Pit is a starting character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. He is a fast and light character with great recovery.


Neutral Special: Paletuna's Arrow

Pit shoots an arrow. This can be charged and angled in different directions.

Pierce Arrow

The arrow pierces enemies.

Side Special: Upperdash Arm

Pit does and uppercut with his arm, giving him launch resistance and sending foes upwards.

Electroshock Arm

This does electric damage instead of normal, and it does less knockback, but more damage.

Up Special: Power of Flight

Pit charges up then flies towards a direction. This serves has a recovery move, but it also does slight damage.

Power of Power

Pit dashes towards the direction, dealing more damage, but flying a shorter distance.

Down Special: Guardian Orbitars

Magic Shields fly around Pit. They dealing slight damage to enemies near it and reflect projectiles.


This doesn't only reflect projectiles, but also counters melee moves. However it does no damage.

Final Smash: Palutena's Army

Pit calls Palutena as well as an army of centurions. The centurions then attack other enemies quickly. Each attack from them makes them die, through.

Palutena's Army (Variant)

The centurions protect Pit instead of attacking other enemies.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Yellow
  • Green: Might be based on Palutena.
  • Blue
  • Black: Based on Dark Pit.
  • Red
  • Cyan
  • Pink