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Super Smash Bros. Subspace Rivals is a 2020 Nintendo game for the 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Switch and FlexiCon.


The game features many characters, including over 30 new ones.

Old characters






Bowser Jr


Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong

King K. Rool

Olimar and Pikmin






Ice Climbers





Zero Suit Samus



Toon Link



Meta Knight

King Dedede

Pokémon Trainer (Brawl Set)






Captain Falcon






Dr Mario

Duck Hunt


Wii Fit Trainer


Mr Game and Watch



Dark Pit

More Coming Soon

New characters

Characters with an asterisk* are Fantendo characters.

Chibi Robo

K.K Slider


Bandana Waddledee (Waddledee)

Dark Samus

Paper Mario

Foreman Spike (Mario from Wrecking Crew)



Dry Bones


King Bobomb





Prof. Layton





Spiral Knight

Bonanza Bros

Captain Rainbow


Captain Syrup

Louie and Pikmin


Mii Summoner

Mii Engineer

Commanding Officer (Andy etc.)






DLC Characters

DLC characters can be bought for $0.99 or bought with tokens unlocked by competing in multiplayer events.


Prince Fluff





Banjo Kazooie

Ben Wonder*


Story Mode Storyline

The story begins with four villains, Bowser, Dedede, Magolor and Wiley, wandering around a castle. Even Bowser seems scared but Wiley leads them into a hallway with a dead end. At the end is a painting of a man with a quill, signing a scroll. Wiley tells them to take it and Magolor carries it. They leave the spooky castle and enter a jet. On the jet they lock the painting away and Wiley tells the others that they will learn of many secrets from this painting. The others are puzzled. Late at night, a small figure is seen stealing the painting.

Part 1: Mario

Mario is told by Toad at an isolated Toad House that Peach has been secretly captured. Mario does not believe this, because he has recently seen Peach. Toad informs him that the Princess he saw was actually Kamek using a disguise spell.

Mario approaches a Bowser castle, and sees Bowser Jr holding Peach in a cage. They fight, and Bowser Jr is pushed on top of a Thwomp, which lifts him away.

Peach then reveals herself to be the real Kamek, assisted by a Toad duplicate. Mario and the duplicate fight, but Kamek escapes.

Back at the castle, Peach and Kamek fight, still in disguise form. Mario is held up in the courtyard and unfairly arrested, thrown into the dungeon.

The next day, "Peach" has declared war with Hyrule. Ganondorf and Link are both declared war criminals.

Mario escapes using a Giant mushroom, crushing Kamek. However, Peach has disappeared. Toad tells Mario that Bowser has been missing for weeks, so it was someone else.

Mario travels through a Warp pipe to the underground, where a helpful Toad lives. The Toad tells him that there is a disturbance in the Subspace Emissary, that connects all the worlds.

Mario travels through one of the doors that leads to Hyrule. He seeks out Zelda to ask about the disturbance and if it has anything to do with Peach. However, Zelda has been kidnapped by Ganondorf...

Part 2: Link

Link is caught by guards at a market event near the Clock Tower, however, he was actually using it to attract them. He is captured, but asks them what they have done with Zelda. The shoppers begin a protest and the guards are overthrown. Link steals their weapons.

Link is currently living on the streets, accused of being a war criminal. Hyrule is taking part in a war against the Mushroom Kingdom.

At night Link is contacted through a weak telepathic signal by Zelda. She alerts him of a crack in reality, in the Subspace Emmisary, that threatens to separate the worlds forever. Zelda tells Link to stop this threat, but cannot hear when Link asks how, because the signal is too weak. It flickers out.

Meanwhile, Ganondorf is living a very different life in hiding, with even his minions threatening to turn him in. As he travels, he keeps Zelda in an invisible bubble that hovers nearby.

Not all of Zelda's magic has been reduced, though. She can still create telepathic signals. Rather than eat the slime Ganondorf feeds her, Zelda draws life saving energy from the bubble.

Ganondorf fights off two guards and arrives at a castle. Reading from a worn map of the hallways, he realises it is too late- the treasure he seemed is gone.

Zelda is already asleep. Ganondorf roughly shakes the bubble and she half awakens. Ganondorf wants to find Link, convinced he stole the treasure.

