Trophies are a collectable figure that appears throughout the Adventure Mode, Classic Mode, and Multiplayer Modes. Trophies can be moved around in a mode called "Trophy Slide" and you can gain trophies at the Coin Launcher. Another way to gain trophies are to beat certain challenges, which you can view on the Challenges menu. Below is a list of all the trophies and how to obtain them.

Character Name Series Description How to Obtain
FuelFairies Fairies Fairies and Dragons These four mischievious fairies, named Sunflower, Rose, Lily and Violet, are creative little creatures that live in the giant forest. The fairies had many dragon friends that lived on the mountain tops, whose names were Ice, Earth, Wind and Fire, and were very cooky. These fairies and dragons became the world's first digital Happy Meal.
-Fairies and Dragons (Happy Meal) - 2008
Complete challenge: Fall 1000 ft.

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