Captain Toad hunts for victory!

Captain Toad is a newcomer and a starter character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. He can't jump very high and is rather slow, but he can be very tough to throw off the battlefield because he is heavy. His side special also allows him to travel faster.


Neutral Special: POW Block

Captain Toad uses a POW Block to create a shockwave.

Donut Block

Captain Toad throws a Donut Block in the sky, which falls after a while. This attack is rather predictable, but does very good damage and knockback.

Side Special: Minecart

Captain Toad pulls a Minecart out of hammerspace and rides it. The Minecart deals damage to enemies it hit. He can jump out of it in case of danger.

Burrying Minecart

The Minecart is slower, but it buries foes and is bigger.

Up Special: Cannon

A cannon goes under Captain Toad and launches him in the sky. This serves as a recovery.

Flame Cannon

Captain Toad recieves a bit of damage while using this move, but he deals damage to foes it hit and he can recover a bigger distance.

Down Special: Super Pickaxe

Captain Toad uses his pickaxe to dig in the ground. He can then find various objects like Turnips, Rocks, and if items are allowed even a Smash Ball.

Fool Pickaxe

The Pickaxe can't dig items, but instead does very high damage. This can serve to trick others.

Final Smash: Power-Up Craze

Captain Toad gets a Super Mushroom, a Fire Flower and a Super Star at the same time. This makes Captain Toad invincible, makes him bigger and makes him much stronger.

Mini Mushrooms

Captain Toad launches Mini Mushrooms at his foes, making them much smaller and unable to attack for a while.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red: Puts him in a normal Toad outfit.
  • Alt Blue: Normal Toad outfit.
  • Alt Green: Normal Toad outfit.
  • Alt Yellow: Normal Toad outfit.

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