Super Smash Bros. Sudden Deathmatch (SSBSD) is on the Wii, as a fighting game.


Deathmatch War (SD Story Mode in Japan)- The player can start with either Mario or Pikachu. They will team up with brawlers from the Subuniverses and control them to defeat the evil Master Hand, or Black Master Hand in a unlockable diffcultiy: Death Brawler Expret to earn a special charater (See Charaters), and the mode, Classic Story Mode.

All Star Match- The player must defeat all the charaters in thier game series order just the one like on Brawl.

Adventure Story Mode- The player must complete stages that have enimies and challangers, like in Melee.

Classic Story Mode (unlockable after defeating Black Master Hand in Deathmatch War mode.)- Like in the first SSB game, the player must defeat challangers and the final boss, Master Hand. Insted, he is much harder to defeat like the other one is easy, which is different now.

Event Mode- The player must complete tasks in these events.



Mario Pikachu Link Kirby Bowser Zelda Crash Bandicoot Sonic


Sonic The Werehog- Unlocked after completing the mission in Event Mode, Night Frights (see missions in Event Mode)

Banjo and Kazooie- Unlocked after playing 100 Deathmatches in Mutiplayer or win 25 Wi-Fi Deathmatches.

Old Time Mario- Unlocked after playing 10000 Deathmatches, win 10000 Wi-Fi Deathmatches, play SSBSD for 24 hours, and unlock every other charaters, all stages, all music, all stickers, all throphies, and finnsh the story mode on the hardest diffuclty with ALL the other charaters.

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