Link sits back on a street wall, when he notices two small bubbles floating around. He touches one, and he absorbs it, as if it is food. They are actually a gift from Zelda, as she knows he does not have access to food. Every so often, another bubble shows up.

Mario shows up outside a large set of gates. Attempting to open them, he resorts to using a Tiny mushroom to shrink himself. After this, he crawls under.

Mario tries to stay hidden, and eventually crawls up a pipe. He discovers a bubble blocking his path, but hides there anyway.

Zelda is now sending out more bubble fragments to try to escape. However, this means she cannot eat. It is a difficult decision to make, but she has to do it. Unfortunately, she has become dependent on the energy she draws, and without it, she ages abnormally.

Link realises through telepathic linking that Zelda is in trouble. He is interrupted when a Tiny Mario lands on his head. Mario grows back to normal, but a surprised Link pins him down. Mario gets angry and they fight.

When Link wins, he nearly kills Mario. But Mario tells him we wants to find Zelda, causing Link to question him. When they discover they have the same goal, Mario tells Link he's sticking with him.

Part 3: Kirby

Kirby is unaware of the war and injustice in other parts of the Subspace Emissary. He enjoys his time in Dreamland, until one day he has a prophetic dream with a strange woman in it, telling him his world is in danger, and that he is the "most important of all". Kirby is confused but suddenly wakes up. It is midnight and something outside is moving through the sky. It flies off, like a bird. Kirby is sure it is some kind of feathery animal, from what he saw.

Someone cries out and Kirby rushes over. Half of a civilian's house has disappeared. Kirby asks how it happened but the civilian just tells him that he heard nothing and realised a portion of the roof was gone. Kirby notices a wooden beam which is smooth where cut. It wasn't just any sawblade...

Suddenly, another shriek is heard. An ancient artifact from Dedede's castle has been stolen! Kirby rushes off. He discovers the thief is Meta-Knight, who believes the artifact belonged to his ancestor. Regardless, they fight, until Meta-Knight sees something and flies away. Kirby turns around to see a Giant distorted Meta-Knight, with rough edges and a transparent sword. His name is Scribble Knight.

Kirby and Scribble Knight fight until Kirby bursts a water cloud and water soaks him. Slowly his features begin to smudge, and he becomes a floppy, two dimensional drawing.

Meta-Knight flies back to the scene and thanks Kirby, returning the artifact to him. Kirby is still stunned by the battle. Scribble Knight is blown away by the wind.

Soon, Kirby sees a jet resembling the Lor Starcutter flying by. Puzzled, he uses his telescope. According to the marking, it has been built by Wiley.

Kirby alerts Meta Knight, who tells him to not meddle with the villains of other worlds. But Kirby is determined to find it, and travels in its direction, into a wild jungle, on a fast cloud. He discovers a small Toad watchtower and asks if they saw anything. The Toad tells him they recently searched a passing jet and found nothing- although the crew was quite strange, consisting of just one man, Wiley, and a Waddledee.

Kirby is now reassured that everything is safe, but is still curious about Wiley. He goes to a library to research him.

Meanwhile, strange clouds are appearing everywhere, some cut clean in half. They rain black water. Meta Knight discovers it is a mixture of water and ink concentrate.

Meanwhile, Luigi is travelling into the Subspace Emissary, searching for Mario. He accidentally enters the wrong door and ends up in Dreamland. His Warp Pipe closes, trapping him.

Mistaking Meta Knight for a ghost, he runs from the town and bumps into Kirby, who is leaving the library. They recognise each other but they can't tell where from. They conclude that they must be old friends.

That afternoon, a bird flies past and a feather lands on Kirby's nose. It blows away in the wind, as if it has a life of its own...

Part 4: Samus

After an old man offers Samus entry to the other parts of the Subspace Emissary, and unlimited access to Warp Pipes, she accepts the job of spying on a young elf named Link.

She travels via Warp Pipe to Hyrule. The Metroid universe has become very separate to the other worlds, so it is very hard to travel between worlds. While falling through the pipe, Ridley appears, creating a glitch in the process.

Samus and Ridley battle on a barren wasteland until Hyrule materialises around them. Ridley is seized by guards.

Samus quickly takes off her suit and leaves it with a bewildered blacksmith. She then leaves to search for Link.

