Dr.Mario SSB4
Dr. Mario is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. He is a similar to Mario, but stronger. However, he is slower and has rather poor recovery.


Neutral Special: Megavitamins

Dr. Mario throws mega-vitamins in a quick succession. It is weak, but fast.


The mega-vitamin has only one color and makes enemies trip, at the cost of beign launched less quickly.

Side Special: Gigavitamin

Dr. Mario launches a slow, but powerful and big megavitamin that isn't affected by gravity.


The megavitamin does less damage, but pierce foes.

Up Special: Ol' One-Two

Dr. Mario punches in the air, causing an electric explosion. It serves as a recovery, but it doesn't recovers much. Unlike Mario's recovery, it doesn't leaves him helpless, but he can't use the move again unless he goes on the ground again.

Neo One-Two

The explosion is weaker, but Dr. Mario jumps higher.

Down Special: Dr. Tornado

Dr. Mario spins around, creating a weak tornado that reflects projectiles.

Vitamin Tornado

The tornado is stronger, but it doesn't reflects projectiles.

Final Smash: Doctor Finale

Dr. Mario summons a storm of Megavitamins from the sky while trapping enemies in a giant bottle. The move can't K.O, but will do huge damage to enemies. Despite the name, it is nothing like Mario Finale.

Dr. Mario Finale

Dr. Mario summons two big mega-vitamins that circle around each other. This is much stronger but has less range. This is very similar to Mario Finale.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Red: Based on a Megavitamin color.
  • Blue: Based on a Megavitamin color.
  • Yellow: Based on a Megavitamin color.
  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink: Based on Nurse Toadstool's outfit.
  • Alt Red: Based on Mario's normal colors.

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