Going To Battle Bowser! But, Wait, Is this episode's plot is overused? TBA No Mario, Bowser
The Rides of Coin Tatanga stole all the SarasaLand villagers' money, the only way to get them back is to beat him in battle TBA Vaati, because He's bored. Tatanga
The Rise Of Mewtwo Mewtwo Has Made A Ship Called, "The Mewtwo Plane" Will Mario, Luigi, Kirby And Mother Brain Crash The Mewtwo Plane? TBA Mother Brain, Because Of A Plane Crash That Happened In New Jersey. Mewtwo
The Lightened Stars Turbo have found Jirachi at the hidden acident mountains. Olarx X is gone to captured her and uses her as a weapon. TBA No Turbo, Jirachi
Godzilla LIVES AGAIN Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Marx is watching a Godzilla, but Kirby terrified of it that Godzilla is real and might attack. But Godzilla turns out to be real and rampage through out the city, which make Giga Bowser to attack it. King Dedede and Marx, because they friends with Kirby Godzilla
Happy BirthDay Kirby! Bowser, King Dedede, Wolf, and Marx because they invited. Kirby
Marrige Proposal does gone fast TBA TBA TBA Jabi
Luigi's Only Chance TBA TBA No Luigi
External Atomic Causes TBA TBA Jabi, because Vaati and Marx will haunt her in her sleep if she don't join them. Vaati, Marx
Fight Of DOOM! TBA TBA TBA Ganondorf, Mother Brain
Donkey Kong's Evil Rampage TBA TBA Donkey Kong, Cause Vaati Brainwashed Him Donkey Kong
Enter Hades TBA TBA Jinna, because Hades brainwashed her. Hades, Jinna, Aeon
Tough Princesses No Snowy, Jinna
Four Kirbys X Four Swords No Kirby, Link
Clashing Moneybags Wario, because Tatanga robbed him. Wario, Tatanga
Unknown Faces Olarx X, Skull Kid
Battle of the villain Godzilla, Because he ate Bowser's Partner and replace him. Bowser, Orochi
Majora Madness (part 1) Unten, Sieli, Narma, and Syname, because Vaati(With Majora Mask) brainwashed them. Vaati, Skull Kid
Majora Madness (part 2) (Season 1 Finale) No Vaati, Skull Kid

Season 2:

Episode Name Description Title Slide Villains/Heroes Working For Heroes/Villains? If so, who and Reasons? Character Focus
Tough Watchers ApplePeach, Luigi

Mario & Really Stupid doom of Friendz!


New Super Mario bros. Wii mishapped

(April Fool Special)

The very VERY strange but funny nutshell version of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad
The Donkey And The Netnu Donkey Kong, Netnu
Mr. and Mrs. Hades (Part 1) Jabi gets married to Aeon's arch-nememis, Hades. Only when Mario and co. realizes that it might be a trick. Gail, because he believe that Icarus owned him money. Jabi, Hades
Mr. and Mrs. Hades (Part 2) Having been tricked, the group tries to fight Hades, which lead to Vaati's possible death. But In the middle of the episode, Jabi deciced to marry Sieli because he's her "life", and Mario and Icarus deciced to continue fight Hades. Sama-Kari, because Hades tricked him as he tries to marry Jabi. Jabi, Hades
The Return Of Mylan ApplePeach, Mylan
Olarx X Lives AGAIN! Nick Powers, Olarx X
Ganon Ganondorf, Orochi
Altered Reborn Vaati(who appears under a purple and black robes) appears to Cookieville and went to the Altered World and challenges Link in the battle Vaati, Link
Two Different Episodes  Mario, Pacman, Godzilla
Angry Birds MADNESS! Falco, Sonic
Once born a koopaling Bowser Jr. Bowser, Joko G. Koopa.
One heck of the fun ApplePeach, Mario, Luigi, Jon
Slender Times (Season 2 Finale) Olarx X attempt to put the moon out of it's orbit to cause CHAOS. It's up to Mario and co. to stop him. Mario, Olarx X

Season 3:

