HW Sheik
Official art from Hyrule Warriors
Series Legend of Zelda
Appears in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Hyrule Warriors etc.

Debut The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage TBD

Sheik is a character in Super Smash Bros. Smackdown.


Moveset and Attributes

Type Description Damage
Jab Two quick swipes, followed by a series of short jabs that terminates as a final hit with somewhat weak knockback. 2%, 3%, 1% each, 3%
Strong Side Sheik rotates her leg upwards knocking the opponent into the air with low knockback. Easily combos into itself and other moves. 4%
Strong Up Sheik brings her leg up and quickly brings it down. Can hit on the upswing and downswing. 5%, 6%
Strong Down Sheik quickly sweeps her leg out in front of her. 7.5%
Side Smash Two successive kicks that moves her forward as they are executed. The first has low knockback, while the second has significant knockback. Can KO at high percentages.
Up Smash Sheik raises her arms over her head and quickly brings them down to her sides. This can hit twice: once at her fingertips and again on the downswing. Both hits sweetspotted as a fully charged smash does 36% damage, but is very difficult to land. One of her strongest KO options.
Down Smash Gets on her back and does a break-dance style rotation. Can hit twice. Moderate knockback
Dash Attack A quick slash in front of her. Has decent knockback. 6.5%
Type Description Damage
Neutral Sheik extends one leg in front with the other tucked underneath in a typical sex kick form. Poor knockback.
Forward Sheik leans forward and quickly slashes downwards. Has good knockback and can combo into itself at low damage percentages. One of her best moves for edge guarding.
Back Sheik extends one leg downwards and the other backwards in a sex kick. Weak knockback but with large hitboxes. Good for edge guarding.
Up Sheik inverts herself and spirals upwards for four hits. The first three have no knockback, allowing all four to connect. The final hit has strong knockback and is a solid KO move at moderate damage percentages.
Down Sheik extends one leg downwards during a short stall followed by a fast decent at about a 20 degree angle. Has the ability to meteor, but hard to recover from due to fall speed. When preformed on a grounded opponent, it hits a second time for 2%.
Type Name Description Damage
Neutral Needle Storm Sheik accumulates up to seven needles that can be stored and released immediately or later. If thrown in the air, the needles travel at approximately a 45° angle. 1% per needle
Side Chain Sheik pulls out a long metal chain, which she can whip around to block projectiles and deal damage. 1-5%
Up Vanish After a short delay, Sheik vanishes in a puff of smoke, reappearing nearby in a controlled direction. The vanish hitbox has high knockback, able to KO at high percentages. The reappearance hitbox has much weaker knockback, but can push shielded opponents out of her way. 12%(vanish), 5%(reappear)
Down Burst Grenade Sheik throws a grenade on a string. On detonation, it creates a small area that pulls opponents towards it, then explodes. The detonation can be delayed a second by holding the special attack button. Grenade can be thrown a further distance when Sheik is in the air or when thrown over an edge. 1%(hit), 12%(explosion)
Grabs & Throws
Type Description Damage
Grab Sheik grabs the opponent. N/A
Pummel Hits opponent with her arm. 3%
Forward Throw Punches the opponent forward. 5%, 2%
Back Throw Throws opponent behind and kicks them away. 5%, 2%
Up Throw Sheik falls on her back hitting the opponent and then kicks them up into the air. High base knockback with little growth, making combos difficult. 2%, 3%
Down Throw Throws opponent on the ground, then performs an axe kick knocking the opponent up into the air. 3%, 3%
Type Name Description Damage
Edge Attack N/A Sheik pulls herself up and kicks both legs forward along the ground. 7%
Floor Attack N/A Sheik kicks her feet over her head. 7%
Final Smash

Changes from SSB4

  • Sheik's Side Special has been reverted back to Chain, while Burst Grenade takes the place of Bouncing Fish.



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