Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show
Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show
Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show Intro Picture.
Producer(s) Happy TV Company
Distributor(s) Kobetendo TV
Broadcaster(s) Fan TV
Type Animation
Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Adventure
First Air Date(s)
USA: July 4th 2014

Japan: June 21 2015

Last Air Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Super Mario Bros. Super Show Cartoon Segment Intro.
Ending Theme Spongebob Ending Theme.
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
Season(s) 4
Episodes 154
Runtime 15 Minutes
Status Airing
Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show Is A Super Smash Bros TV Show. Feel Free To Fill In The Empty Slots Of The Episodes Section.

Main Characters

Image Name Series Infomation
Mario SSS
Mario Super Mario He's the star of the show. He can jump high, get powerups, and etc.
Megaman Megaman
Kirby Kirby
Sonic Wreck It Ralph


Sonic Sonic
Marx Kirby

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
Unten That One Series With A Long And Unintresting Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember He's the mascot of Fantendo. He's the last of the race known as "Beorns".
Bowser Super Mario
Luigi Super Mario
Link The Legend Of Zelda He's the hero of time, and the hero of Hyrule. He have Navi with him in some episodes.
Princess Peach SPP
Princess Peach Super Mario She's the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Toad Super Mario He's supposed to be the messager and friend to Princess Peach. He's sometime annoying and can move fast.
Fox Bros.
Fox Starfox
Falco SFA
Falco Starfox
Mother Brain Monster
Mother Brain Metroid She's the giant brain in a giant jar, and The Main Villain of the show until Episode 10. Her arms can volts her minions out her service to do better
Vaati The Legend of Zelda He's once Mother Brain's right hand man until she got killed. Of course, He's the smartest of the pair. He and King K. Rool spilted up after the little while.
King K. Rool Donkey Kong He's once Mother Brain's left hand man until she got killed. He's very Dumb, and don't know what people talking about. He and Vaati spilted up after the little while.


Season 1

Episode Name Description Title Slide
The First Episode Or Something In a strange overused plot, Mario And Co. Are Going To Battle Bowser. But It's intertupted by Mother Brain and her League of Darkness
Episode 1
Donkey Kong's Stolen Bananas Donkey Kong's Bananas Are Stolen By King K. Rool And The Kremlings. Now Its Up To Donkey Kong And Link To Stop King K. Rool And The Kremlings.
Forward Unto Dawn Link Decides To Wander Into Slenderman's Forest. Will Marx Stop Him From Wandering Into Slenderman's Forest?
The Rise Of Ganondorf Hyrule Is Invaded By Ganondorf. Will Link Stop Ganondorf?
Unten's Lame Plan To Do Stuff Unten Does Lame Stuff Like, Throwing Garbage At Link, Marx And Bowser. Its Up To Mario And Kirby To Stop Unten From Doing Lame Stuff.
External Life Of A Goomba A Goomba Named, Loomba Travels Through The Whole Mushroom Kingdom. In The End Of The Episode, Loomba Gets Stomped On By Mario.
That One sequel of a episode that have a uninteresting and long name that I don't wish to remember The Part 2 of "Unten's Lame Plan To Do Stuff". After stopping Unten from doing Lame stuff, they realizes that he's mind-controlled by Netnu. Mario, Kirby, Link, Marx, Bowser, and Luigi is now going to defeat Netnu from keep mind-controlling Unten, or is it a possible final stand for our heroes and anti-heroes? FIND OUT!
External Revenge Of A Goomba The Part 2 of "External Life Of A Goomba". After the events, Loomba's ghost make a contrast with Bowser to give him more power and have a ablitiy to haunt anyone. It's Up to Mario, Luigi, Unten, and Fox to end Loomba's threat once and for all.
Time Machine Antics

Bowser And Bowser Jr Go Back In Time To Get Revenge On The Other Main Characters. Will They Succeed?

Doom of Doom. Unten, Mario, Fox, Falco, Kirby, Marx and Luigi went to the Tournament on the Space ship called Metroid, which named after a enemy from "Metroid" for some reason. In the end, Mother Brain had have it with her failures and now attempts to kill the heroes and then the world, but they killed her.
Super Mario Land 1.5 featuring Unten Unten and Mario went to SarasaLand for a vatction, but he heard that Princess Daisy is once again kidnapped by Tatanga. It's up to Mario and Unten to save her again.
Metroids Must Die! Mario, Luigi, Kirby And Link Try To Kill Some Metroids. Will They Succeed? Of Course They Will! But How Can They Do That? FIND OUT IN THIS EXCITING EPISODE!
The New Leader

After the events of "Doom of Doom" which Mother Brain got killed for attempt to murder the heroes and the world, The League of Darkness parted which Mother Brain died while King K. Rool and Vaati lived but with no leader.

