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Super Smash Bros. Shambles
Smashbrosstardom logo
Developer(s) Withersoul 235
Platform(s) Playstation 4
Age Rating(s)


Super Smash Bros. Shambles is a SSB game. The player can unlock new Final Smashes for some characters, and he/she can swap final smashes at any time.



Image Name Attacks



Mario SSB4 Mario

Neutral: Fireball

Forward/Backwards: Cap Boomerang

Down: F.L.U.D.D

Up: Invicibility Star Jump

Mega Mushroom/Invicibility Star
Luigi SSB4 Luigi

Neutral: Poltergust 5000

Forward/Backwards: Polterpup

Down: Poltergust 3000 Flight

Up: Propeller Mushroom

Dropchopper/Negative Zone
Waluigi-BoardWin-MP9 Waluigi

Neutral: Tennis Racket

Forward/Backwards: Bob-omb Throw

Down: Kart Ride

Up: High Speed Run

Sonic Mix Sonic

Neutral: Punch Combo

Forward/Backwards: Slap Combo

Down: Super Peel Out

Up: Flying Spin

Darkspine Sonic/Hyper Sonic
Duck Hunt SSB4 Duck Hunt

Neutral: Duck Egg

Forward/Backwards: TNT

Down: Goose Rifle

Up: Duck Drill

Fowl Storm
Bowser SSB3M Bowser

Neutral: Fire Shot

Forward/Backwards:Koopa Klaw

Up: Flying Slam

Down: Earthquake

Roar/GigaBowser/Broggy Bonker
Morton Koopa Jr 3DRoy Koopa 3D Roy and Morton

Neutral: Knockback Bros.

Forward/Backwards: Ram

Up: Headbutt

Down: Belly Punch

Roy: Bullet Bill Blaster

Morton: Pokey Maul

Wendy O. Koopa Artwork Wendy

Neutral: Twirl

Forward/Backwards: Skate

Down: Ring Throw

Up: Backflip

Icicle Rain
Bowser Jr9 Bowser Jr.

Neutral: Koopa Shell Throw

Forward/Backwards: Paintbrush Jab

Down: Paint

Up: High Jump

Junior Clown Car
Kirby&Warp Star Kirby

Neutral: Inhale

Forwards/Backwards: Hammer Throw

Down: Torrent Lariat

Up: Rising Break

Hypernova/Crash Kirby
Keeby3D Keeby

Neutral: Copy

Forwards/Backwards: Exhale

Down: Food Throw

Up: Warp Star Crash

Tackle Stomp/Mike
Charizard Charizard

Neutral: Claw

Forwards/Backwards: Flying Ram

Down: Firey Breath

Up: Fly

Mega Charizard Z/Spark Implosion/Mega Charizard Y/Mega Charizard X
LucarioBrawl Lucario

Neutral: Aura

Forwards/Backwards: Plasma Ram

Down: Aura Thunder

Up: Impaling Hop

Aura Storm/Mega Lucario
Greninja-ssb4 Greninja

Neutral: Hop Jump

Forwards/Backwards: Water Sword

Down: Water Vortex

Up: Frog Jump

Secret Ninja Attack
EggmanMonster Truck Ivo Robotnik

Neutral: Drive

Forwards/Backwards: Egg-O-Matic Roll

Down: Egg-O-Matic BOOM(!)

Up: Depart the Egg-O-Matic

Badnik Whirlwind


Image Name Attacks Final Smash
LudwigSSB4 Ludwig von Koopa

Neutral: Fire Breath

Forwards/Sideways: Buzzsaw

Up: Depart the Ship!

Down: Spiked Ball Roll

Homing Blasts
Marx Soul Marx

Neutral: Claw

Sideways: Blast

Up: Ice Bomb

Down: Paint Rain

Black Hole/Marx Soul Transformation
Tails Sonic Boom Tails

Neutral: Punch Combo

Sideways: Tailspin/Tailwhip

Up: Fly

Down: Cannon

IggyNSMBU Iggy Koopa

Neutral: Punch

Sideways: Chain Chomp(let)

Up: Shellspin

Down: Magic Blast

Insane Crisis
Larrym3dw Larry Koopa

Neutral: Spin

Sideways: Spinshell

Up: Mega Jump

Down: Tennis Fire

HYPERSPEED/Tennis Overstorm
Lemmym3dw Lemmy Koopa

Neutral: Ball Kic

Sideways: Ball Roll

Up: Throw Stuff (balls, bombs, Koopa Shells, Bob-ombs, etc..)

Down: Ball Bounce

Gigant Ball


Pom Pom, Yoshi, Shroobs and Fawful/Dark Fawful are confirmed to appear in a future update.


Coming soon!


  • Ludwig: Play Smash Run 44 times, then defeat Ludwig on Bowser Jr.'s Airship.
  • Marx: Win 7 Team Smashes with Keeby or Kirby, then beat him on Castle Dedede.
  • Tails: Complete Classic Mode as Sonic on Intensity 9.4, then defeat him on Metropolis Zone.
  • Iggy, Lemmy and Larry: Unlock all of the above, then defeat all three of them on Neo Bowser Castle.

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