Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. Struggle, from the Mario series. The stage, obviously, is specifically from the game, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Stage Layout


The stage appears similarly to what is seen above. The stage is a straight line for a stage, with an audience seen in front of the actual stage. The audience will consist of several species, characters, or enemies from the Mario series. The background to the stage is mainly what will change in the stage.

The background will change between these locations:

  • Hooktail Castle ~ A simple castle made out of stone, with windows showing a cloudy sky.
  • The Great Boggly Tree ~ White leaves with black branches, along with the thing to put the Special Orb in.
  • Glitz Pit ~ The stage will be pretty normal, though there will be a screen in the back relaying the battle.
  • Creepy Steeple ~ A black building with stained glass windows.
  • Keelhaul Key ~ A simple jungle, being grassy and having large trees.
  • Excess Express ~ The top of a train, being at high speeds. The background will be a moving sky.
  • X-Naut Fortress ~ A high-tech area with lots of visible machinery.
  • Thousand-Year Door ~ A worn-out palace that is very dark and has fire.

For stage hazards:

  • A Boo from the audience may appear and make a character transparent and thus cannot be damaged for a short amount of time.
  • A Dull Bones will throw a bone at the stage, dealing damage to a character.
  • Any member of the audience can throw rocks or a can at a character on the stage.
  • A Hammer Bro. may throw a hammer at the stage, dealing damage to a character.
  • Luigi may be in the audience, only if he is not on the stage, and will throw items at characters to heal them.
  • Shy Guys may come onstage to cause a light to fall onto the stage, which will deal damage.
  • X-Nauts may throw several rocks onto the stage, dealing more damage.
  • Occasionally, smoke may spray onto the stage, making it harder to see.
  • Part of the background may fall down onto the characters, causing damage.

Omega Version

In the Omega version of the stage, the audience will still be present but they cannot harm the stage. The backgrounds will still change, but they cannot fall onto opponents for damage. The sides of the stage are behind curtains, though there is no longer a walk-off to the stage.

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