They deciced that Mewtwo is the new leader of The League of Darkness. How will it work out?

Confusion and Delay Unten battle Netnu and Bowser, but he got blasted by a evil spell which It's strange confusion in his head no matter if he's asleep or awake. Will the heroes find the cure, or Unten can find it himself?
Unten's Last Stand The Part 2 of "Confusion and Delay". Unten Is Battling Netnu again In the possibly Last battle. Will Unten can Win this time?
The Crazy, Long, Unintresting, Insane And Very Unacceptable Battle For The Death Kirby, Link, Marx, Luigi And Toad All Battle Vaati But The Battle Goes For Long Cause Of Vaati's New Forms. Will The Battle End?
Alien Invasion Shroobs Invade The Mushroom Kingdom. Will Mario, Luigi, Kirby And Falco Save The Mushroom Kingdom From The shroobs? FIND OUT!
Animation Style Changes The Animation Style Suddenly Changes To Anime! Bowser And Vaati Dont Like It! They Set Out To Find Out Who Changed The Animation Style.
Season 1 Finale Bowser And Unten Are Eating Cookies Until Mephone 4 Comes And Snatchs The Cookies Away! Will Bowser And Unten Get The Cookies Back? FIND OUT!

Season 2

Title Slide Description Name
Mario and co. is having a christmas party, but it's getting all wrong and weird minutes later. When the madness end? Smashing the Party 
Everybody got changed into a Mii by Master Hand. Now It's up to Mario, Luigi, Unten, and Bowser to stop him Something Change of Mii
The Demons Are Invading Dreamland, The Mushroom Kingdom And Earth. Mario, Luigi, Kirby, Megaman And Link To Get Into The Nether, Destroy Satan, And Kill The Remaining Demons That Are invading Dreamland, Mushroom Kingdom And Earth. Will They Succeed? The Nethers Of The Demons
A Alarm Clock Wakes Up Link! Link Gets Annoyed By This So He Tries To Destroy The Clock. Will He Succeed? Link's Annoying Awakening
Love Inter
A Goomba named, Floomba starts talking about non-sence and the other goombas are trying to stop him from talking non-sence by contestantly yelling at him but someone gets stomped in the middle of the quest and then all the goombas start looking for the person who killed that somebody. Hint: Loomba is revived in this episode. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS ISNT EVEN IN THE EPISODE!
the goombas  continue looking for the person that killed gloomba. Hint: Gloomba was the one that got killed during the events of "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS ISNT EVEN IN THE EPISODE!"! The Quest Continues
The goombas get weaponary and battle the heroes after the events of"The Quest Continues"! they manage to overpower alsost every hero. will they get past Marx however? FIND OUT! The Enemy's First Win?
All The Heroes of the series And All The Villains of the series including the ones that were killed back in season 1 enter the creature wars. the heroes root for the birds and the villains are rooting for the bulldogs. will any of the creatures they are rooting for win the war? find out. Entering The Creature Wars
The Part 2 of "Entering The Creature Wars".  After the first half of The Creature Wars, only some birds and bulldogs, including some of the heroes and villains, were being killed. The goombas have set up a trap for the heroes(and probably the villains), making them suspicious of what going to happen. The Goombas' Dark Hidden
The Part 3 of "Entering The Creature Wars".  Bowser have making the bulldogs stronger, and it seems hope is lost for our heroes, until Unten hatchs a genius plan. Will it work? Find out in this part 3 of The Creature Wars Saga! Unten's New Attack
The Part 4 of "Entering The Creature Wars".  After fighting for the second half of the war, the heroes and some of the reformed villains discovers the strange secrets of the war, and tries to tell everyone about least before someone in the dark corner stopped them. The Secret of the War.
The Part 5 of "Entering The Creature Wars". After losing Slenderman, Netnu, Timooba, Shadow Mario, Shadow Luigi, Tatanga, and Possibiely King K. Rool, Bowsers and the villains is kinda felt like losing their recruits. They plans up a "Plan B" to stop The birds from winning the war. Will the heroes stop the bulldogs and discovers more of the secret origins?!?!?! Bowser's "The Plan B"
The Part 6 of "Entering The Creature Wars". Unten, Link, Zelda, Marx, Kirby, Meta Knight, Wario, and the somewhat revived and reformed Gloomba and their birds escapes, they find out that the bulldogs they now encounter have transformed into Mutants and have to take them down one by one. Meanwhile, the bulldogs have reached the birds' base, while the heroes come up with their own "Plan B" The Mutant of the Bulldogs.
The Part 7 of "Entering The Creature Wars". The Mysterious Black King discovers that the heroes have parts of the secrets, and plans to track them down. Meanwhile, The villains will have to continue up with their plans. The Man known as "Black King"
The Part 8 of "Entering The Creature Wars". More and More birds and bulldogs are dead. The Heroes and Villains got more and more weaponary, and contiuning the war. Meanwhile, Sonic and the few others tries to find out more secrets and tries to prevent the war from continuing, only to discovers that the goombas is there too. Sonic vs. the Goombas
The Part 9 of "Entering The Creature Wars". Gloomba got killed again, only to get more informations from the villains. The mutants got too far on the big war. The doctors needs to revive the deads to defeat the bulldogs. The Devil of him
The Part 10 of "Entering The Creature Wars". MegaMan, Fox, Falco, and Marx are about to do a prank on Ganondorf, and Black King is mutanting more animals to join the fight, and what about Sonic and the others? How did they seemly disappear? Things are getting messy.
The Part 11 of "Entering The Creature Wars". After the events of the third and fourth halfs of the crazy war, all hope is seemly lost, again. Mario will have to brings out more powerful creatures to battle The Ultimate Clash
The Part 12 of "Entering The Creature Wars".  After Mother Brain is killed again, The villains and Black King have enough and bring out his world conquest into the war. They have creates more powerful mutants to destroys the heroes once and for all. Will the rest of the survivors wins this war? This can't be good...
The Part 13 of "Entering The Creature Wars".  After the heroes have destroys the mutants, it's times to get into the villains' base and defeated most of the villains. The goombas have completed the bomb traps to explodes the heroes and villains in it. Now the final battle betwen the birds and bulldogs have begun and ended now! FIND OUT WHO WIN IN THIS LONG SEASON FINALE AND THE FINALE OF THE CREATURES WARS SAGA!!!! Season 2 Finale: The End of The Creatures War

