HGH shantae ready for bnattle
Official art from Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.
Series Shantae
Appears in Shantae

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse etc.

Debut Shantae (2002)
Availability Unlockable
Home Stage Scuttle Town

Shantae is a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Smackdown.


Moveset and Attributes

Shantae is able to cling to walls, and when she does so, she transforms into a monkey, decreasing her hitbox. Shantae also becomes her mermaid form in water, allowing her to swim without drowning.

Type Description Damage
Jab Shantae whips her hair forward.
Strong Side
Strong Up
Strong Down
Side Smash
Up Smash
Down Smash
Dash Attack
Type Description Damage
Type Name Description
Neutral Flintlock Pistol

Shantae fires Risky's Pistol. Weak, but has great distance.

Side Storm Puff Shantae deploys a Storm Puff in front of her. The cloud will periodically release electicty before disappearing; if Shantae attacks the Storm Puff, it will move.
Up Harpy Flight Shantae transforms into a harpy, gaining the ability to fly freely and slash with her talons. If she touches the ground, she will revert to her human form; otherwise, she wil tire out after some time.
Down Scimitar Counter Shantae braces herself and, when hit, slices forward with Risky's Scimitar. If used in midair, Shantae slams down instead.
Type Description Damage
Grab Shantae grabs the opponent. N/A
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw
Type Name Description
Edge Attack N/A
Floor Attack N/A
Final Smash Tinker Tub The background floods with water, and Risky's pirate ship appears, moving about. The ship fires cannonballs into the foreground (some containing Tinkerbats), while trying not to hit Shantae.


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