It's the 10th episode of the 1st Season of Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show.

It felt like It's a season finale or a series finale, but it isn't. Heck, There's still more episodes after this.

Title Slide:


Cast (Not a actual order they appear in, but in a random order):

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Link
  • Sonic
  • Kirby
  • Unten
  • Marx
  • MegaMan
  • Fox
  • Falco
  • Mother Brain
  • King K. Rool
  • Vaati
  • Samus


(Open as Mario, Unten, Marx, Luigi, Fox, and Falco in the Smash Bros. HQ.)

Mario (Voice Only): Smash Bros. Log, number 125. Since Me, my brother, and the "Smash Bros" have finally gotten away from the whole "Time Machine Antics" thing, we're talking about Mother Brain and her league of Darkness, as they're the one behind couple of trouble.

Unten: Look guys, I heard that there Mother Brain and her minions. Oh MAN, she's ugly as heck!

Fox: Mother Brain?

Unten: That what I said.

Mario: Geez, Unten. I mean, look at that. That's King K. Rool and Vaati!

Luigi: You mean that large Kremling king and that midget-size wizard?

Falco: Yes. They're in.....What the minute. This isn't right.

Narroter: Of course It's not right. The Space Ship called "Metriod" is flowing around the Smash Bros. HQ. It been there for... what now? 9 episodes ago? Nah, It just plain weird!

Marx: Metriod? What that? Is that a weird japanese food?

Narroter: No Marx, It's supposed to be a enemy from a series of the same name. Mother Brain just called it "Metriod".

Marx: Oh.

(Cut to Metriod where Mother Brain, Vaati, and King K. Rool was)

Narroter: *Ahem* Meanwhile at The Ship of METROID.

Mother Brain: Blasted Blasted BLASTED! Everytime I attempted to take over the world, the Smash Bros always get in the way! EVERYTIME!

Vaati: Mother Brain, It's must be a Plan B you have forgotten. Besides, you know that pl-

Mother Brain: THAT'S IT! Plan B! Ah-ha! How did I think of that! Vaati you're a Genius!

Vaati: Thank, but I-

Mother Brain: But first, I'll talk to a random magic mirrior that just appear out of nowhere.

King K. Rool: Man, this make me feel that It's a part-rip-off of Snow White.

Vaati: (slap King K. Rool) shut up.

Mother Brain: Metriod Mirror on the wall, how can my "Plan B" can destroy the Smash Bros and conquer the world once and for all?

Mirror: *Appears image* My name is Just Mirrior, dumby.

Mother Brain: whatever. Anyway, how can my-

Mirror: I know, I know. Your Plan B. Without a doubt, you've to make a Tournament.

Mother Brain: (Making weird surpised face) That's it?

Mirror: That's it. I have no alternate suggestions since I'm now dying of diabetes. Maybe you could bring Dr. Mario here.


Mirror: Well, you could invite the smashers to defeat your minions. Afterward, if they win, you could bring your henchmen and probably your secret weapon!

Mother Brain: You're joking...

Mirror: No. I'm not joking.

Mother Brain: *Sigh* Fine, I'll do whole Tournament that they have to kick my minions' butt, as always.

Mirror: So, Now I must die! (Explosed at Mother Brain's Face)

Mother Brain: Oh god how I hate Magic Mirrors as Dr. Robotnik hates that hedgehog!

King K. Rool: You mean Sonic The Hedgehog?

Mother Brain: Of course you scum! We have to started a tournament.

King K. Rool: Are you sure?

Vaati: Yes she's sure she's sure!

Mother Brain: Alright Boys, gather up with some STRONGEST minions and let see if they will killed them for sure, AND THIS TIME I MEAN IT, MAKE SURE THEY ACTUALLY KILLS THEM!

(Cuts to the Tournament on Metriod)

Mario: How could they randomly sent to Metriod without having to go through all these levels.

Sonic: Shut up and listen. MOTHER BRAIN!

Mother Brain: So... You've arrived! This is my New Revenge! The Tournament!!

Unten: A Tournament?

Vaati: Of Course, Unten. In this tournament, All of Mother Brain's minions will fight you all out!

Fox: What?!