Season 3:

Title Slide Description Name
The new friend, The villager have entered the town. The Smashers will try to have an Welcoming Party for him. Hello Villager!
something so fast destroys the villains base. can the villains destroy the fast thing before it makes a time paradox? HINT: It was Sonic's recolor clone: Tatonic. The Fast And The Villainous!
A Spaceship tries to destroys The World! will marx, luigi, Vaati (1 of the traitors of the villains), loomba (another traitor) and mario save the world? The World!
Part 2 of "The World!". its revealed the chickens were trying to invade the world. its also revealed that the spaceship that usully beat the chickens was lazy. luigi gets lost! will Marx, Vaati, Mario And Loomba make the heroic spaceship destroy the chickens? YES! BUT HOW? Find out in this exciting, but somehow confusing episode! OH NO! MY IDENITY IS REVEALED!
Floomba tells Samba bad news and is serious about it so the goombas are searching for the heroes before the heroes destroy the goomba generator. Serious Goombas
Creepers invade dreamland after the events of "The Nethers Of The Demons". the demons come back but they see the creepers invading already so the demons fight the creepers. will the demons succeed? FIND OUT! CREEPERS! NOOOO!
The Part 2 Of "CREEPERS! NOOOO!".  after the demons get beaten once again, they come up with a plan, to summon the Demon King. the heroes notice that the demon king is on the loose. however, they are sending him at the creepers. will the heroes destroy the demon king? Creepers' Plan B
the heroes are planning to destroy new villain city. the villains strike back! will they protect the city? The Mega Attack!
The Heroes keep on being annoyed by the annoying orange. will the annoyance ever stop? OH, WHAT NOW?
The Part 2 Of "OH, WHAT NOW?". The villains have finded the annoying orange's ghost and convert it into evil. How will the gang defeat it? OH...WAIT WHAT?
a spiny named, Explorer's Son explores the world. at the end, he gets kicked out of bowser's castle. The External Life Of A Spiny
Someone is counting the slender toys the toy store is selling but there are so many. will he get cursed? Slender, Slender, Slender and- DARN IT! ANOTHER ONE?
The part 2 of "The External Life of a Spiny". After Explorer's Son got fired by Bowser, He seeks revenge on Bowser. Will Bowser prevent him from win his revenge? The External Revenge of a Spiny
The heroes are trying to go to the portal to the time paradox universe but end up in a entirely different war. who started this other war? FIND OUT! The Other War
The Heroes And the villains Are On a easter egg hunt! will the eggs be found? OF COURSE! BUT HOW? April Fools Day
the heroes and the villains are doing a normal episode as usuall but then, the episode gets ruined because Characters from a unknown show come. will they be kicked off? FIND OUT! The Cameo
everyone is turned into a pig by a evil wizard! Its up to both the heroes and the villains to destroy the wizard for good! Super Smash Pigs
The Part 2 Of "Super Smash Pigs". the now pigs realize the pig potion's broken so they must repair it to turn back to normal. will they suceed? HOLY PIGS! THE POTIONS BROKEN!
The Part 3 Of "Super Smash Pigs". more pigs spawn. they eventully invade the world. how will the heroes/villains team turn themselfs back to normal? Pig Fever

