Super Smash Bros. Rumpus is the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. series. It is getting developed by Nintendo for the Wii U, and will release in early 2016.


SSBR has gameplay very similar to its predecessors, where the goal is to knock your opponents past the "blast lines" which result in them getting a K.O.

New Features

  • All of the new stages can be interacted with in some way, and players can use this to their advantage.
  • Voice chat on online mode
  • Up to 6 characters can fight at a time
  • More online modes than just battles
  • Certain characters now have extra abilities, such as Mario being able to wall jump, and Link being able to roll to get around quicker.



Image Name Series Moves Changes (if a veteran)
Ssbrmario Mario Super Mario Neutral B:Fireball, Side B:Tail Whack, Up B: Super Jump Punch, Down B:F.L.U.D.D, Final Smash:Mario Finale Mario is now lighter, and has a different Side B move.
Ssbbrpeach Peach Super Mario Neutral B:Toad Shield, Side B:Peach Bomber, Up B:Peach Parasol, Down B:Vegetable, Final Smash:Rage Peach's vegetables have more knockback, and Peach has a new Final Smash.
Ssbrbowser Bowser Super Mario Neutral B: Fire Breath, Side B: Hammer Toss, Up B:Whirling Fortress, Down B:Shell Spin, final Smash: Giga Bowser Bowser is now heavier and more powerful, but he is slower. He also has new Side and Down B attacks.
Ssbrdk Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Neutral B: Giant Punch, Side B:Roll Attack, Up B:Spinning Kong, Down B:Hand Slap, Final Smash:Super Punch Donkey Kong has a new Side B move and a new Final Smash, and he is also lighter this time.
Ssbryoshi Yoshi Yoshi's Island Neutral B:Egg Lay, Side B:Egg Roll, Up B:Egg Throw, Down B:Yoshi Bomb, Final Smash:Gigantic Egg Yoshi's move has increased knockback, he has better defense, and he is a bit larger. Yoshi also has a new Final Smash.
Ssbrlink Link The Legend of Zelda Neutral B:Hero's Bow, Side B:Beetle, Up B:Hookshot, Down B:Bomb Toss, Final Smash: Triforce Slash Link has new Side and Up B moves. Link now tosses bombs instead of placing them, and Link is also a little faster than before.
Ssbrzeldasheik Zelda The Legend of Zelda Neutral B:Naryu's Love, Side B:Din's Fire, Up B:Faore's Wind, Down B:Transform, Final Smash: Light Arrow Zelda is more defensive, and her moves have more knockback. She is also larger than before.
Ssbrzeldasheik Sheik The Legend of Zelda Neutral B:Needle Storm, Side B:Burst Grenade, Up B:Vanish, Down B:Transform, Final Smash: Light Arrow Sheik is faster and stronger than in previous installments. Sheik also is not a separate character anymore.
Ssbrghirahim Ghirahim The Legend of Zelda Neutral B:Electric Hand, Side B: Double Kick, Up B:Rapier Spin, Down B:Rapier Slash, Final Smash:Monster Summon N/A
Ssbrsamus Power Suit Samus Metroid Neutral B:Charge Shot, Side B: Missile, Up B:Screw Attack, Down B:Bomb, Final Smash:Zero Laser Power Suit Samus is heavier and stronger, but she is also slower. The power of her projectile moves have also been increased.
Ssbrsamus Zero Suit Samus Metroid Neutral B:Paralyzer Shot, Side B:Plasma Whip, Up B:Plasma Wire, Down B:Flip Jump, Final Smash:Power Suit Samus ZSS is no longer a separate character. Zero Suit Samus is also heavier now, so attacks have less knockback when they land on her.
Ssbrridley Ridley Metroid Neutral B:Fire Breath, Side B:Claw Swipe, Up B:Drago Flight, Down B:Tail Drag, Final Smash:Meta Ridley N/A
Ssbrpit Ridley Metroid Neutral B:Palutena's Arrow, Side B:Upperdash Arm, Up B:Power of Flight, Down B:Guardian Orbitars, Final Smash:3 Sacred Treasures Pit's flight is not a powerful as in Brawl, but not to the point to where it is too weak. Pit is also lighter than before.

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