Sonic SSB4
Sonic is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. He is the fastest character in the game. However, he is so fast he can be a bit too fast at times.


Neutral Special: Homing Attack

Sonic homes on the nearest foe while curling in a ball.

Thok Attack

Sonic jumps and "thoks". This doesn't homes, but deals more damage.

Side Special: Spin Dash

Sonic spin while beign curled in a ball. This allows Sonic to move to one area to another more easily.

Spin Charge

Sonic can charge the spin. The base speed is lower through.

Up Special: Spring Jump

A spring appears under Sonic, allowing him to bounce in the air. This serves as a recovery. It also deals damage if an enemy is hit by the spring, but the spring can be used by enemies.

Thok Jump

Sonic thoks in the air. This does damage, but travels less high.

Down Special: Insta-Shield

Sonic quickly shields himself. This can protect him from almost every move in the game, but it has to be timed very precisely.

Water Shield

The attack doesn't blocks melee attack anymore, but it allows Sonic to bounce back if he is in the air.

Final Smash: Super Sonic

Sonic turns into his Super Sonic form. This allows him to hover in the air, makes him even faster and makes his moves much stronger. He is invincible while using it as well.

Super Sonic (Variant)

This is the Brawl and 4's version of Super Sonic: He can float around the stage at full speed. He damages foes simply by touching them. The damage it does has now been boosted.

Pallette Swaps

His pallette swaps's colors are now based on various Sonic characters.

  • Normal
  • Orange: Based on Tails
  • Red: Based on Knuckles
  • White: Based on Silver
  • Black: Based on Shadow(he even has the red stripes)
  • Pink: Based on Amy Rose
  • Yellow: Based on his Super transformation.
  • Alt Yellow: Based on Shadow's Super transformation.

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