In various modes, like Smash Run, you may encounter bosses in Super Smash Bros. Strength. This lists them, along with how to beat them.

The Hands

Master Hand

Master Hand SSB4

Master Hand is the enbodiment of creation. He is rumored to be the one who created the world and gave birth to the fighters. He has many attacks, most of which involves slaps and punches. In harder difficulty and modes, a surprise awaits you if you defeat him quickly enough...

Master Core

Master Core

Master Core appears if you defeat Master Hand in one minute at most in harder mode difficulties. He is what is inside of Master Hand. The black thing is called the Swarm. He has seven forms. In order of appearance in the hardest difficulties:

  1. Master Giant. It attacks with it's fists and tries eating the characters.
  2. Master Arachnid. It is a giant spider that tries trapping you inside of web. He can also create darkness puddles.
  3. Master Beast. It is a wolf/scorpion hybrid that bites you and attacks you with darkness claws.
  4. Master Machine, a darkness machine. It attacks with lasers, rockets and bombs.
  5. Master Edges. Made of five swords, it tries slicing it's foes.
  6. Master Clone. It's a clone of whichever character a player is using. There may be more clones depending on the number of players.
  7. Master Core. This is the master's true form. Launch him off the stage quickly enough, or he will activate black waves, enshrouding the universe in void.

Smash Run Bosses

These bosses are usually found in Smash Run, but may also be fighted in the Boss Battles minigame. They are usually from other games.

Petey Pirahna


Petey Pirahna is a giant carnivorous flower from the Mario series. He first appeared in Super Smsah Bros. Brawl, but returns here. However, he no longer holds cages, and thus has one specific weakpoint. He also gains a few new attacks.


Queen Gohma (Hyrule Warriors)




Rayquaza is a Flying/Dragon type Pokémon. Like Petey Pirahna, he returns from Brawl. He shoots energy blasts and digs in the ground. He is relatively unchanged from his Brawl appearance.

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