Super Smash Bros. Scrimmage
Developer(s) Luigi20200111
Publisher(s) Unknown...
Platform(s) WiiU
Release Date(s)
Single-Player, Versus, Co-op
Age Rating(s)
T for Teenagers
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Disc
Super Smash Bros. Scrimmage is my idea for a Super Smash Bros. game. It will have up to 55 characters with up to 6 per series. There will be a replacement to the Subspace Emissary. I will take ideas in the comments.


List of Characters

Characters That You Start With

Mario: Mario, Peach

Pokemon: Pikachu

Legend of Zelda: Link, Zelda

Yoshi: Yoshi

Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong

Earthbound: Ness

Metroid: Samus

Kirby: Kirby, Meta Knight

Star Fox: Fox

Kid Icarus: Pit

Fire Emblem: Marth

Pikmin: Olimar


All Newcomers are unlockable.

Mario: Bowser Jr., Toads

Pokemon: Sylveon, Zoroark, Mega Lucario, Mega Mewtwo

Legend of Zelda: Deku Link, Ghirahim

Yoshi: Baby Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong: Dixie Kong

Earthbound: Jeff

Metroid: Spire

Kirby: Spear Waddle Dee

Star Fox: Krystal

Fire Emblem: Lyn, Chrom

Pikmin: Koppai Captains

F-Zero: Samurai Goroh

Fossil Fighters: Fossil Fighter (Ptera, Tricera, T-Rex)

Paper Mario: Paper Mario

Baloon Fighter: Baloon Fighter

Nintendo: Mii

Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow

Pac-Man: Pac-Man

Skylanders: Spyro


Mario: Bowser, Luigi

Pokemon: Jigglypuff

Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf, Toon Link

Donkey Kong: Diddy Kong

Earthbound: Lucas

Kirby: King Dedede

Star Fox: Falco

Fire Emblem: Ike

F-Zero: Captain Falcon

Animal Crossing: Villager

Game & Watch: Mr. Game & Watch

Ice Climbers: Ice Climbers

Wario: Wario

Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic

Mega Man: Mega Man

Downloadable Content

Sonic The Hedgehog: Silver

Mega Man: Dr. Wily

R.O.B.: R.O.B.


There will be various stages, at least one from most series.

Smash Bros.: The Ruined Hall, Final Destination, Battlefield

Mario: World 1-1, Airship Armada, Bowser's Castle, Soda Jungle

Pokemon: Pokemon Stadium 4, Team Flare Secret HQ, Dragonspiral Tower

Legend of Zelda: Skyloft, Stone Tower, Ocean Tower

Yoshi: Yoshi's Island

Donkey Kong: Volcano

Eartbound: Lost Underworld

Metroid: Alinos

Kirby: Lor Starcutter, The City

Star Fox: Titania

Kid Icarus: Space Pirate Ship

Fire Emblem: Ylisse

Pikmin: Cavern, Hocotate Freight

F-Zero: Silence

Paper Mario: The Stage

Fossil Fighters: Vivosaur Island

Animal Crossing: Smashville

Ice Climbers: Icicle Summit

Balloon Fighter: The Skies

Wario: Wario's Castle

Nintendo: Mii Plaza

Sonic The Hedgehog: End of the World

Mega Man: Wily Castle

Pac-Man: Pac-Maze

Skylanders: Skylands



Mario: Mario Galaxy

Pokemon: ???

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Train

Kirby: ???

Yoshi: ???

Donkey Kong: ???

Star Fox: ???

Metroid: ???

F-Zero: ???

Earthbound: ???


Mario: Delfino Plaza

Pokemon: Pokemon Stadium

Legend of Zelda: Pirate Ship

Kirby: Halberd

Star Fox: Lylat Cruise


Mario: Princess Peach's Castle

Pokemon: Poke Floats

Legend of Zelda: Great Bay

Kirby: Fountain of Dreams


Mario: Mushroom Kingdom

Pokemon: Saffron City

The Kingdom Emprise

The Kingdom Emprise (TKE)is the replacement of The Subspace Emissary. This takes place in the World of Stickers.

It starts out with a battle scene between Mii and R.O.B. You battle as Mii. Once you win, R.O.B. turns into a sticker, and rolls up. Mii grabs the sticker of R.O.B., and rolls him out. He turns back into R.O.B., non-sticker form. Then, on a black Loftwing, Girahim comes in, and he reveals the stadium to actually be a giant Morpheel. Morpheel turns the area near him into a watery wasteland. He grabs R.O.B. using one of his feelers and is just about to grab Mii when Meta Knight swoops in, and grabs Mii, saving him. Meta Knight then slashes Morpheel's tentacle with R.O.B. in it, saving him. R.O.B. then grabs Mii and flies away. Meta Knight then fights Girahim. In the battle, you are always on the left side of the screen. Meta Knight moves up and down dodging Girahim's attacks on his Loftwing, while Meta Knight tries to slash him. After the battle there is a scene with Meta Knight, R.O.B., and Mii escaping Girahim's wrath. End of Level

This level starts with hoards of primids attaking Luigi, who uses his Final Smash to make some primids attack other nearby ones, and Jigglypuff, when the ground beneath them falls apart and they fall into a cave. They find a dead end, but manage to break the wall, which reveals the construction of Bowser's Castle. Luigi, the wuss he is, tries to flee back into the cave, but Jigglypuf slaps him, and they venure on. They manage to sneak onto Bowser Jr.'s Airship. They find Mario in a prison cell, so they release him. The group finds Bowser Jr. who battles them. He spits fireballs into the air in the background, and they rain upon you, he creates grafiti enemies, and hops in his Koopa Clown Car and drops Bob-ombs. Only in his Koopa Clown Car can he be damaged. He flees once he is beaten. End of Level

This level starts with Pit viewing Meta Knight take Mii and R.O.B. to Castle Dedede. Pit then dives away trying to save Mii and R.O.B. When Pit gets too close to Castle Dedede in a scene, Kabula attacks. You fight Kabula like you fought Girahim, but you are Pit instead of Meta Knight, you are fighting Kabula instead of Girahim, and you attack by shooting blue arrow things instead of slashing. Pit then traverse through the castle, fighting many Kirby Mid-Bosses along the way. Pit over hears Meta Knight and King Dedede talking about what to do about the other villians taking over the world. Pit comes in, and uses his Final Smash to attack Meta Knight and King Dedede. Another fight happens. Pit fights Meta Knight, King Dedede, and King Dedede's army with Palutena's Army in effect the entire time. King Dedede makes his castle into a flying fortress. End of Level


New Concept, there are flying stages where if only flying characters go, it is different with characters moving in every direction, except forward and backwards. Here is a list of flying characters.

Meta Knight

Spear Waddle Dee


Fossil Fighter (Ptera)

Balloon Fighter





Here is a list of flying stages.

Airship Armada


The Skies


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