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Mario SSB4

Mario is a veteran fighter returning from the previous installments of the Super Smash Bros. franchise and is one of the many characters that represents the Mario series. Mario is once again the jack of all stats, he is a character that is easy to play as but that doesn't have many use in the tournament scene. Mario is a melee fighter with only one projectile move (F.L.U.D.D. doesn't counts, since it doesn't gives damage).

When fought in All-Star or Classic, Mario appears on the Mario Maker stage. Mario is voiced by Charles Martinet, who has been voicing Mario since Super Mario 64, but his voice is reused from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U / Nintendo 3DS.



Mario's neutral special move Fireball stays the same as previous installment. A projectile that is somewhat slow and doesn't gives damage and gives very low knockback. However, the fireball has an advantage. When used in an opponent trying to recover, it can cancel that recover and leave the opponent helpless. The fireball originates from Super Mario Bros., in which Mario could use it by getting the Fire Flower.

Variants: The Iceball is a slower version of the fireball and gives slighlty higher damage, but it can also freeze opponents upon contact. The Iceball originates from New Super Mario Bros. Wii in which Mario could use this ability by getting an Ice Flower. The other variation is the Double Fireball, which is faster yet weaker than the original Fireball, with the ability to Mario shoot two fireballs at once. This variation comes from Super Mario 3D World, in which Mario can do this if he manages to obtain a Double Cherry and a Fire Flower.

Mario's side special move Cape hasn't been changed either. The cape when used directly against an opponent doesn't gives damage, instead it turns the opponent to the other direction. The cape can be also used to deflect projectiles. The cape originates from Super Mario World, where it does the same thing as it does in this game (but instead of turning the opponents in the other direction, it defeats them) as well giving Mario the ability to fly.

Variants: The Tanooki Tail gives Mario a faster version of the Cape, but it has a smaller hitbox, making it harder to deflect certain projectiles. It can be used close to opponents to make them trip. This ability comes from Super Mario Bros. 3, in which Mario can utilize it by grabbing a Tanooki Leaf. Super Spin makes Mario go forward while spinning the cape, which can be used as a recovery and can make some opponents dizzy if used correctly, but it doesn't gives any damage or knockback against the enemies. This ability comes from Super Mario World, in which Mario can spin around while using the cape, but the dizziness might be a reference to Paper Mario, in which Mario can do something similar.

Mario's up special Super Jump Punch has been slightly altered from previous installments. The differences is that it is slightly stronger than previously, but it functions the same. Mario gives a high jump with his fist raised and if the opponent is hit during this move, Mario will continue going up, while hitting the opponent and making coins getting out the opponent. This ability comes from Super Mario Bros., in which Mario can jump on brick blocks to get coins out of it, while the coins itself have their design from the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Variants: Super Jump gives Mario a higher jump but it doesn't gives damage if the opponent makes contact with it. It originates from Super Mario Bros., in which Mario is known for making gigantic jumps.


Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont is a newcomer representing the Castlevania franchise in Super Smash Bros., he is the second Konami characters to be in the game, the first was Snake, who is also in the game. Simon Belmont is a Composite Character in the franchise, more specifically, Trevor Belmont (the main protagonist of Castlevania III) and Ritcher Belmont (the main protagonist of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood), as such Simon has abilities that he doesn't haves from his origin games. As a fighter, Simon is slow and not very useful in the air, thanks to his poor jumps and poor abilities in the air, but on the ground he is better. As a nod to the original games, Simon takes slightly more knockback from attacks, to make up to this disavantage, he takes less damage from moves. When at very high damage, Simon can do a powerful one-shot attack by pressing any of the special button attacks, with the exception of the Final Smash, which triggers the Item Crash (an ability that only Ritcher could previously use). It can be only used once per stock and at very high damage percentages.

Simon is a mix of a projectile fighter and a melee fighter. He is fought at the Castlevania stage when battled in Classic or All-Star mode. He is voiced by Keith Silverstein, who previously voiced the character in Castlevania Judgment.

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