Super Smash Bros. Strength
Developer(s) Poisonshot
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Media Included Game Disc

eShop Download

Super Smash Bros. Strength is one of the many Fantendo-published Super Smash Bros. games.



This is the main mode. This mode can be played with either CPUs and players, with up to 8 ones. You can also have both players and CPUs. The goal is to fight with the characters of the game, and to win the battle. It is possible to customize the battle, so you can have more time to fight, fight with stocks, with with HP, ect.

For Glory

For Glory is a mode geared towards the competitive side of the game. It is split in two different sections:

Tier List

This user-voted tier list let's you know which ones have the best matchups and the worst matchups.


This is basically the same thing as SMASH!!!, but with only a selection of stage available(those who have the least hazards) and the base rules beign more geared towards competitive.


This is the roster for Super Smash Bros. Strength. It is confirmed clones will return.




Italic means unlockable.


Grass Land Bowser's Castle Yoshi Peaks Donkey Kong Island
Zora's River Lost Woods Pallet Town Pokemon Colloseum
Famicon Underworld Castle Lololo Final Destination
Angel Island Battlefield Battlefield 2 Home Run Platform


Hyrule Castle WarioWare, Inc. Dream Land Mute City(3DS)
Mario Bros. Distant Planet Summit Castle Siege


A new feature of the game are achievements. Here is a list of them:

  • You Won: Win a match in versus.
  • Winner: Win a smash run match.
  • Hero: Finish classic mode.
  • Master Hero: Finish classic mode on intense.
  • Savior: Finish the story mode.
  • True Savior: 100% complete the story mode.
  • Adventurer: Finish adventure mode.
  • Epic Adventurer: Finish adventure mode in the hardest level of difficulty.
  • The Master: Beat Master Core.

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