Turtwig plants a mark!

Turtwig is a newcomer and a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. It is a rather tough to beat character, especially because it can restore it's health rather easily. However, it has a rather bad air game.


Neutral Special: Absorb

If an enemy is near Turtwig, orbs will come out of it and go in his sprout. This deals low damage and low knockback, but restores 1/2 of the damage done.

Mega Drain

This attack is slower to perform and has less range, but is much stronger.

Side Special: Tackle

Turtwig charges an attack and then tackles the foe. This serves as a good horizontal recovery.


This does more damage and knocback, but has less range.

Up Special: Leaf Storm

A tornado of leaves appear near Turtwig, launching him in the sky. The Tornado can deal multiple hits to and enemy as well.

Plant Storm

Turtwig is covered by plants when launched. This makes the range of the launch lower, but makes him deal big damage when he hits an enemy.

Down Special: Grass Knot

Turtwig buries a knot in the ground. When the enemy goes on it, it will trip and recieve damage depending on how much it weights.

Leech Seed

This won't trip enemies. Instead, it will give health to Turtwig. The damage is lower, through.

Final Smash: Solar Beam

Turtwig launches a beam from it's sprout. Unlike similar attack, it rarely hits multiple time. Instead, it does much more damage and knockback.

Sky Solar Beam

The Solar Beam comes from the sky instead of Turtwig's Sprout, and does more even more knockback. However, it is easier to avoid.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Cyan: Shiny form.
  • Green: Based on it's final evolution, Torterra's color scheme.
  • Blue: Based on Piplup's color scheme.
  • Orange: Based on Chimchar's color scheme.
  • Pink: Based on Palkia's color scheme.
  • Grey: Based on Dialga's color scheme.
  • Black: Based on Giratina's color scheme.

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