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Super Smash Bros. Strife is the sixth Super Smash Bros. series and it's the direct sequel of Super Smash Bros. Omega but this game has got some new features which make it very different form his predecessor. First of all there are some new characters but a little part of newcomers from SSBOmega will return (such as Inkling and Wonder Red). But now let's watch the game, which is for a new Nintendo console.

New Features

Those are some new features that are different from Super Smash Bros. Omega.

  • NOT SUBCHARACTERS BUT SEPARATED ONES: Sheik and Zero Suit Samus won't appear in this game.
  • STRIFE SMASH: sometimes there will appear a Negative Smash Ball and if a character takes it, he will perform his Strife Smash!
  • NO MORE SHIELD: shield has been deleted to make defensive moves (such as PSI Magnet or Reflector) more useful. Dodge mechanic hasn't been removed.


Now let's see who is who in this game!

There are so many characters in the game! If you click on the character's name, you will read his or her personal page! (The pages are under construction)


In this game, there are many modes.


Here there are the group modalities. You can play those modalities only with friends!

  • Match: it's a normal fight: you and the opponents.
  • Team Match: fight in a team with some friends. There are four ways to do a Team Match: 2 vs. 1; 2 vs. 2; 3 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 1 vs. 1.
  • Special Match: play with some bonuses or penalties:

1) Damage: 300%/Health Barr

2) Size: mini/giant

3) Head: Flower/Bunny

4) Body: Metal/Clear

5) Status: Curry/Reflect

6) Gravity: Light/Heavy

7) Speed: Slow/Fast

8) Items: Beam Sword/Blaster (new!)

9) Camera: Fixed/Angled

10) Sky Drop: Bob-Ombs/Smart Bombs

  • Tournament: from 5 to 32 players can do this mode! It's possible do some modalities in Tournament mode:

1) Team Tournament: there are teams and a team wins.

2) Special Tournament: like Special Match

3) Tournament of Champions: only who has an high Global Smash Power can play this mode.

4) Amiibo Tournament: only with Amiibo you can do this mode.

  • Assault: fight for 30 seconds and then who has the lowest Damage can perform his Final Smash (by pressing the Special Attack Button) or his Strife Smash (by pressing his Standard Attack Button)
  • Battle Royal: every player choses 3 characters.
  • Boss Run: fight against the Stages' Bosses. Who defeats the greater number of Bosses wins.


If you are alone, you can play those modes! Note: every modality in Solo Modes except the Training can be played with a friend!

  • Story Mode: play the Story Mode alone or with a friend! (better information in this page: Super Smash Bros. Strife/Story Mode)
  • Classic Mode: fight against 10 casual opponents and do 3 funny mini-games: Smash Target, Board the Platforms and Race to the Finish! At the end you must fight Master Hand and Crazy Hand together!


There is a DLC pack which gives to you 7 characters and make the roster reaching 70 characters! But now let's see who are these characters!