Peach is a Starter Character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. She can use turnips and shield herself wih a Toad for camping. However, she's rather light, meaning she's easy to knock around.


Normal Special:  Toad Shield

Peach pulls a toad out of hammerspace. If attacked, it counters-attack. The toads are now a random color between Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink.

Royal Shield

Instead of a Toad, Peach pulls a Shield out of hammerspace. It offers defense agaisn't more moves, but the shield doesn't counterattacks.

Side Special: Peach Bomber

Peach launches herself towards the enemy, making an heart shapen explosion. It hasn't changed much since SSB4.

Upwards Bomber

Peach launches herself in the air instead of sideways, making it better for recoveries.

Up Special: Peach Parasol

Peach jumps in the sky with her parasol, then floats down on the ground with it. If jumped on, the parasol will do weak damage.

Parasol Jump

While the parasol doesn't floats down on the ground in it, Peach jumps even higher, and the parasol does slightly more damage.

Down Special: Vegetable Pluck

Peach plucks a Vegetable from the ground, and then can throw it at an enemy. Occasionally, she may pick up another item instead, like a Fairy Bottle.

Pit Pluck

Peaches plucks a Pit Trap. She can then throw it at an enemy.

Final Smash: Peach Blossom

Peach starts dancing, and two Peach drawings appear on the screen. The enemy will then sleep and take damage, and peaches fall from the sky.

Peach Heal

Instead of making the enemy sleep, Peach will heal herself completely. The peaches won't fall from the sky, through, and the enemies will suffer much less damage.

Palette Swaps

  • Pink: Default
  • Orange: Makes her look like Daisy.
  • Cyan: Might be inspired by Rosalina.
  • Green
  • White
  • Black
  • Brown

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