Delphox burns for glory!

Delphox is a newcomer and a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. It is a character with powerful attacks. However, it has a rather poor air game.


Neutral Special: Ember

Delphox uses it's wand to shoot a ball of fire. If it hits the ground, it will explode, dealing good knockback.


The attack deals more damage, but has less range. It also does a shadow effect instead of a fire one.

Side Special: Flame Charge

Delphox rams forwards while beign surrounded by fire. Characters hit by hit will recieve good damage and knockback. This also serves as an horizontal recovery.

Fire Blast

Delphox shoots an huge, but slow blast of fire instead of dashing forwards. This does more damage but removes the use of the move as a recovery.

Up Special: Switcheroo

Delphox switches place with a nearby enemy. This can be used to confuse foes or if a foe is near a ledge, recover.

Role Play

The attack has less range, but the enemy will recieve damage if the move is successful.

Down Special: Mystical Fire

Delphox spins his wand, creating a circle of fire in front of itself. This attack hits multiple times.

Fire Spin

Delphox creates circles of fire around itself. This attack has less range, but attacks enemies from both sides.

Final Smash: Overheat

Delphox charges an huge blast from her wand, and uses it on itself, creating an huge blast of fire around itself.


The blast of fire is weaker, but the attack happens in front of Delphox instead of around it.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Blue: Based on Greninja colors
  • Green: Based on Chesnaught colors
  • Grey: Based on it's Shiny form
  • Black: Based on Greninja's shiny form
  • Brown: Based on Chesnaught's shiny form
  • Alt Blue: Based on Xerneas's colors
  • Red: Based on Yveltal's colors

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