She thinks she knows him from somewhere, but she's not sure how.

Suddenly, something strange happens. Black lines begin to materialise and quickly disappear, swirling around her.

A web of black appears on a wall and the wall disappears.

Meanwhile, Luigi really wants to find Mario. Kirby suddenly falls into a trance, where he dreams about an item of great power and the same woman from his last dream. It ends with an image of an unconscious Mario.

He wakes up and tells him he is coming as well. They seek out a wizard who can help them open another Warp Pipe.

The wizard creates a Warp Pipe that takes them to a dense forest a few miles away from Hyrule.

Back at Hyrule, Samus begins to ask around about Link. This is considered suspicious behaviour, so Samus is promptly arrested. She does not resist.

Samus is attacked by another prisoner at a temporary prison. It turns out to be Link.

Samus and Link fight, but Samus surrenders after the fight and tries to make peace. Link tells her she doesn't belong, and that she comes from another universe, just like Mario. Samus tells him she was sent to assist him on his quest. Link still does not trust her.

Mario suddenly appears, and fights Samus, who, this time, attacked him first. Link stops the fight and tells Mario to wait for him. Link asks Samus who she was asked by, but Samus tells him it was a person from her world. Link is now certain she is not part of their quest.

Link and Mario leave Samus behind. Samus, who is arrested again, vows to get revenge on them.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure is watching Samus. He says that she has failed and a clawed hand presses a button on his control panel.

Part 5: Ganondorf

Ganondorf is exploring a dense forest when, suddenly, he encounters a massive fissure, filled with lava. He knows it has not been there for long.

The fissure is so long that he has no way forward. He continues along the crack, to see where it ends.

Eventually he sets up camp, but is attacked by Kamek. Ganondorf wins and demands an explanation. She tells him she can explain the cracks. She quickly grabs him and flies him into the air. He looks around and sees more glowing lava fissures, surrounding Hyrule like four walls. Kamek flies down again, and Ganondorf promptly knocks her out.

Ganondorf falls asleep and has a dream, about the painting from the Prelude and a circle of four hooded figures, chanting "join us". Ganondorf wakes up, gasping.

Suddenly, he picks up a stone and throws it over the fissure. It disappears in mid air, leaving a strange ripple.

Using his axe, he cuts a tree down and pushes it across the fissure. The end of the tree disappears halfway across. But Ganondorf stands on it, and it stays balanced, as if it is touching the cliff on the other side.

Ganondorf walks over, and as he does, the cliff disappears. Some strange black figures appear, but disappear into mist. A strange world materialises around him. Suddenly, a Primid appears, one of the black figures. They fight, until Ganondorf is knocked unconscious. The Primid takes Ganondorf away in a bodybag.

Part 6: Ness Ness is playing baseball with a few friends, when a sinister looking humanoid steps up to him and snatches his bat. A friend throws the ball and the figure hits it way up into the sky. A friend complains, but the figure pulls out a rulebook and opens to a page, pointing to the words " No games".

The figure turns to leave, but the friend throws another baseball at him. He catches it and walks towards the friend. Ness slides between to break up the fight, but the figure pushes past him.

Suddenly, Ness burns the figure. It turns around to fight him. A battle begins.

Eventually, the friends overthrow the creature using baseball equipment.

The game flicks to a scene where Ness and his friends are sitting in a police car. The driver lectures them about how "the Primids" are welcome in Onett.

Ness arrives at the police station and is scolded by his mother, however, they believe he does not belong in jail and let him off with a warning.

As they are travelling back, a van drives nearby. When Ness crosses the road, the van does not stop and instead swerves around him, triggering a PK reflex, which sends flames towards the vehicle. The flames pop the tires and an angry Primid emerges. Ness apologises, but his mother shouts at the driver for nearly killing him.

They hear a crash from in the van and some moaning. Ness opens the back door and a bodybag rolls out, but the person inside is still alive.

Ness unwraps it and finds an enraged Ganondorf. After knocking out the Primid, Ganondorf goes on an angry rampage, starting with Ness.

Ness defeats him and runs back home as the police, and some Primids, arrive.