The Part 4 Of "Super Smash Pigs". The pigs destroy the secirity forces and even destroy the Smash HQ! the heroes/villains team had turned back to normal. the war ends now! WHO WILL WIN THIS SEASON FINALE AND THE FINALE OF THE PIG SAGA?

Season 3 Finale: The Final Pig

Season 4

Episode Name Episode Description Title Slides
BLOXED! The heroes and the villains get sent to ROBLOX and turn into robloxians cause of it. what will they do?
Freaky Special a million of very scary monsters come to earth. will the heroes beat em all? FIND OUT!
Pirates Evil Pirates invade the mushroom kingdom and outer space. WILL THE HEROES SAVE BOTH MUSHROOM KINGDOM AND OUTER SPACE? YES THEY WILL. BUT HOW? FIND OUT in this somehow confusing episode!


(lame pun included)

The Part 2 Of "THAT ONE EPISODE THAT DOES NOT EXIST".  it turns out 5 of the villains bumped into their dads and thier parents never met. the villains felt like losing their career but Mother Brain comes back and has really big plans! what are her plans? find out! 
OH, THATS IT! IM OUTTA HERE! WAIT, WHAT?  The Part 3 Of "THAT ONE EPISODE THAT DOES NOT EXIST". the villains are trying to rage quit but then suddenly, a whole chain of events never happen. who took that chain?
OH MY GOD THE EXISTANCE ARE FREAKING GONE! The Part 4 Of "THAT ONE EPISODE THAT DOES NOT EXIST". After the villains discovers that Mother Brain took the chain and behind it all this time for the revenge on basically everyone, the world is starting to fall apart, probably erasing existance in the progress. The villains, along with Sonic, Unten, Mario, Luigi, Kirby, and Link, must find some way to stop it, which that way that the world didn't fall apart.
Oh, Memories, Oh Good Memories! A recap of previous episodes come. hint: this is the first episode to not have any fighting in it other than the previous episodes. another hint: this episode is basically the whole recap of all the previous episodes up until "OH MY GOD THE EXISTANCE ARE FREAKING GONE!" which ends in a stinger that was to started on the Season 4 finale.
Restoring the Memories The "Bonus" Part of "THAT ONE EPISODE THAT DOES NOT EXIST". After the universe is safed, everyone(including the heroes) must rebuild it into it's natural state, and bring it back the way they are. 
Are You Sure You're Doing This? A Myserious villain comes and disposes of everyone but 1 hero and 1 villain. will these 2 characters team up and beat the mysteious person before it makes them start asking questions about him?
The Royal Forest Its royal day in slenderman's forest and slenderman and the heroes celebrate royal day in there, however, a huge dinosaur comes to ruin it! slenderman isnt able to activate screamer powers. will the heroes beat the dino before it ruins slender's forest?
So It Was YOU All Along! The Part 2 Of "The Royal Forest". It turns out mother brain was in a dino costume all along and was only trying to find out if her sister was still alive.
OH NO! poor baby........ The Part 3 Of "The Royal Forest". it turns out mother brain's sister is in a cacoon. she thought cacoons were bad for her relataves but it turns out they had to seal her sister in there to avoid the summoning of the real dino. when the cacoon opens, the real dino comes. it turns out mother brains the only one who can seal her sister now. can she seal her in to make the dino disappear or is royal day going to be like this every year? Hint: this marks the 1st time mother brain has been heroic