Episode Name Description Title Slide Villains/Heroes Working For Heroes/Villains? If so, who and Reasons? Character Focus
Misadventure in Japan Sama-Kari, because ApplePeach invited him. ApplePeach, Kirby, Unten, Sama-Kari
A UFO visiter Sonic, Because he want revenge on Mario. Ujori, Mewtwo
Once Upon A Mario Mario, Luigi, Mylan
Chains4Change Bowser, Olarx X
My Awesome Life Bowser
Sweet Revenge (Part 1) Mylan, Starlina, Isaac
Sweet Revenge (Part 2) Isaac, Starlina, Violet, Ujori
Happy Thanksgiving! Bowser, Cause He Is Invited. Mario, Luigi, Mylan, Bowser
Mario bros. at Crisis Mario, Luigi
Silly Fighting Jokes Mario, Luigi, Pacman
Angry At Upsides Bowser, Olarx X
Unten Haunted Unten, Netnu
A Scary Halloween Special Olarx X, Netnu, Ujori
Smashing The Thanksgiving! (Part 1) Mario, ApplePeach, Ujori
Smashing The Thanksgiving! (Part 2) (Season 3 Finale) Mario, Bowser, Ujori

Season 4:

Episode Name Description Title Slide Villains/Heroes Working For Heroes/Villains? If so, who and Reasons? Character Focus
Strongest in the world Little Mac, Mario, Ujori
Peach and Daisy's Marriage?

Peach, Daisy, Mario, Bowser

Maria's Funtime Marx, Because Mylan want him to babysit Maria. Maria, Mylan
Aches of D00M THR3-D33, Jon
Orolarx X Orochi, Olarx X
So Much Bills Jon, Mario, Little Mac
Flame War Mario, Luigi, Bowser
Silly Friends In Dreamland Kirby, Unten
Donkey Kong VS Mylan Donkey Kong Cause Marx Will Kill Him If He Refuses To Fight Mylan in the Tournament Donkey Kong, Mylan
The Strange Scary TV Of DOOM! Icarus, Mylan, Ujori
The End Of The Sight ApplePeach, Mylan, Maria
The Death Of The Green Shy Guy Luigi
Netnu's Cookie Netnu, because Unten will give him a cookie if he join him. Mylan, Cosmo, Mario
Clashing the Party, oh.

Alice, because she's forced to marry Sama-Kari

Bowser, because Wario and Wart stoled his Klown Car.

Alice, Sama-Kari
Wario Kart Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi
Alien Love Mylan, because Tatanga brainwashed her. Tatanga, Mylan
Plants Vs Zombies Cameo Peashooter, Walnut, Mario
Flame War Again Mario, Luigi, Bowser
Lightness Unite Mylan, Netnu
The Ultimate Villain Alice, Jabi, Ganondorf
Mario Bros. Mario, Luigi
Wario Bros. Wario, Waluigi
Another Plants Vs Zombies Cameo Walnut, Peashooter, ApplePeach, Rina
Mario's Last Fight (Season 4 Finale) Mario

Season 5:

Episode Name Description Title Slide Villains/Heroes Working For Heroes/Villains? If so, who and Reasons? Character Focus
The new Brawler in Town Zypher, Because Nedirk will buy him a new pair of golden gloves if he joins her. Nedirk, Zypher, Turbo
Agent Kobemobile's 1st Mission Herbert P. Bear, Kobemobile
My Awesome Battle: A Bowser Story Mario, Peach, Bowser
Dr Zomboss's Successful Plan Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Dr Zomboss
Heavenly Puss... Or Not! Hades, Zypher, Nedirk
Washing the Ball Daisy, because She don't mind marrys Gail. Daisy, Gail, Hades
Donkey Kong Country 1.8: Feautring Kami! Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Kami
The Donkey Kong 64 Special Sneak Peek! King K. Rool, Army Dilo

Acorn Attack

(Based on New Super Mario Bros. U)

Orochi blasted ApplePeach and co. off the Cookievile Castle and sent near the Acorn forest, now it's up to ApplePeach to help Mario and defeat Orochi before he can get a hand to Mylan. No. ApplePeach, Zypher, Kami, Shiro
The Death and Return of Issac Issac, Shiro
Kami got his Crashing Unten, Cause Tatanga Brainwashed Him Kami, Jon, Unten
The Donkey Kong 64 Special! Army Dilo, King K. Rool, Donkey Kong
Battle For Dream Island & Inanimate Insanity Meet Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show Balloon, Pin, Mephone4, Firey, Mario, ApplePeach
Alien Beorn Tatanga, Unten
Netnu Revived Unten, Netnu
Who Will Win? Dr. Zomboss, Walnut
The War against SubSpace Every Character Who Appeared In Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show, Tabuu

The Last Battle against Tabuu

(Series Finale)

Every Character Who Appeared In Super Smash Bros. Super Melee TV Show, Tabuu

Bonus Episode

(The Pilot of Super Smash Bros. Global Universe TV Show)

Master Hand, Tabuu

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