Marx: Are you kidding us?! You've been released a army of minions to kill all of us?!

Mother Brain: I have now make them trillion stronger than you! It'll be easy!!!

Mother Brain: Enough! Now Time to fight!

[The Army of flies, Zombies, Koopas, Koopa kids, Fly guys, Kritters, Sledge Bros., Kritjumps, Hummer bros, Roketons, Pionopis, and robots arrived at the Mother Brain's Lair, starting to attack the heroes]

Falco: Darn! There's everywhere! Hey Luigi, Got any suggestions?

Luigi: The only thing that can wipe them out easily is the Smash ball. I can't see it anywhere

Mother Brain: Of course not fool! There is no Smas- (got interttuped as Mario got a Smash Ball)

Mother Brain: You CAN'T be damn serious.

Mario: WE'RE EXTREMELY SERIOUS! Now taste this! (Charges a giant waves of Fire)

Mario: Oh yeah, HEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Shoots a VERY GIANT waves of Fire to the Army of minions and the minions died, except Mother Brain, Vaati, and King K. Rool.)

Mother Brain: DARN IT!!!! Vaati, King K. Rool, Destroy them!

(King K. Rool and Vaati charged)

Marx: Wait!

(King K. Rool and Vaati Stopped)

Marx: Did she make Vaati and King K. Rool "trillion strong" too?

Fox: I'm afarid so.

Luigi: We're doomed.

Fox: Well, There's only one thing to do! WE MUST SUMMON THE OTHER! (Fox pushes his watch that have a "Smash Ball" signal on it to make Link, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man pop out)

Link: Huh? What just happen? (look at the League of Darkness) Oh.


Mega Man: (Doing random posing) Never Fear, Mega Man is here!

Sonic: Mario? What going on?!

Mario: Mother Brain is going to destroy us! You must help us before they can harm us!

Link: (brings up his sword) Let Rock!

[Song begins as Link, Mario, Unten, Sonic, Mega Man, Kirby, Fox, Falco, Marx, and Luigi battles Vaati and King K. Rool]

SONG: We fighting for a way

To put away all this evil

That has been brought to the

world of Metroid!

We must find a way

To kick all of their butts

And put an end to

The Evil Mother Brain!

Crush her own Brain

( We Crushing it without a reason )

Smash Smash SMASH

( Super Smash Bros Ya! )

Pwning some things

( With Mario, Link, Sonic, Kirby)

Started the war

Crush her own Brain

( Because this is what we're fighting for )

And try to destroy her plan

( for once and for all )

Metriod that we must kill

( We will destroy to the very core )

Even with results

We must deliver

A smashing blow all around the world

Doesn't Mr. L look like somebody that you may know?

(Luigi: I heard you.)

Crush her own Brain

As all of the Metriods are dispersing from our big world

All of our simple skills are being changed one by one

Few people has lost their mind as different battle styles have begun

It might made others greedy and thirsting for more power

And lighting stucks for those who oppose from Metriod

We must put an end to Mother Brain evil ways.

(Kirby: YA!)

It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimee..... to Smaaaaaaaash.....Mother BRaaaaain!

Her Unfounded Revenge shall not continue.

[Songs ends with Mario blasting Vaati and King K. Rool with a giant Fireball.]

Mother Brain: YOU IDIOTS!!!! (Go Berserked) YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!

Mario: Tck Tck. Not yet, "Mother Stupidity"! There's only one thing we didn't ruin it, IT YOUR METRIOD!

Mother Brain: (Eyes glowing red and having a scary demonic manly voice) You......YOU DUMBMORONS RUINS THINGS FAR ENOUGH TOO MUCH TO COUNT.

Mario: What...happening to her?

Link: She's couldn't be...

Kirby: I'm Scared.

Vaati: (cough) (cough) Mother Brain! Clam down! Be Reasonable, I'm still sure Plan B could work out. Soooo... What about Plan C?

Mother Brain: (Transfrom into a Giant mutuated dinosaur) I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!!! I WASTED LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! I WILL STOPPED THIS MADDNESS!!! (VERY LOUD Godzilla Roar).

(Mother Brain charged at the Heroes crushing the floors)

Unten: oh god! Not that! A UGLY MUTUATED DINOSAUR!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH (Screams and jumps at the window, and landed so hard and got hurted without getting killed).

