254px-Hyrule Warriors Zelda TP Clothes
Zelda is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. She now uses a sword for some of her normal moves, and was made faster. Farore's Wind was also buffed in general.


Normal Special: Nayru's Love

A bunch of crystals float around Zelda. This does low damage, but hits multiple times and reflects some projectiles.

Nayru's Hate

The crystals are much more pointed, and do more damage and knockback. They don't reflect moves through.

Side Special: Din's Fire

Releases an orb of fire. Holding the special button will make it last longer, and it can be controlled, meaning it can hit enemies from nearly anywhere.

Din's Lava

The orb is much stronger and does more knockback, but can't be controlled.

Up Special: Farore's Wind

Zelda turns invisible and teleports to the nearest ledge. It does an explosion when she teleports both at the start and the end.

Farore's Vortex

Zelda carries enemies near her with her when she teleports.

Down Special: Phantom Slash

Zelda summons a Phantom which attacks the enemy. However, it will be destroyed after a while or if attacked too much, and she can't summon more then one in the battlefield.

Phantom Shield

The Phantom protects Zelda instead of attacking enemies.

Final Smash: Light Arrow

Zelda launches an arrow from her bow. The light arrow does huge damage, pierces and likely KOs the enemies in her range of sight.

Light Slash

Zelda uses a light sword to slash her enemies. It has lower range, but Zelda can be controlled while doing so.

Palette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Black: This gives her red eyes, black skin and dark clothing, similar to other "dark" versions of Zelda characters.
  • Pink
  • White

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