Super Smash Bros. Stars is a game made by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo Wii.

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This is not just a fighting game, this is a role playing action adventure game with astounding graphics, different characters and items to help you. Also, there will be two Final Smashes for each character based on if their Blue Gauge or Red Gauge is full. To get your red and blue gauge full you will have to defeat specific enemies. Then once you have it full, you press B and it will use your Final Smash. There is also called Team Final Smashes in Team Brawl.


The Story takes place in numerous of places, from Earth all the way to a different Universe. Many different Characters will play an important role in each story and help save not just Earth, but the Universe as well.

thumb|300px|right|The story mode intro.

Playable Characters

Secret Characters

Playable Stages