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Marth is a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. He is a melee fighter, with little to no ranged moves. His attacks are rather strong, however.


Neutral Special: Shield Breaker

Marth slashes the enemy with his sword. It will also do huge damage to a shield. It can be charged to do more damage, and when fully charged, it will break any shield, even if perfect shielded.

Instant Breaker

The attack is stronger, but it can't be charged.

Side Special: Dancing Blade

Marth attacks the enemy with his blade. He can then combo the enemy with it. There are plenty of varations of the move that can be got by for example tilting.

Swirling Blade

The attack is weaker, but it does a little more knockback and has slightly more range.

Up Special: Dolphin Slash

Marth quickly swipes upwards with his sword. This provides vertical recovery, but little horizontal recovery.

Shark Slash

The slash does more damage, but has less range.

Down Special: Counter

Marth strikes a pose. If hit while doing that, he will counter the move. However, only melee moves can be countered.


The attack will reflect non-elemental projectiles, but won't counter melee attacks.

Final Smash: Critical Hit

Marth slashes. If he hits an enemy, an HP gauge will show and Marth will attack the enemy, depleting that HP bar to 0%, knocking the enemy out of the map.

This attack is likely one of the strongest attacks in the game, as it will easily KO foes even at 0%. It can even KO enemies that are hit by the one knocked away.

Critical Slash

The sword has much more range, but the knockback and damage is more reasonable.

Pallette Swap

Half of Marth's pallette swap makes him look like Lucina.

  • Normal
  • Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue: Looks like Lucina
  • Alt Blue: Looks like Lucina
  • Yellow: Looks like Lucina
  • Purple: Looks like Lucina

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