Bandanna Dee spears the brawl!

Bandanna Dee is a starter and a newcomer character in Super Smash Bros. Strength. He is, unlike most other starter newcomers, a very fast character. However, it isn't very strong defensively. He is the first Kirby character which cannot jump more then two times in one jump.


Neutral Special: Spear Throw

Bandanna Dee throws his spear, dealing low damage. He can charge the attack to launch the spear farther.

Sharp Spear

The spear can't be charged, but it does more damage.

Side Special: Item Toss

Bandanna Dee tosses a random item. It may range from a weak rock to a Gordo at times.

Diamond Toss

Bandanna Dee will always toss a diamond that does average damage.

Up Special: Helicopter Blade

Bandanna Dee spins his spear like an helicopter blade, hitting multiple times and giving him low vertical recovery.

Helicopter Float

The attack can't do damage, but it gives much more vertical recovery.

Down Special: Megaton Punch

Bandanna Dee punches the ground, creating shockwaves around it. If an enemy is hit by the punch itself, it will do great damage and knockback.

Shockwave Punch

The shockwaves are stronger and faster, but the punch itself is much weaker.

Final Smash: Boat Crash

Waddle Dee summons a boat from a side of the field, which crashes into the battlefield, dealing damage to anyone in that side.

Plane Crash

A plane crashes intead of a boat. It does less range and less damage, but will crash towards the nearest enemy instead then the side.

Pallette Swaps

  • Normal
  • Cyan: Based on a color from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
  • Yellow: Based on a color from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
  • Green: Based on a color from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.
  • White: Mirrors the other Kirby characters having a gameboy-themed pallete swap.
  • Alt White: Gives him a Sailor helmet. Based on the Sailor Waddle Dee.
  • Orange: Removes his hat.
  • Pink: Based on Kirby's colors.

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