Shovel Knight is a newcomer character, representing the Shovel Knight series, in Super Smash Bros. Struggle. A gimmick used with Shovel Knight is that his Special moves take up Magic (which is at 50 at max), and Magic may only recover when he attacks enemies.

Standard Attacks
A (combo) ~ A simple swipe of the shovel. A>/A< ~ Shovel Knight uses the Propeller Dagger and runs into opponents. A^ ~ Shovel Knight waves his shovel upwards. Av ~ Shovel Knight uses the Amulet Coin and lets it spin for a moment on the ground.
Smash Attacks
A>/A< ~ Shovel Knight holds back his shovel, then releases a stronger attack. A^ ~ Shovel Knight waves his shovel upwards twice, powerfully. Av ~ Shovel Knight uses his Fishing Rod and hits the ground.
A ~ Shovel Knight flips with his shovel. A>/A< ~ Forward, Shovel Knight simply hits forward with his shovel. Backwards, Shovel Knight flips around and uses the shovel while turning. A^ ~ Shovel Knight uses a Throwing Anchor, a projectile upwards. Av ~ Shovel Knight does his Shovel Dive move; he points his shovel down as he falls.
B ~ Shovel Knight shoots a ball of fire with his Flare Wand. Uses 2 Magic. B> ~ Shovel Knight punches in that direction with his Dust Knuckles. Uses 4 Magic. Bv ~ Shovel Knight uses the Phase Locket to become invisible for 5 seconds. Uses 15 Magic. B^ ~ Shovel Knight uses the Propeller Dagger upwards. Uses 2 Magic.
Grab ~ Shovel Knight grabs an opponent using his Fishing Rod and brings them over (also works for recovery). Pummel ~ He hits the opponent with his shovel. Down Throw ~ He rolls the Mobile Gear on the enemy and lets them go.
Up Throw ~ He throws the enemy into the air then throws a Throwing Anchor at them. Forward Throw ~ He throws a Chaos Sphere at the enemy after throwing them forward. Back Throw ~ He throws the enemy back then rolls an Amulet Coin in their direction.
Up (Normal) ~ Shovel Knight digs into the ground a bit. Up (Black Knight Alt) ~ Black Knight chuckles. Down ~ Shovel Knight will hold his shovel in the air in victory. Side ~ Shovel Knight drinks from a Trouple Chalice.
Final Smash
War Horn ~ Shovel Knight pulls out his War Horn and sends a shock wave of sound throughout the area, and does it three times. It will cause potentially fatal damage to any opponent in the area.

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