Super Smash Bros. Sparking!
SSBS! Logo
The logo for the game, revealed shortly after the game's announcement.
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
4-Players (local)

6-Players (Online)

Genre(s) Fighting; Party; Competitive
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
Successor N/A
Media Included 3DS Media Card

Super Smash Bros. Sparking! (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズスパーキング!in Japan) is the fifth upcoming video game for the Super Smash Bros. fighting series. It is currently unknown when the game will be released internationally, as there have only been promotions for the game's content and characters. The game has been stated to be playable on the 3DS only, in contrast to it's predeccesor.

The game was first announced after Masahiro Sakurai left and handed over the main developing rights to Starphare, who are known for writing and publishing novels, although in the past, they have expressed interest in developing a video game. Some speculate the game to arrive late 2015 to early 2016, due to the quick development cycle needed for the 3DS.


On January 13, after Masahiro Sakurai stated that he no longer wished on working on the Smash Bros. series, he allowed Starphare, a novel publishing company, to develop it as they have wished to develop a game for quite some time. The very next day, 8 characters were revealed: 7 veterans (Mario; Bowser; Link; Kirby; Samus; Luigi; and Sonic) and 1 newcomer: Son Goku, from the Dragon Ball series, which makes him one of the first manga-originating characters to be made playable in the Smash series.

On February 3, it was revealed that Marth and Fox would be playable veterans once more. It was also announced that developers for the Brawl mod, Project M, would be hired in order to appeal to Melee fans. Two days later, Dark Bowser was announced as a playable character, with his and the rest of the known cast movesets revealed in order to elaborate on his status as an actual character, and not just a clone. More news about the mechanics were revealed as well, in which wavedashing and various techniques removed from Melee were stated to return. 


The gameplay will most likely be incredibly similar (or perhaps, the exact same) due to Sakurai allowing Starphare to use the prototype variant of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as a starting point.

Reports have stated that the game will have a speed upgrade, in order to equate it to that of Melee's fighting pace and style. The game is stated to have a "casual surface; competitive interior" by developers, who are known to watch Super Smash Bros. tournaments, and take examples from said tournaments. One more report says that the game will still be accessable to those who want to play for fun, but it will have a "steep, learning curve" for those who wish to enter the comptitive scene.


The game will most likely feature the roster from the previous games (albeit, with a few characters cut and added in).

Here is the current known roster.


Series Name Description Sprite Specials
SSB Mario Series Mario

Risking his life countless times to save a princess, his world, and even the entire galaxy, Mario heads into battle! And already equipped with battle knowledge, he makes quite an opponent.

One should be cautious of Mario's extremely powerful pyrokinetic abilities. Able to use these powers along with his vast arsenal of knowledge and combat, he is a force to be reckoned with.

SSBS! - Mario - enlarged B-Button: Fireball
D-Pad up+B-Button: Super Jump Punch
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Super Cape
D-Pad down+B-Button: Hammer Spin
Smash Ball (sparking): Mario Finale
SSB Mario Series Bowser

The terrible and powerful King of Koopas lets out a might roar, signifying his return to the battlefield!

Bowser has incredible strength, enough to send any foe flying into the air, and render someone unconcious. His strength combined with his advanced reflexes results in a worthy opponent!

SSBS! - Bowser - enlarged B-Button: Fire Breath
D-Pad up+B-Button: Whirling Fortress
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Flying Slam
D-Pad down+B-Button: Bowser Bomb
Smash Ball (sparking): Dreamy Bowser
SSBS! - Zelda (universe) Link

The Hero of Time, Link, makes his return once more; ready to engage his multiple opponents.

Heavily experienced in the field of combat, Link is no ordinary fighter. His skill spans across entire generations, as he is to be forever reincarnated as the Hero of Time. His swordsman skills are incredibly precise, so be sure to act accordingly the second he moves in.

SSBS! - Link - enlarged B-Button: Hero's Bow
D-Pad up+B-Button: Spin Attack
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Boomerang
D-Pad down+B-Button: Bomb
Smash Ball (sparking): Triforce Slash
SSBS! - Kirby (universe) Kirby

The cute little puffball - that is capable of laying waste to entire ships, mind you - once again returns for another Smash. 

With it's iconic ability of inhaling opponents and copying their abilities, it's no doubt you'll come across this move in battle. Your special move will be addd to it's moves, and you must be careful and watch out for the very move you use.

SSBS! - Kirby - enlarged B-Button: Inhale
D-Pad up+B-Button: Finale Cutter
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Hammer
D-Pad down+B-Button: Stone
Smash Ball (sparking): Hypernova Blast
SSBS! - Metroid (universe) Samus

The galactic bounty hunter; raised by the Chozos, and the arch-nemesis of the space pirate Ridley; Samus Aran launches her attack!

She is a seasoned veteran in combat, both aerial and ground based, giving her quite the skill set and tactical advantage compared to other fighters. One could say that she is a walking tank. She is quite human, but super powered and skilled, at that.

SSBS! - Samus - enlarged B-Button: Charge Shot
D-Pad up+B-Button: Screw Attack
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Missile
D-Pad down+B-Button: Bomb
Smash Ball (sparking): Zero Laser
SSBS! - Star Fox (universe) Fox The leader of the Star Fox team returns for the next installment in the Smash Bros. series!