That night, because Zelda is so close by, and because of Ness's PSI, Zelda can communicate through an extremely strong telepathic signal. She wakes up Ness and tells him he has a quest to fulfill. She tells him that he must stop the disturbances in the Subspace Emmisary. She also tells Ness who she is, and where she comes from. She believes that he must be the one to unite the people who are currently on the quest, making him extremely important.

When Ness asks how, she tells him he must gather the others and follow the disturbances to find the source.

They say goodbye and Ness falls asleep.

Meanwhile, Mario and Link receive a telepathic message, telling them to meet up with Luigi and use Kirby's knowledge to find out where to go next.

Mario and Link approach the gate and see Kirby and Luigi on the other side. Luigi fights Link, but Mario stops the fight. Mario tells them they are on a quest to find Zelda, and save the universes. He tells Kirby he needs to use his knowledge to figure out where to go next. Kirby tells them about the strange events in Dreamland, and about his dream, and the object of great power. They decide to look around for similar events, until Kirby falls asleep and has a vision of the prison. He quickly rushes to it, and somehow knows which cell to go to. Zelda is actually telling him someone who might have information- Samus.

Kirby frees Samus and brings her back to the group. Link finally realises he should trust her. Samus is confused that Zelda would choose her, as she was actually only here to spy.

They ask Samus if she has experienced any of the unusual events Kirby described, and she tells them about the black lines. They head to the exact place but find nothing.

Suddenly, they receive another message from Zelda, about a boundary outside Hyrule. They begin travelling into the forest, with an ominous glow in the distance- the glow of lava...

Part 7: Sonic

The team of five finally reach the boundary at the end of the forest. Kirby flies over and disappears. The others believe he is dead.

Kirby watches as a new world begins to appear. The world of Green Hill Zone.

Kirby is confronted by hostile animals that Eggman has transformed. After defeating them all, Eggman arrives, trying to find Sonic, because he thinks Sonic fought the animals. Suddenly, Sonic dashes by, rescuing Kirby and taking him far away, as Eggman chases them. Kirby protests, but it is too late. He is separated from the team.

Sonic stops, and inspects a hill with a big chunk missing. The hill suddenly disappears into a haze of black lines. A feather is seen, flying to another hill, creating lines on its surface. The hill vanishes.

The feather flies straight at Sonic, and he sees that it has ink on its tip. Lines of ink swirl around him, enveloping him. He begins to vanish, but Kirby pushes him out of the way. A deformed version of Sonic similar to Scribble Knight appears: Scribble Sonic.

Sonic battles him, and eventually he tears like paper and becomes an ink drawing.

Suddenly, Kirby sees Mario, Luigi, Link and Samus. Mario asks him what happened, but Sonic interrupts, telling him about an evil feather. The landscape behind him begins to disappear completely, resulting in giant canyons or barren earth. Mario suggests tracking the feather, but Sonic refuses. They leave without him. Kirby leads the way, but the feather suddenly appears next to them, and swirls around them, trapping them in ink, before disappearing. They call out for Sonic, who eventually helps them. He tells them the feather flew nearby, but tells them he couldn't fight it because he had to tell the Hedgehogs about the disappearing landscape. Kirby tells him to help them, because that is the only way to save the landscape. But Sonic tells them they should fight the feather, because it came from their world. This leads to a big argument, and Mario fights Sonic.

Sonic wins, but suddenly a portal opens, sucking the feather, which is hovering nearby, inside. A Giant floating vehicle, called a Saturn Bean, flies out, attacking the feather. It attempts to fly away, but Luigi catches it with his vacuum cleaner. Ness hops out of the Saturn Bean, asking where he is. Mario explains, and Ness asks about disturbances and whether a team of fighters came by. Mario tells him they are a team of fighters, and that they are trying to stop disturbances as well. Ness tells them he is part of the team, and that he needs to join. Luigi says the disturbances are over, thanks to his vacuum. Suddenly, the Saturn Bean begins to float into the portal. Ness tries to pull it back, and Mario grabs Ness. Everyone forms a chain grabbing each other, but they are all pulled into the portal, including Sonic.

