Pikachu SSBR
Pikachu is a starter character i Super Smash Bros. Strength. It is a fast character, through it can be knocked away rather easily.


Normal Special: Thunder Jolt

Pikachu launches an electric ball. This does low damage and knockback, through it can hit oppenent even when they're on ledges and it also wraps around the stage.

Thunder Beam

Instead of a ball, Pikachu launches a beam. This pierces enemies and isn't affected by gravity: However, it won't wrap around the stage or hit enemies on ledge.

Side Special: Skull Bash

Pikachu launches itself at foes. While it does weak damage, it can be charged to do more damage and knockback.

Skull Ram

Pikachu dashes at high speed instead of launching itself. This is faster and has more range: However, it lacks the recovery aspect of the move.

Up Special: Quick Attack

Pikachu quickly dashes in the sky. It can be angled at different directions, and can be used two times in a row. It also do extremely weak damage.

Electric Rush

Pikachu rushes in the sky, charged with electricity. This does stronger damage, but has a lower range.

Down Special: Thunder

Pikachu summons a thunderbolt from the sky, dealing damage to ones near it.


Pikachu emits a strong spark from it's body.

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

Pikachu turns into an electric orb that can fly freely. Pressing the Special button will make thunder explode from it. After a while, Pikachu turns back to normal.

Thunder Tackle

The orb will release a thunder similary to the Down Special instead of exploding.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Red: Wears a cap similar to Red's.
  • Green: Wears a headband like Brendan.
  • Blue: Wears swimming goggles.
  • Yellow: Wears Ethan's cap.
  • Alt Blue: Wears a magician party hat.
  • White: Wears a choice band.
  • Purple: Wears Calem's default hat and looks like it's color in Pokemon X Y.

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