Super Smash Bros. Siege is an upcoming game for the Super Smash Bros. series, designed by AzaCraft Gaming.


The gameplay, like most Smash games, doesn't involve the standard health bars system of fighting. Instead, players use special attacks to try and knock other players off the stage. The more damage characters take, the farther they fly when they are hit.

Most gamemodes from the original games return, such as Team Smash, 8 Player Smash, Smash Run, Classic, Adventure, and Target Test. Story Mode from Brawl also makes a return.

Pic of the Day

Despite the name, the Pic of the Day won't actually be a daily update, but rather, it will update whenever the creator feels like it.






Starting Characters

Character Description
SSB Mario Series
Mario is quite possibly the most well-known gaming character out there, with dozens of adventures under his belt. His moveset stays very much the same as his previous incarnations, being a balanced fighter who can attack by throwing fireballs or getting a jump boost from his FLUDD.
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Link is the brave Hero of Time, and is the embodiment of the Triforce of Courage. Link has many weapons in his arsenal such as a bow and arrow, boomerangs, or bombs, but his most famous weapon is the Master Sword, used for melee attacks. He also can use his shield to block weaker projectiles.
Kirby SSBW
SSB Kirby Series
Sometimes, you don't have to be serious in order to save the universe, and Kirby is living proof of that. This cute little puffball happens to be one of the last living Star Warriors, with the unique ability to gain other fighters' powers by swallowing them. He also can use his hammer to knock opponents away, as well as attacking with quick punches and kicks.
DonkeyKong SSBW
Donkey Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Classic
The king of the jungle, Donkey Kong is a long-time fighter in the Super Smash Bros. world. Why does he fight? To protect his bananas, of course! He attacks with brute strength, slamming you into the ground and punching you across the stage like it's nothing.
Inkling SSBW
SSB Splatoon Series
Coming from a race of squid people that like to play paintball, Inkling is one of the most requested newcomers for Smash, so here she is! She has three different types of ink-shooting weapons: a standard gun with decent range, a sniper to shoot your opponents from a distance, and a paint roller to fend off your opponents, which also leaves a trail of slippery ink.
Pikachu SSBW
SSB Pokémon Series
Pikachu is the obvious mascot of the Pokemon franchise, but don't be fooled by his cuteness. Pikachu is a lightning type Pokemon, and a deadly one at that, being able to shock you with electricity in a variety of ways. He can shoot lightning blasts, charge his whole body with lightning, or shoot thunder down from the sky. Pikachu is also a swift fighter, being able to zip around the stage easily. 
Chibi-Robo SSBW
SSB Chibi-Robo Series
Chibi-Robo was meant to be a house-keeping mini robot until a race of robot spiders called Spydorz attacked his family. Also aliens. And time travel. Chibi-Robo mostly attacks by using his blaster, but he has other weapons too. He can use a mop to brush opponents away, use his plug tail as a whip-like weapon, or get help from his larger counterpart, Giga-Robo. 
Samus SSBW
SSB Metroid Series
Samus is a world-famous bounty hunter who wiped an entire species off the face of the earth. Now that's rad. She uses her trusty arm cannon to shoot energy blasts, missiles, and bombs, and she also can roll up into her Morph Ball form for a sneaky escape. Her power suit gives her a good defense, but it makes her not as fast as some other characters.
SSB Fire Emblem Series
OK, this is confusing. He was an unlockable fighter in Melee, got cut in Brawl, became DLC in SSB4, and now he's available from the start here. Roy balances speed and strength in his fighting style and can attack with his sword, which emmits flames on his strongest attacks. 
MegaMan SSBW
Mega Man
SSB Mega Man series
The Super Fighting Robot! Mega Man is a robot with the ability to use weapons he got from other robots. Some of his weapons include throwable Metal Blades, a Leaf Shield to protect himself, the ability to create Black Holes, and shooting Crash Bombs that can deal massive damage. 
Bowser SSBW
SSB Mario Series
The eternal rival of Mario, Bowser returns to Smash Bros. once again! He is a powerhouse who has a diverse arsenal of weapons. He can breathe fire, throw Bob-Ombs, perform a Ground Pound-like move, or send out his Koopas and Goombas to do some of the dirty work for him. He also can claw and punch at opponents, and can use his spiked shell as both a defensive and offensive weapon. 
Yoshi SSBW
SSB Yoshi Classic
Yoshi has been the loyal steed of Mario for years, but in Smash he fights solo! He can use his long tongue to catch and swallow opponents, as well as throwing Yoshi Eggs to attack and using a Ground Pound move. He is a fast fighter, and also has very high jumps, being able to do a Flutter Jump to get across longer distances. 

Unlockable Characters

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