Super Smash Bros. Stamina is a Super Smash Bros. game releasing after Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This game is for the Nintendo Wii.


In this game, you use B to attack, use any arrow with A+B to attack. To jump, you use the 1 button, and to make a special move, you use the 2 button. The graphics are like Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Playable Characters

Unlockable Characters

Confirmed Stages

  • Flat Zone
  • Mushroomy Kingdom
  • Summit
  • Mario Circuit
  • Bridge of Eldin
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Onett
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Hyrule Temple
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Rainbow Road
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Onett
  • Princess Peach's Castle

Note: All characters have been confirmed, but not all stages have been confirmed. I will add more stages as soon as they are ready.

Story Mode

  • We first see Yoshi with a bunch of Yoshi eggs, empty on his hand. Birdo is taking care of some of the other eggs.
  • Next, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy begin a fight between pink vs. orange.
  • Princess Daisy/Peach wins the match and turns Peach/Daisy into a trophy. Peach/Daisy is grabbed by Bowser before Daisy/Peach can revive her.
  • Ganondorf plans to spoil Bowser's plans and steal Peach/Daisy from Bowser.
  • Ike challenges Marth to a sword match.
  • Ike/Marth wins the match and turns Marth/Ike into a trophy, but Marth/Ike is quickly revived by Ike/Marth.
  • Ganondorf meets with Bowser by bumping into him, but Ganondorf gets Peach's/Daisy's trophy from Bowser.
  • Olimar and Rosalina are at Rainbow Road.
  • Daisy/Peach is trying to find Peach/Daisy, but is surprised by Zelda.
  • Mario, Sonic, Link, and Pikachu are matching two vs. two match (Mario and Sonic vs. Link and Pikachu).
  • Mario and Sonic/Link and Pikachu win the match, but quickly revives Link and Pikachu/Mario and Sonic.
  • Marth and Ike team up to defeat Ganondorf.
  • Ganondorf calls the shadow bugs to go on Peach's/Daisy's trophy, turning Peach/Daisy into her false clone, False Peach/False Daisy.
  • Mario, Sonic, Link, and Pikachu are also on a mission to defeat Ganondorf.
  • Ness and Lucas are also taking the mission to defeat Ganondorf and free Peach/Daisy.
  • Marth and Ike are met by Mario and the gang.
  • Marth, Ike, Mario, Sonic, Link, Pikachu, Ness, and Lucas form one team to defeat Ganondorf and free Peach/Daisy.
  • Luigi, Shadow, and Silver are taking the mission to defeat Ganondorf too.
  • Luigi requests Marth and Ike to let him, Shadow, and Silver defeat Ganondorf too. Marth and Ike accept the request.
  • Luigi, Shadow, Silver, Marth, Ike, Mario, Sonic, Link, Pikachu, Ness, and Lucas form one team to defeat Ganondorf and free Peach/Daisy.
  • Ganondorf sees Marth, Ike, and the gang walking to the Facility with his telescope. He attempts to keep Peach/Daisy safe in the Facility.
  • Ganondorf texts Marth a message that Peach/Daisy is in her false clone.
  • Yoshi and Birdo are trying to keep the Yoshi eggs still safe.
  • Bowser gets mad and stomps to where Ganondorf and Peach/Daisy are.
  • Olimar and Rosalina team up to find Rosalina's missing wand.
  • The R.O.B.s set a subspace bomb that engulfs the Facility, turning Ganondorf into a trophy and sucking Peach/Daisy into Subspace. Marth, Ike, and the gang are too late.
  • Meta Knight is driving the Halberd. Snake, Lucario, Fox, Falco, Daisy/Peach, Olimar, Rosalina, and Captain Falcon are boarding the Halberd.
  • Rosalina sees her wand on the Halberd Bridge.
  • Mario, Luigi, Shadow, Silver, Sonic, Daisy/Peach, Rosalina, Olimar, Zelda, Snake, Lucario, Fox, Falco, Captain Falcon, and co. meet at Subspace.
  • Every single Smasher is turned into a trophy by Master Hand.
  • Peach/Daisy and Ganondorf are shown as trophies back at the Facility. Peach/Daisy is revived.
  • Peach/Daisy sees the relief of Subspace.
  • The final battle between good and evil begins.
  • We return to the World of Trophies.



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