Starting from 2014-10-17, the Super Smash Bros. Strength developpers started posting pictures each day. Occasionally, there will be two pictures per day or a day will be skipped.



.*shows a picture of Chocolate Island from Super Mario World. Mario is shown running with Bowser trying to attack him*

Here is a new Mario stage: Chocolate Island! It is a sidescrolling stage based on Choco Island 1. However, we did a few changes to the stage. The most obvious change is that the place is much more brownish. We also made most of the holes shorter. Finally, the stage is more flat. There are also a few more changes, but we won't go in details about those.

Second Picture

.*shows Chocolate Island in Omega Mode. Yoshi is seen trying to eat Bowser, with Mario taunting behind him*

We're also confirming Omega Mode is back!...Wait a minute. Since when Chocolate Island is green? Because now, every stage haves a recolored version of itself! This one is based on what happens when you 100% complete Super Mario World. When you do that, the map's color are changed to be more autumnish.

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