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Shulk is a starter character. He can use the Monado Arts to boost a stat, at the price of also making one weaker.


Neutral Special: Monado Arts

Shulk can choose a stat to boost with this move. However, one is lowered as well. Here is a list of them:

  • Jump: +Jump Height, -Defense
  • Speed: +Speed of attacks and movement speed, -Jump Height and Attack Power.
  • Shield: More defense and stronger shield, -Attack, Jump and Speed.
  • Buster: +Attack, -Launch power and defense
  • Smash: +Launch Power, -Attack and launch defense.
Hyper Monado Arts

The Monado Arts's effects are amplified. However, it makes the weaker stats even weaker.

Side Special: Back Slash

Shulk slashes the foe. This does stronger knockback from the back.

Huge Slash

The attack does less damage and knockback, but has a much bigger range.

Up Special: Air Slash

Shulk slashes in the air, making it serve as an vetical recovery. He will do a second strike if the special button is pressed again.

Launch Strike

Shulk launches the Monado in the air and grabs it back, before falling down to the ground quickly. This does more damage but is more risky to use. It is similar to Ike's Aether attack.

Down Special: Vision

Shulk sees a vision. If the enemy attacks him while doing so, he will counter the move. However, the move's efffect is weaker. He will also shield itself agaisn't ranged attack.

Reflection Vision

The is the opposite of Vision's effect: He shields itself again't melee attack and reflect ranged attack.

Final Smash: Chain Attack

Shulk summons Dunban and Riki to attack foes in front of him. If there is no foes in front of him, however, the attack will do nothing.

Solo Attack

Shulk dashes while slashing and the slash has more range, but it does less damage and knockback.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Red

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