Part 8: Bowser

They reappear in the Mushroom Kingdom, but things have changed. Giant statues of Peach are everywhere, and most of the landscape has been urbanised. The castle has become a giant fortress, and propaganda posters bearing a Mushroom and Blade logo are everywhere. Mario asks how long he was away for, but no one has any idea. Luigi says he was gone for about a week before he went to find him, but Mario tells him that is impossible, because he found Luigi the day after he left. Puzzled, the team stare at the red, smoky sky. Many hot air balloons appear, resembling those from Balloon Fight. A chosen character (Mario, Link, Kirby, Luigi or Samus) fights the Balloon Fighters off.

Ness instantly recognises their faces- they are Primids! The Primids shapeshift into another form- hideous Giant rats. They scurry away from the team.

The rats arrive in Peach's castle, where Kamek (last seen in Chapter 5, after being attacked by Ganondorf) demands whether Mario has returned. They nod, and she tells them to begin the "welcoming party". She transforms into Peach and steps out into the courtyard as a ceremony begins. Mario is lured by the sounds of chanting and enters the courtyard. Many toads are chanting: " Hail Peach, Queen of the Mushroom Empire". Luigi shouts that they've turned the Mushroom Kingdom into a tyranny, which makes the crowd go silent. An old Toad says that he hasn't heard the name "Mushroom Kingdom" for many, many years. Luigi is then arrested by an overwhelming force of Primids.

One Primid recognises Ness, and disbands from the rest, causing complete chaos. The Primid tells him he is going to avenge his brother, who died in Onett just for spreading the message of justice. Mario shouts that it isn't justice, just slavery. Many of the Toads begin shouting, and a riot breaks out.

Suddenly, an old man's shout is heard. "STOP!" It is King Bobomb. A boss fight occurs, in which the player is able to choose all the characters mentioned before, as well as Ness.

Suddenly, Bowser arrives. As the team defeat King Bobomb, he turns into a giant, inanimate bomb. Everyone shrieks, including Kamek, but Bowser jumps on the bomb to selflessly shield everyone at the ceremony.

Mario is ready to fight, but Samus stops him, saying he clearly needs a medic. Bowser whispers that he got her message, and Samus explains that she sent a signal to Bowser to help reclaim kingdom, knowing that he always breaks into the castle. Mario is angry that she didn't tell them, and refuses to fight with him. While the others thank Bowser for his bravery, Mario says to himself that something isn't quite right.

The team quickly escapes into spare Balloons as "Peach" frets about her citizens' safety. Mario admits that he is upset he wasn't here to prevent the creation of the tyranny. He also feels that Peach has betrayed him. Link worries that the authorities in both their worlds have become corrupt, and Ness tells him his home is almost the same.

Bowser begins to speak. He tells them he was part of another team before he decided to help them. He tells them it was led by Wily, and its aim was to control a powerful object called The Quill, which had the capability to create and destroy multi verses.

Samus says they have seen some kind of quill, at Green Hill Zone. Luigi remembers that he actually vacuumed it up, and opens the dustbin just a fraction so that Bowser can see it. Bowser confirms that this is the item. There is only one being in the world that can control it, an ancient being whose name is long forgotten. The original team hoped that the being would be grateful if they brought it the quill, and they would rule the multiverse side by side. But Bowser claims he believed all along that it was pointless, because there were others who also wanted to help this being, for a lesser cost, rather than forcing it to let Bowser's team rule with it.

Bowser also explains that to free the being, to give it the Quill, three Discs are required. Bowser only knows the first one- the Pokémon disc, which grants the power of creating life based off your own self, similar to cloning.

The team agrees that if Wily's team gets the discs, they will easily be able to overpower them with the Discs' abilities and steal the quill. They resolve that they must obtain at least one of these Discs, before Wily does.

They pilot their Balloon to the Warp Pipe Mario originally used, and head straight into the Pokémon gate.

Sonic finally wakes up, in a daze, inside the Saturn Bean, parked near the Warp Pipe. When he sees them entering, he quickly gets outside and pushes the Saturn Bean through the pipe, before jumping in himself.

Chapter 9: Donkey Kong

Donkey and Diddy Kong are chasing one of King K. Rool's goons, until they and the goon reach a part of the jungle filled with bare tree stumps. Beating his chest, Donkey rushes back, grabbing Diddy, and leaving the stunned goon behind.