Total Destruction a baby's block city gets destroyed when his dad trips on it. can unten, mario, marx and kirby rebuild it before the clock hits midnight?
You Never Know When You See A Turkey! The heros are warned that they may not know when a turkey may come thier way. can they get back to what they are doing before the turkeys attack them?
Horribly Drawn The heroes are turned into horribly drawn doodle versions of themselves. what can they do?
The Doodle Wars The Part 2 of "Horribly Drawn". the heroes find out about the doodle wars and join the doodle wars. will they ever end?
Doodley Doodley Doo! The Part 3 of "Horribly Drawn". the villains mutate some doodles to fight against the heroes! can the heroes beat the mutants?
Lost Hope The Part 4 Of "Horribly Drawn". Hope gets lost when the heroes are stalked by a random doodle! why is the doodle stalking them?
Final Doodle The Part 5 of "Horribly Drawn". After killing the random doodle, everyone(including the villains strangely) know that the only way to get rid of all the doodles is to erase them all with a magical pencil.
Glitch 2.0 the entire earth is infected by glitches. the heroes are out trying to destroy the second goomba generator after thier failure in "Serious Goombas". will the glitches suceed without the heros around? or will they destroyed the generator to save the world.
Glitch 2.1 The part 2 of "Glitch 2.1". After the heroes saved the earth from the goomba generator and the glitches, the goombas will try to create the third generator, with the help of Bowser! Will Mario, Luigi, Link, and Marx stop them?! hint: the first 2 minutes are the recap of "Glitch 2.0".
Up Up And Away! A Eagle takes away half of the heroes. can unten, mario, luigi, link and marx get the others back?
The Last Straw The heroes are in a possible final fight against every villain in the show! who will win?
Eggs! The angry birds have to replace the smash bros when the smash bros take a vacation in a luxurious island. but the angry birds also have to protect thier eggs when pigs arrive. will the birds beat the pigs?
Slenderman's Revenge Slenderman wants revenge on link for what he did to him during the events of "Foward Unto Dawn", and this time, he got 7 more slendermen. will link beat em all?
Goom-Boom After suriving in "Glitch 2.1", the goombas(except Loomba(who is reformed), Gloomba(who is revived again and reformed), Floomba(who have died in "Glitch 2.0"), Toomba(who is try to reformed, but died in "Glitch 2.1"), and Joomba(who have died in "Glitch 2.1") will have to go on to survive without their official leader. Will they survive or will they end up go extincted?
The Most Dangerous Grill EVAR! after everyone watches a scary movie about a grill, that same grill tries to grill everyone but what will the others do? FIND OUT!
Smash Armegddon Yet another war happens, this time, its Birds and Pigs vs the bulldogs and the dragons, which 2 will win the war?
The 2nd Event The Part 2 Of "Smash Armegaddon. only some of the creatures ad some of the villains dies.
The War As It Is The Part 3 Of "Smash Armegaddon". Mario finds secret orgins of this war, will this war ever end?
Illoisions Too many nightmares are taking over kirby's brain! will kirby get em off? FIND OUT!

millions of clones of everyone are doing thier jobs but they go haywire when plankton hack them for the 1st time! will the heroes beat plankton?

