Attention please! The relationship was quite different. Some heroes may not be protogonist in certain episodes and vice versa for the vilians (being not antagonist.) It mean that heroes will work with vilians and vilians will work for heroes but not for controversy. Those who can speak will talks like humans. No death was in this series.

Episode lists:

Season 1.

Episode Name: Description:
Cheatsy Brother. Luigi have found a Super Smash Ball, which used to take out cheap oppenent. But he abuse it and is considered as a Big Cheater!
Poké-Monster. Mewtwo have nominated as a Poké-Monster; It is the most dangerous Pokémon of the year! But Pikachu will help him out.
My Prince, Also Traitor! Marth have betrayed Meta Knight in order to beat him. But he ended up to be ignored often...
Hide And Smash. Bowser have decided to join the Child-Smashers to play a game. This time, Bowser have more fun then he had!
Fasle Promise. Bowser had enough to be bothered by Fawful, so he challenge him! Too bad that Fawful have fasly promised...
Stupid Loser! Elec Man have lost his last match to Mega Man so he attacked him! But he ended up to get hurt very severly.
Who's Sonic? Sonic have multiplied himself so much that he has almost cause a disaster! Ganondorf have prevented it, but ended up just like Sonic's case.
Porky the Copycat. Porky starts pranking around by mimic the other fighters. Until he ended up to mimic Master Hand!
Rotten Match. The match have been No-Contested because Captain Falcon isn't in a good shape.
Halloween Special! Mario gives three tales to their friends (and rivals) about something completly fictional.
Slippery Homekeeper. Roll have punished every Robot Masters, but she seem to not be care about it...She misprogrammed, of course!
Ristar Waz Here! Ristar have put grafiiti "Sonic's a loser!" in many walls. But it seen to be backfired!
Poor Billy... Billy Hatcher was masacrated by 0², and it up to Amy Rose to take care of him.
Smell of Stupidity. Fawful hasn't wash himself since five days. He said that it's a smell of smartness! But the other think it's a scam.
Christmas Crisis!

Mario and Co. must stop Waluigi form stealing presents, and save Santa Claus, whose kidnapped by Dynamo Man!

Season 2:

Reckless Loss. Wario fights in a reckless way and get lost. He need to know how to fight in a correct way!

More to come...


  • The series gave an extra 15 minute for each episode to give place to the bloopers.
    • It is the only show from 2010 that have bloopers.

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