They alert Cranky Kong in the treehouse, but K. Rool enters the room, with a proposition. He claims that cruel humanity has cut down the trees, and suggests teaming up to fight them. Diddy and Dixie are reluctant, but Donkey agrees and they hurry towards a nearby human industrial base. As they leave, ink scrawls are seen on top of many stumps, but no one notices.

They enter the base and are instantly attacked by human guards. After they are all pounded (by any of the four animals), the animals find what K. Rool calls the humans' Tree Master Machine. Diddy Kong says it looks like a spaceship, leading to a comedic argument about what the large object is.

The defence systems start up inside the object, which is actually an Arwing, and Fox emerges. One of the ship's rockets blasts Donkey Kong away, and Fox calmly interrogates the others while pointing his blaster, except K. Rool, who flees.

Either Diddy or Dixie must fight Fox, but afterwards, humans appear and take all three of them prisoner. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong was blasted through three walls, and ended up in a storage room. Three robots wake up and attack him, but when Donkey defeats them, a large animatronic opens its crate and stuffs him inside. The animatronic copies his looks onto his computer, and his metal begins to assimilate them, turning into fur. The animatronic emerges with Donkey Kong's looks, is caught by humans, and calmly let's himself be led away.

Chapter 10: Pokémon

The team of eight (including Bowser and Sonic) make themselves at home inside the Saturn Bean, however, Bowser comments that it is too cramped. Samus suggests adding an extension by connecting other vehicles.

They arrive in a small town in a young boy's front yard, where he is training his Squirtle. The boy is surprised to see a strange bulbous vehicle appear out of nowhere. Ness steps out and asks him for directions, but the boy asks where they come from and why they are visiting him. Ness explains that their mode of transport sends them to a random location, but they need directions to find a mayor or leader of some sort. The boy suggests to take a route to the nearby city, and asks his parents if he can take them. The boy is delighted to travel with them, especially because on the way, he finds an injured Charmander and takes it in as a pet. Ness asks if he can have a turn of catching something, and the two boys disappear into the grass. The others promise to be back soon, and hurry to the city.

Ness and the boy, Pokémon Trainer, encounter another Trainer who steals Ness's backpack. Ness/Pokémon Trainer fight him to get it back, and he quickly reveals his true form- a Primid. The Primid scurries away, dropping a Subspace grenade as it goes, which Ness picks up and puts in his backpack. The boys hurry and meet the others in the city square, telling them about the attack. Bowser says the Primids aren't on Wily's team, but are probably one of the other parties planning on freeing the ancient being. Ness claims the Primids have been following him only, but Samus assures him it can't be true.

Mario is concerned that the Disc could be anywhere, but Bowser says there is one clue. The symbol of the first disc, the only Disc symbol found so far, is a Pokeball. Pokémon Trainer tells him there are thousands of Pokeballs, and Luigi suggests trying all of them, causing a collective groan.

Ness speaks up, saying the Pokeball had to be very old, if it is referenced in ancient text. Ness asks what the oldest Pokeball is, and Pokémon Trainer tells him that the first Pokeball is kept at the Pokémon Museum, at the Pokémon Arena nearby.

The team head there, but worry when Sonic has gone missing. Meanwhile, Sonic is chasing Eggman, who eventually reveals himself to be Waluigi. Sonic skids to a halt, but Wario appears with a Gold Gun, turning Sonic into a Gold statue. Mona congratulates him, but Wario ignores her. He takes the statue and Mona in a minecart through a secret tunnel that leads to a massive portal. Wario takes him through it, and they end up in Wario's mine. Wario puts the statue in a treasure room and locks it up.

Meanwhile, Link and Luigi go to look for Sonic, while Ness, Kirby, Pokémon Trainer, Mario, Bowser and Samus enter the Arena. A Pokémon battle is stopped when Primids take over the scene. The Primids enter the museum. Unfortunately, they already find Magolor, clutching the Pokeball. The Primids overpower him, and take the ball. After Samus/Mario fights the Primids, Ness/Kirby fights Magolor. The Ball is completely enveloped inside a spherical Primid's body, and the Primid rolls away. However, another Primid grabs Mario and demands the Quill. Mario says they don't have it, but the Primids begin sniffing and run away.

