This is the list for the DLC's. The DLC's will be available some time in November, 2013.


Series Fighter Description Sprite Specials
SSBM! Scott Pilgrim Universe Symbol DLC Scott Pilgrim

The guy who single handedly defeated the League of Evil Exes has arrived! Scott Pilgrim is the bass player for his band, "Sex Bomb-Omb", and the boyfriend of Ramona Flowers, a girl who carries the ability to travel through Subspace. Although Scott Pilgrim seems to be a regular guy, he is actually the greatest fighter in Toronto, as stated by Kim Pines.

SSBS! SPVSTWTG Scott Pilgrim Sprite NOT BRAWLIFED Standard B Button: Burning Punch B Button+Side: Twirling Kick B Button+Up: Burning UppercutB Button +Down: Strong Blaze Final Smash: Band Yeti
SSBM! Punch Out!! Universe Symbol Little Mac SSBM! C Little Mac Sprite NOT BRAWLIFED Standard B Button: Hard Jab B Button+Side: Knock-Out Blow B Button+Up: Star Punch B Button+Down: Stomach Rush Final Smash: Star Rush
File:Kirby Emblem.gif Galacta Knight What's this? The supposed strongest of Kirby's universe is here!? Galacta Knight was a warrior that was sealed away due to his immense power! Now he's here? He probably wants a rematch with Meta-Knight to determine who really is the strongest in the universe, and I'm sure he'll take out anything in his way. SSBS! KSSA Galacta Knight Sprite DLC Character NOT BRAWLIFED Standard B Button: Triple Beam B Button+Side: Ultimate Hurricane B Button+Up: Upward Beam B Button+Down: Rain of Hell Final Smash: The Ultimate Warrior
SSBM! Dragon Ball Universe Symbol Hero SSBM! J!US C Hero Sprite Not Brawlifed DLC Standard B Button: Ki Blasts B Button+Side: Aura Beam B Button+Up: Striker Fist B Button+Down: Aura Shatter Final Smash: Aura Kamehameha

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