Unten:.........I'm okay.......

Luigi: Oh brother...

King K. Rool: I guess we have to escape, Vaati. I don't think Mother Brain is going to clam down any time soon.

Vaati: You damn right this time Rool! RETREAT! (Vaati opens the portal to the unknown place and he and King K. Rool escapes into it and the portal disappears)

Mother Brain: I don't need this planet anymore! THE FIRST THING I GONNA DO, IS TO KILL YOU AND KILL YOUR PATHEIC WORLD!!! KILL! KILL KILL!!!

Narroter: Oh boy, The Smash bros is centered and have no way out as Mother Brain is going eat them alive and, Eeck! And probably make them suffer in her stomach while it's give it serious indigestion and DISGUSTING images. Will this be the end of the Smash Bros., and the series as well?

[Samus clashed out the window and went into Metriod and aim at Mother Brain]

Narroter: But Wait, Is that... JUSTIN B- No wait, SAMUS ARAN! Maybe She can help!

Samus: Samus' the name, shooting my game!

Marx: Puff. What a lame catchprase you got there Ms. Aran.

Samus: Mother Brain! Your years-old reigon of chaos is OVER!

Mother Brain: SAMUS!!! Maybe I can eat you first.

Mario: Samus! Did you know how to really kill her?

Samus: (Having a though ballon where a footage of Metriod Nes game where in the last level where Samus shooting Mother Brain and defeated her.) Nope. Not in that form.

Fox: Ok... I suggest we RUN!

[They run away from Mother Brain all the way to the exit, but it's blocked.]]

Falco: Well Crub. Now We're REALLY screwed.

Mother Brain: And Now, THIS PLANET MUST END NOW! (Charges up a VERY VERY VERY LARGE LASERS FROM HER ONE-EYE, but Mega Man shots a red Missle to her eyes to cancel it.)

Mother Brain: NOO! MY EYE!!!

Mega Man: Well. There's only one more thing left to do. Press the "death-wish" button. (Pressed the Self-Destruts button which Make Mother Brain and Metriod go booming)


[Cuts to the hostipital scenes where Link, Mega Man, Fox, Falco, Marx, and Sonic is extremly injuried]

Link: Soooo. We survived the explosion.

Dr. Mario: Well, yeah. I'm guessing that This nightmare is real and it ended real fast.

Link: Nah... I hopes this is the end of this era, because I can't stand another episode of it.

Dr. Mario: Well, at least we're more optimistic now! Ha Ha!


During the Credits:

Narroter: Meanwhiles close to Castle Dedede.

King K. Rool: Gosh Vaati. This isn't Dream Land like you told me!

Vaati: This IS Dream land! We're close to reach Castle Dedede. Let make a contrast to King Dedede

Vaati and King K. Rool walks to a Waddle Dee guard.

Waddle dee: Hello unknown citizens! This castle is right now off limit for standard citizens.

King K. Rool: Uh.... Did you accept DKaster Card?

Waddle Dee: (Look at the piece of paper). Sorry, that's not a credit card, and what's a DKaster Card?

King K. Rool: ............(Make a dispressed face)

Vaati: Igore him, he's a complete moron. Soooo.... (give a Waddle Dee a bag of rupees) did you accept Rupees too?


Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Super Smash Bros02:55

Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Title Slide

Super Smash Brothers - Bonus Game01:55

Super Smash Brothers - Bonus Game

Smash HQ

Super Smash Bros04:35

Super Smash Bros. Melee Music Brinstar Depths


Super Smash Bros07:02

Super Smash Bros. Melee - Battlefield

Fighting army of Minions

Unfounded Revenge Smashing Song of Praise - Super Smash Bros02:33

Unfounded Revenge Smashing Song of Praise - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Crush her own Brain (Unfounded Revenge/ Smash Song of Praise with madeup lyrics)

Final Destination (Super Smash Bros02:55

Final Destination (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Final Battle againest Mother Brain

Super Mario Bros02:31

Super Mario Bros. 3 Music - Ending

(0:34) Hospital


Written by: Iceboys12

Directed by: Lich22

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