Jigglypuff SSB4
Jigglypuff is an unlockable veteran in Super Smash Bros. Strength. It is a very light character. Despite beign mostly a joke character, it has appeared in every SSB games yet. Oddly, while it's artwork shows the modern Jigglypuff, it's ingame model looks like the old version of Jigglypuff. It has five jumps, which height have been buffed from previous games. It is unlocked by winning a game of Smash Run.


Neutral Special: Rollout

Jigglypuff rolls around the stage, doing no damage. However, the attack can be charged to do a lot of damage and knockback.


Instead of beign charged, Rockout becomes stronger as Jigglypuff's damage ratio grows.

Side Special: Disarming Voice

Jigglypuff sings, dealing damage in the direction it is facing, with sounds waves indicating the move's hitbox.

Echoed Voice

This variant does less damage, but stays for a much longer time.

Up Special: Sing

Jigglypuff sings, making the ones near it sleep.

Hyper Voice

Jigglypuff screams loudly, dealing damage to ones near it.

Down Special: Rest

Jigglypuff sleeps, restoring around 10% damage. If it is very close to another foe, that foe will be knocked at an absurdly high strength.

Sleep Talk

While the knockback is much lower then usual, Jigglypuff will randomly use one of it's other specials, including variations of it.

Final Smash: Perish Song

Jigglypuff sings a 'scary'(at least to enemies) song. Jigglypuff can then move around freely, but after 1 minute, the enemies will get extreme knockback.

Mega Rest

Jigglypuff sleeps, restoring all of it's damage. This final smash is useless if Stamina is set to 1.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Red: Flower.
  • White: Leaf's hat in the Pokemon series.
  • Blue: Straw hat.
  • Green: Kirby's hat when he has the sleep ability.
  • Pink: Bow.
  • Alt White: Nurse Joy's hat in the Pokemon series.
  • Glasses: Serena's default hat in Pokemon X Y.

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