HINT: even the killed characters have clones this episode/

Call HooD in Dreamland The evil clone of Kirby is taking over dreamland, and now it's up to Kirby(obviously.) to stop him and save Dreamland.
Secret Agent Bowser hires a group of secret agents of shy guys to kidnaps Princess Peach, now the heroes must stop the agents in their tracks.
False Alarm! 4 goombas, who happens to survive, are making too much false alarms on the heroes house but unten enjoys it but link, megaman, mario and luigi get annoyed! how will they stop the 4 little goombas? FIND OUT!
The Run-Away Villain a villain runs away from the villians house to join the heroes but will link be satsified when he touches the triforce? FIND OUT!
Heres The Person Who You Are Assinged To! Mother brain goes miserble and gets fairly godparents. will the heroes stop moster brain before she causes too much mayhem?
Da Rules! The Part 2 Of "Heres The Person You Are Assinged To!". the heroes had enough of mother brain's fairies so they try to get mother brain's fairies to leave her! will they suceed?
The Sliding Shock the villains set a death trap to kill the heroes but bowser axxedently falls in it and dies. how will the other villains feel about bowser being dead? hint: Bowser got better in the end by getting a 1-up mushroom
Gyiygue And Giygas Gyiygue And Giygas team up to destroy everybody! will they suceed?
The Nightmare Of Terror The Part 2 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". The Heroes destroy Gyiygue but Giygas is beaten them by a huge amount of damage but hope comes when they pray.
Giygas' Wrath The Part 3 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". after being seemly destroyed, giygas unleashes his deadly wrath on everybody. What is going on? FIND OUT!
DA LOSING HOPE! IT BURNS! The Part 4 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Most People are losing hope. The God Of Creation melts because of this. will anyone beat giygas once and for all?
PHYCHE! The Part 5 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Hope Comes Back but it turns out the hope came from really annoying creatures. is anyone happy?
Giygas' Final Laffy The Part 6 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Giygas activates his true ultimate form! will the heroes beat him?


The Part 7 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". it turns out Renniger made the Gyiygue And Giygas thing up to scare everybody but then Everyone beats Renniger up easily as revenge.
The Man of War The Part 8 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". After everyone kill Renniger, and The God of Creation come back to life, but imprisoned, the war breaks out and all of the villains in the entire show breaks out and tries to take over the universe. Now everyone (including some villains) get to gear up and defeat the gang of villains
Not just a nightmare... The Part 9 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Villains started on the Smash Bros., Master Hand have a plan to hold the villains off, while Tabuu is trying to ressurrect Giygas at one point.
Lord of Sins The Part 10 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Tabuu have fought the few guardians and the heroes who were previously killed before the "Gyiyue And Giygas" saga came back to life, just in time to stand against the villains.
"I am God here." The Part 11 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". The guardians killed the few villains and the heroes tries to discover the secrets of the Smash universe, as they discovers that Smash Ranger was one of the guardians
Losing Hope again!!! What will happen this time?! The Part 12 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". The villains revived the annoying creatures, and this time, they make them more dangerous and probably less annoying, will the heroes do something?
Travelling back to the memories The Part 13 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Mario and the gang temporially go back in time at the time of the "Creatures Wars" era, and get the secrets to the present time. Will it work?
Ghost of ghosts The Part 14 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Tabuu get the Renniger's ghost and defeating some guardians, and will the hopes really lost for the universe?
Supreme High King The Part 15 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". The heroes and villains created the powerful machines and duel it out.
Supreme High King pt.2 The Part 16 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". After Renniger got killed again offscreen, the warriors continues to duel it off. Will the war ever stop?
Anitclimax attack The Part 17 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". After the villains defeat some of the heroes so easily, Unten need to have a plan to stop them.

Countdown to Desturction

The Part 18 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". Mario, along with Unten and Smash Ranger, got back on his feet and get the heroes together to defeat more villains and tries to stop the end of the universe.
Ultimate Finale! The Part 19 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". The true final battle, Tabuu have enough and create a ultimate last form and almost conquer all the heroes. Now Master Hand and Tabuu will duke it out.

The End,

thus as Master hand's Rains

(Series Finale)

The Part 20 Of "Gyiygue And Giygas". The Ultimate Series finale of the show. Master Hand demands that the heroes to destroy the machine tube, which give them a super final attack that creates a energy wave to end all threats in the unvierse by purfied or destroy the villains, thus ending Super Smash Bros. Super Brawl TV Show.


  • The show feels like it's the parody of "Captain N: The Game Master" for the while, due to the fact that Mother Brain is the first main villain in the first 10 episodes before her death.
  • For some reason, Unten appears in this show since he don't appear in any Smash bros games at all, but probably only existed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Games and other games he appears in.(I mean, come one! It's Fantendo! It's supposed to be not real!)
  • For some reason, The Slenderman appears in one episode in the show, and the companies of the show don't want his powers to be screamers and make him surpisely killable. (As a spoilers: Link stabs Slenderman in the chest, and then in the head.)

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