Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show The Twisted Twos' is a show that follows Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show's events. 

Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show: The Twisted Two's
Producer(s) Happy TV Company, Freesmarter Studios
Distributor(s) Kobetendo TV
Broadcaster(s) Fan TV
Type Animation, Stop-Motion Animation
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Action
First Air Date(s)
January 28th 2014
Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme The Kobe Theme
Ending Theme The Kobe Ending Theme
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
Season(s) 12
Episodes 2,908
Runtime 1 hour and 30 minutes
Status Airing


Main Characters

Image Name Description Series (or fan-fic)
355px-MegaMario NSMB2
Mario The main hero from the original show came back as a leader of the Smash Bros. Super Mario
Baby Luigi Luigi have been transforms into a baby in "Man in Reverse", and being a baby since (lasts in later half of Season 1 through early Season 3.). He don't have much powers than his original forms, he can still jump high. Super Mario
Starfy Starfy
89px-Dr Eggman Olympic Games
Dr. Eggman Sonic
Potato Running For Vice President
Lucario Pokemon
Yoshi The Mario Bros.'s dino friend, join them again to stop the villains. Super Mario
160px-Zora Link 3D
Zora Link Zelda
SSB5 Zelda
Zelda Zelda
120px-SSB4 - Donkey Kong Artwork
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Tabuu Super Smash Bros.
Master Hand Alpha

Master Hand* (Super Smash Bros. series)

Master Hand Super Smash Bros.
Crazy Hand
Crazy Hand Super Smash Bros.
Cris Crismas

Art by YE

Mother Brain SSBF
Mother Brain Metroid
Smash Ranger


Light Smash Ranger He who is a son of Smash Ranger(who mysteriously disappears), who Rosalina bears. He have light powers but weaker than the Smash Ranger. N/A
Dark Smash Ranger The evil counterpart of the Smash Ranger and later Light Smash Ranger N/A


Image Name Description

Series (or fan-fic)

Ness t
Ness He's the newcomer for Mario's hero team. Mother
Kenny South Park
Bowser Jr. (SMB3 style)
Bowser Jr. Super Mario
Pufftoss Donkey Kong
Godzilla 1974
Godzilla Godzilla
Marx true form
Marx Kirby
Garchomp Pokemon
Oshawott Style 2
Oshawott He's anti-hero for some of the episodes. Pokemon
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Star Wars
Batman Batman
JoeCreature Wars
Joe Creature Wars


Season 1

Name Description Title Slide
The new Beginning, again. After the events of the series finale of  Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show, the heroes and the remaining villains that was on the good side that not get in the Super FInal Smash will have to rebuild the universe pixel by pixel. Afterward, they discovers that the new villain will be Dark Smash Ranger!
Bye Bye, Old, Hello New! most of the old faces go away cause they get hired to new jobs but new faces come on.
A Sudden Early Cliffhanger! Creepers invade the new Super Smash Bros. Base. will the heroes stop the creepers? FIND OUT!
Darth Vader's Problems Darth Vader suddenly has problems when Potato comes to visit the death star.
Doodle It! the heroes have a fun doodling day but Oshawott axxedently draws a Crocodile and the Crocodile attacks the heroes and ruins thier day! how will the heroes get doodle day back to normal?
The Fate Of The Building The moon starts acting strange and almost destroys the Hero base. will Potato prevent the moon from destroying the hero base?
The Actist The Part 2 of "The Fate Of The Building". its revealed Tabuu and Dark Smash Ranger made the moon act strange. will the heroes stop them once and for all?
Black Holed! suddenly, a black hole tries to suck everything in! everyone will have to sacrifice theirselves to defeat this black hole! will they suceed?
No longer Black Holed The Part 2 of "Black Holed!". After defeated the black hole, it turns out that almost nobody died. While Master Hand trying to brings some who actually sacrifice theirselves and died back to life, the surviors will stop the black hole from coming back.
A Banana Problem Crocodile-like creatures start stealing bananas from The Banana Cave! the heroes try to rescue the bananas. 1 of them gets destracted by a bus! will the rest save the bananas in time? find out!
OMG WHAT? The Part 2 of "A Banana Problem". 1 of the crocodile creatures messes up in recording of the ending and the heroes react in shock. can the heroes remake the ending in time?
Dark Smash Ranger's Revenge Dark Smash Rangers have returned the villains and going to attack the heroes, including Bowser and Darth Vader. Will Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Link, Kirby, and Potato stop him in time?
Man in Reverse After the event of "Dark Smash Ranger's Revenge", things going hirewire. Luigi have been turned into a baby, Smash Ranger disappers, the smash bros. is almost defeated, and the villains destroyed the HQ. The heroes now have a new task to prevent the chaos even further.
The Rat King The ruining of HQ is somehow being ruled by a rat king, and other stuff happen at random, up to the point where no one cares about the plot.
Smash Clubbing Mario have host an club for the smashers, and there he's invent an mysterious machine.
Light and Dark Rangers Tabuu created Dark Smash Ranger new powers, with Rosalina created and bears the Light Smash Ranger, the son of the original Smash Ranger.
Doodle it again!  After being temporily abanoned, Oshawott decided to draw the army of other doodle creatures, and the few villains call him out on it.
Pop goes the kirby The mysterious thing have defeated Kirby, and now Meta Knights and the others will have to stop it, while the other heroes was drunk.
The Flashing back. The clipshow of the past 8 episodes (except "The Rat King" and "Pop goes the kirby". The other half show the heroes having their memories from the events of Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show.
Another Moon Crush The moon acts strange again but this time tries to crush the world. its up to Mario, Luigi, Link, Kirby, Potato, Sonic, Donkey Kong and Cris to stop the crushing.