Super Smash Bros. Stardom is the 5th entry in the Super Smash Bros. series, releasing for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014. The developer is Icy Cold Gaming Industries and it will be headed to the Nintendo IC as a launch title. Few details are known outside of some confirmed characters and that Trophies and Assist Trophies are back. Some of the Pokeball Pokemon will be transferred to Assist Trophies and stickers are replaced by stamps.
Smashbros stardom logo


In this game, characters make more of difference than ever. Clones have had edited movesets to allow for more unique fighting techniques. The spotlight is on the newcomers, which is evident in the Subspace Emissary mode. No characters have been announced.


Name Picture Debut Series Description Status
Mario 386px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Donkey Kong TBA


This character is a default character.

Peach Peach n Super Mario Bros. TBA


This character is a default character.

Link LinkHyruleWarriors The Legend Of Zelda Link has returned, by in his Hyrule Warriors form. He still attacks with the Master Sword and his shield, but now has a new move and a new Final Smash.


This character is a default character


Developent started for this game at the formation of Beanstalk Inc., in the winter of 2011. Several details were plotted out at that point, and the main gimmick of the game didn't have to deal with the story mode. The working title was Smash Brothers 3D, and the game was to be a 3D brawler instead of 2D. Originally 100 characters were planned, but ulimately cut to limit repeditiveness and engage a further connection with every character in the story mode.

Several cut characters included the veterans Marth, Meta Knight, Doctor Mario, Zero Suit Samus (as a seperate character), Mewtwo, Pokemon Trainer, and R.O.B. were originaly planned, and in certain cases listed in the website's coding (when Toon Link was revealed, the coding in the website implied Marth would be the revealed one). The Ice Climbers and Pichu were heavily considered, but ultimately dropped. No other veterans were considered. Additionally, Zora was revealed on the offical website but quickly withdraw. Early gameplay footages shows flashes of Wonder Red, Captain Rainbow, and Meta Ridley in brawls also.


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