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Marshal is a newcomer character, representing the Rhythm Heaven series, in Super Smash Bros. Struggle. Marshal's moves generally are based around rhythm or the rhythm-based games in the Rhythm Heaven series.

Standard Attacks
A (combo) ~ Marshal claps, and with a combo will clap more times to the beat of the music in the stage. A>/A< ~ Marshal throws a spider (from Packing Pests) after sliding. A^ ~ Marshal hits a badmitton shuttlecock low into the air with a paddle, after a drumbeat (from Air Rally). Av ~ Marshal hits a fork on the ground (from Fork Lifter).
Smash Attacks
A>/A< ~ Marshal snaps, then the boxer from Ringside appears and punches opponents. A^ ~ Marshal snaps, and the dough from Working Dough appears and hits a heavy ball into the air. Av ~ Marshal snaps, and organisms from Micro-Row appear and row back and forth quickly.
A ~ Marshal does a flip in the air, hitting foes. A>/A< ~ Forward, Marshal high-fives a monkey (from Monkey Watch). Backwards, the creatures from Donk-Donk appear and run into foes behind Marshal. A^ ~ Marshal hits a ball upwards twice, similar to in Bossa Nova. Av ~ Marshal holds a book below him and closes it, similar to Cheer Readers.
B ~ The samurai from Samurai Slice appears and slices in front of him. B> ~ The Karate Man appears and moves himself and Marshal in the direction that the player was facing. Bv ~ Seals from Flipper-Flop appear and flop about for a moment. B^ ~ A bell-rocket from Launch Party appears and rockets upwards after two beats play.
Grab ~ Marshal simply grabs the opponent. Pummel ~ Marshal hits the opponent twice with a beat. Down Throw ~ Marshal taps on the enemy several times in a rhythm (from Tap Troupe) and lets them go.
Up Throw ~ Marshal jumps on one end of a scale and sends the enemy upwords, as in See-Saw. Forward Throw ~ Marshal throws an enemy forward, then hits a baseball at them as in Exhibition Match. Back Throw ~ Marshal throws the enemy away from him, then hits a golfball at then as in Hole in One.
Up (Normal) ~ Marshal claps in the rhythm of the background music. Down ~ Marshal jumps in the rhythm of the background music. Side ~ Two cheer readers appear and spin books around.
Final Smash
Night Walk ~ The song, Night Walk, plays for two lines. The player must press A in rhythm with the music. Everytime it is done properly, Marshal will jump and a small shockwave around him will occur, causing damage to enemies.

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