Fox bears an incredible balance between speed and power, able to lay down heavy combos with his strong attacks, after rushing towards them in a flurry. His light weight and easily vulnerable attacks are his downfall, however.

SSBS! - Fox - enlarged B-Button: Blaster
D-Pad up+B-Button: Fire Fox
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Fox Illusion
D-Pad down: Reflector
Smash Ball (sparking): Landmaster
SSB Fire Emblem Series Marth

The Prince of Altea, Marth, readies his blade for battle once more for a duel to shake the heavens.

Skilled with his blade; Marth is not one to be trifled with. His position forever binds him to the title of the "Hero-King", and his title is well known for good reason. One should be up close, but not too close, as his damage is at its maximum potential from the tip of its blade.

SSBS! - Marth - enlarged B-Button: Shield Breaker
D-Pad up+B-Button: Dolphin Slash
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Dancing Blade
D-Pad down+B-Button: Counter
Smash Ball (sparking): Critical Hit
SSBS! - Dragon Ball (universe) Son Goku

A mighty warrior hailing from Mount Pazou (and the planet Vegita), Son Goku enters the fray; his training from the Turtle School ready to show for itself.

With experience spanning from multiple variants of Martial Arts, Son Goku is quote the fearsome fighter. He has incredible attack power, alongside speed, and is able to handle opponents from afar with chi attacks. Keep your guard up against the student!

SSBS! - Son Goku - enlarged B-Button: Ki Wave Barrage
D-Pad up+B-Button: Flight
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Kamehameha
D-Pad down+B-Button: Kiai Dash
Smash Ball (sparking): Meteor Combination


Series Name Description Sprite Specials
SSB Mario Series Luigi

Sporting a green hat and shirt, with clad blue overalls worn on the surface, Luigi jumps into the fight (reluctantly).

The younger brother of Mario, Luigi seems to be opposite to him; afraid of every situation he comes across. Smash seems to be an exception for him, with his true power (perhaps even surpassing Mario's) showing.

SSBS! - Luigi - enlarged B-Button: Fireball
D-Pad up+B-Button: Super Jump Punch
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Green Missile
D-Pad down+B-Button: Luigi Cyclone
Smash Ball (sparking): Luiginoid Hammer
SSB Mario Series Dark Bowser

The dark power re-awakens for this Smash Bros. installment, using the form of the Koopa King as a vessel.

Dark Bowser is incredibly powerful, with his strength eclipsing Bowser's. However, his speed is drastically low compared to Bowser's, causing him to be very easy to target. Albeit, his specials make great use in mobility.

SSBS! - Dark Bowser - enlarged B-Button: Inhale
D-Pad up+B-Button: Roll
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Dark Flurry
D-Pad down+B-Button: Shell Shock
Smash Ball (sparking): Core Revival
SSB Sonic Series Sonic

The speed demon makes an appearance once more, the burning trail caused by his intense speed making his entrance stylish. 

Sonic is, possibly, the fastest living creature alive. In Smash, this attribute stays true, though he is forced to sacrifice attack power for incredible speed. Keep your eye on him, as he may have ended the battle before you even know it.

SSBS! - Sonic - enlarged B-Button: Homing Attack
D-Pad up+B-Button: Spring Jump
D-Pad left and right+B-Button: Light Dash
D-Pad down+B-Button: Spin Charge
Smash Ball (sparking): Super Sonic


This Smash Bros. installment features stages from various video game universes, serving as an area for players to brawl on.

Here is the list of known stages at this moment.


Series Name Description Stage Tracks
SSBS! - Smash Bros. (universe) Battlefield A series of floating platforms, high above the ground, this very stage is the essence of Smash Bros. itself. Fighters begin their approach after landing on the platform, and the battle begins. Eventually, someone will garner up enough percentage to lose the ability to recover and continue the battle, or fly beyond the skybox, resulting in a Star or Screen KO. Use the platforms and stage design to your advantage to ensure a victory. SSBS! - Battlefield To Be Added!
SSBS! - Smash Bros. (universe) Final Destination A stage that has been around since the very first installment, the Final Destination is truly deserving of it's name. It is loved by both casual and competitive players, and is home to the Smash Bros. entities, Master Hand and Crazy Hand. It's flat design allows for players to truly put their skill to the test, and to see who is the true Smash Bros. master. No obstacles, only skill. SSBS! - Final Destination To Be Added!


  • In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Luigi was a starter character, breaking the tradition from the past three games. Here, he is once again an unlockable character.
  • Son Goku is the first ever manga character to be confirmed playable in the series. Super Smash Bros. Sparking! uses the Son Goku from the end of Dragon Ball, in contrast to the very popular Son Goku from the series' sequel, Dragon Ball Z.
  • The game was announced soon after the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. This may be because Sakurai had given the prototype of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS to Starphare in order to speed up development rates.
  • Despite Miiverse listing Project M as "criminal activity", Nintendo is allowing the development team for Project M to work on the new Smash game, disregarding the reason listed above.