The Primids track down Luigi and attack him, stealing his vacuum. The Primids open the Pokeball and take put a silver Disc. The Disc begins to glow, and the Quill emerges from the vacuum. The Disc begins to create overwhelming amounts of Scribble Creatures, including many Scribble Pokémon, like Pikachu and Squirtle. However, Scribble Pikachu steals the Disc from the Primids, and runs away. The Quill creates another portal, and disappears.

As the Scribble Creatures walk away, the team heads back to the Saturn Bean. There is no point in fighting them. With no hope of finding the Quill, Mario tells them their only hope is to find the Second Disc...

Chapter 11: Pit

The animatronic imposter of Donkey Kong, created by Wily, has broken loose on the research base where Diddy, Dixie and Fox are being held. It finds the trio and frees them. They escape the facility and head to the Jungle again, but when they arrive, Cranky Kong tells them that more trees are disappearing. Diddy tells him they didn't learn anything. The animatronic suggests heading to another universe to learn about it. They go through a Warp Gate and arrive in the world of Kid Icarus.

The trio search for Palutena but are ambushed by Primids. After fighting them, they run into Pit, who is also trying to stop the Primids. Meanwhile, the animatronic disappears and scales a tower. Kamek, who is flying past, sees it and puts a spell on it. The animatronic is hypnotized and sends out a signal which disrupts all the portals in the multiverse.

Kamek captures Palutena and disguises herself, trying to gain control of another universe so that she has a better chance of finding the disc. She and four wizard accomplices (one of which is the man who gave Samus her mission) are also trying to capture the discs in hope that they can rule the multiverse with the fabled deity the Discs free.

The trio arrive to find the disguised Kamek, who opens a portal for them to travel through. However, it ends up taking them to a barren planet- an "empty universe". With the signals disrupted by the animatronic, there is no way back.

Suddenly, Scribble Pokemon begin to appear, carrying the Disc. They are using this universe as a way to store their armies. They begin to duplicate using the Disc. Seeing the intruders, the Pokemon battle the four heroes. After succeeding to fight them, the Pokemon open another portal, allowing the heroes to escape with them as they search for a new area to inhabit.

Chapter 12: Meta Knight

Mario, Link, Samus, Ness, Luigi, Bowser, Pokemon Trainer and Kirby find another Warp Pipe and travel to Dreamland, searching for news about the Quill, Pokemon armies, or appearances of enemy teams. Meta Knight is searching for the Discs, to try and use their powers for good. They agree to team up. King Dedede has mysteriously disappeared, and the Warp Pipes temporarily received a strange signal a day earlier.

They then learn that Primids have also recently come to Dreamland. They decide that following their enemies will help them find a lead. Samus sends a message to a contact of hers who has access to Warp devices, asking them to send out a message concerning Primids throughout the universes. The eventually receive a call for help from Skyworld, and when they go there, they discover that, similarly to the Mushroom Kingdom, Skyworld has become surrounded by high walls and guarded by fierce warriors. Kirby and Link scout ahead and discover that Primids are being held prisoner and questioned by Palutena, in front of a huge crowd. Meta Knight and Link are spotted and must fight an evil clone of Pit that Palutena creates. After succeeding, the others arrive. "Palutena", who is actually Kamek, flees into her castle and through a portal. Mario tells the citizens that Skyworld is free and Bowser begins to demolish the walls. Samus, Ness, Link, Kirby, Luigi, Meta Knight and Pokemon Trainer fight the Primids, who turn into Bowser clones.

They finally capture the Primids and question them about where they are headed. Meanwhile, Mario tells Luigi that the person who took over the Mushroom Kingdom must also be responsible for the taking over of Skyworld. Luigi thinks it might be Kamek, because she previously disguised herself as Peach.

The Primids tell them they are following the strange evnts in kingdoms as well. They tell them their next destination was a strange "pocket universe" because, when holding the Disc, they suddenly felt compelled to travel there. Believing this is a sign, they ravel to the pocket universe- a giant floating temple.

Inside are three slots for the Discs on a wall, and ancient carvings depicting an ancient god ruling the different universes, before he was killed by the beings living in those universes and locked away inside the temple. Meta Knight decides to guard the temple so that no one can free the being. As the others leave, Wily, Dedede and Magolor arrive. Meta Knight fights them off, and then sends a message to "a friend of his" for reinforcements.

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