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Super Smash Bros. Royale
SSB Royale
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprizes
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 2D Fighting
Release Date(s)
July 9, 2016

Super Smash Bros. Royale is the fifth game of the famous Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games. It will be for the Wii U and will come out on July 9, 2016.


Mario SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Peach SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Bowser SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Captain Toad TT artwork05
Captain Toad
SSB Mario Series
Elite Trio
SSB Mario Series
Donkey Kong SSB4
Donkey Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Diddy Kong SSB4
Diddy Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Dixie Kong Smashified
Dixie Kong
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Yoshi SSB4
SSB Yoshi Series
Wario SSB4 Render
SSB Wario Series
Link SSB4
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
250px-Zelda SSB4
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Sheik SSB4
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
1000px-Ghirahim Artwork
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
496px-HW - Tetra Pistol
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Samus SSB4
SSB Metroid Series
480px-Zero Suit Samus SSB4
Zero Suit Samus
SSB Metroid Series
Kirby SSB4
SSB Kirby Series
Meta Knight SSB4
Meta Knight
SSB Kirby Series
King Dedede SSB4
King Dedede
SSB Kirby Series
Bandana Waddle Dee KTD
Waddle Dee
SSB Kirby Series
Fox SSB4
SSB Star Fox Series
Pikachu SSB4
SSB Pokémon Series
250px-Charizard SSB4
SSB Pokémon Series
480px-Greninja SSB4
SSB Pokémon Series
SSB Pokémon Series
Captain Falcon SSB4
Captain Falcon
SSB F-Zero Series
Ness SSB4
SSB EarthBound Series
SSB EarthBound Series
SSB Fire Emblem Series
SSB Fire Emblem Series
SSB4 Corrin
SSB Fire Emblem Series
493px-FEA Owain
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Pit SSB4
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Dark Pit
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Olimar SSB4
SSB Pikmin Series
SSB Animal Crossing Series
480px-Wii Fit Trainer SSB4
Wii Fit Trainer
SSB Wii Fit Series
Little Mac
SSB Punch-Out Series
288px-Shulk SSB4
SSB Xenoblade Series
Fig 20 dunban
SSB Xenoblade Series
Fig 20 wonder red
SSB Wonderful 101 Series
Splatoon Ika
SSB Splatoon Series
Mega Man
SSB Mega Man Series
Zero SSB4
SSB Mega Man Series
480px-Ryu SSB4
SSB BravelyDefault
Shovel Knight
Luigi SSB4
SSB Mario Series
Dr. Mario SSB4
Dr. Mario
SSB Mario Series
250px-Rosalina SSB4
Rosalina & Luma
SSB Mario Series
Bowser Jr.
SSB Mario Series
623px-Fawful artwork MLBiS
SSB Mario Series
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
SSB Metroid Series
480px-Falco SSB4 Art
SSB Star Fox Series
Fig 20 wolf
SSB Star Fox Series
480px-Jigglypuff SSB4
SSB Pokémon Series
SSB Pokémon Series
Lucario SSB4 Artwork
SSB Pokémon Series
480px-SSB4 Lucas
SSB EarthBound Series
Lucina SSB4
SSB Fire Emblem Series
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Mr. Game & Watch SSB4 Render
Mr. Game and Watch
SSB Game & Watch Series
SSB Kid Icarus Series
SSB Kid Icarus Series
SSB R.O.B. Series
Duck Hunt SSB4
Duck Hunt Dog
SSB Duck Hunt Series
SSB Metal Gear Series
Sonic SSB4
SSB Sonic Series
SSB4 Bayonetta
SSB Bayonetta Series
SSB Pac-Man Series
Cloud Dissidia Artwork
Final Fantasy symbol
BS Jean render
SSB BravelyDefault


Returning Stages

Stage Name Series Origin
Battlefield Super Smash Bros.
Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Rainbow Cruise Super Mario
Delfino Plaza Super Mario
Jungle Japes Donkey Kong
Bridge of Eldin The Legend of Zelda
Brinstar Metroid
Pyrosphere Metroid
Yoshi's Island Yoshi
Fountain of Dreams Kirby
Halberd Kirby
Lylat Cruise Star Fox
Orbital Gate Assault Star Fox
Saffron City Pokemon
Unova Pokemon League Pokemon
Kalos Pokemon League Pokemon
Port Town Aero Dive F-Zero
New Pork City Earthbound
Icicle Mountain Ice Climbers
Castle Siege Fire Emblem
Flat Zone X Game & Watch
Wario Ware, Inc. Wario
Palutena's Temple Kid Icarus
Reset Bomb Forest Kid Icarus
Garden of Hope Pikmin
Town & City Animal Crossing
Wii Fit Studio Wii Fit
Boxing Ring Punch-Out!!
Gaur Plain Xenoblade
Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
Living Room Nintendogs
Pilotwings Pilotwings
Balloon Fight Balloon Fight
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear
Windy Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Umbra Clock Tower Bayonetta
Wily Castle Mega Man
Suzaku Castle Street Fighter
Pac-Land Pac-Man
Pac-Maze Pac-Man
Midgar Final Fantasy

New Stages

Stage Name Series Origin
Royal Court Super Smash Bros.
Super Bell Hill Super Mario
Bowser's Castle Super Mario
Dreamy Mount Pajamaja Super Mario
Juicy Jungle Donkey Kong
Sealed Grounds The Legend of Zelda
Ghost Ship The Legend of Zelda
Bryyo Tour Metroid
Leviathan Seed Metroid
Tall Tower Yoshi
Another Dimension Kirby
Sauria Star Fox
Sootopolis City Pokemon
Casino Palace F-Zero
Fire Mountain Earthbound
Osohe Castle Earthbound
Plegia Castle Fire Emblem
Mount Bighill Wario
Shakedown Schooner Wario
Aurum Hive Kid Icarus
Labyrinth of Deceit Kid Icarus
Chaos Vortex Kid Icarus
Tropical Wilds Pikmin
Galahad Fortress Xenoblade
Blossom City The Wonderful 101
Lost City of Lowrule The Wonderful 101
Saltspray Rig Splatoon
Octo Valley Splatoon
Apollo Sanctum Golden Sun
Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land
Hogan's Alley Hogan's Alley
Hotcha Springs The Legendary Starfy
Outer Haven Metal Gear
Twinkle Park Sonic the Hedgehog
Final Egg Sonic the Hedgehog
Final Weapon Mega Man
Zero Space Mega Man
Grand Factory Street Fighter
Skyscraper Under Construction Street Fighter
Magma Opus Pac-Man
Troupple Pond Shovel Knight
Zanarkand Ruins Final Fantasy
Ancheim Bravely


In certain stages, there's a boss that might interrupt your fight. The one who KOs the boss will get extra points at the end of a match. These bosses can also be fought in Boss Battles Mode.

Boss Name Location Series Origin
Master Hand Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Crazy Hand Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Master Core Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Giga Bowser Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Tera Bowser Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Hisstocrat Super Bell Hill Super Mario
Bashmaster Juicy Jungle Donkey Kong
Bellum Ghost Ship The Legend of Zelda
Ridley Pyrosphere Metroid
Mogenar Leviathan Seed Metroid
Cloudjin Tall Tower Yoshi
Grand Doomer Another Dimension Kirby
Rayquaza Sootopolis City Pokemon
Porky Minch Osohe Castle Earthbound
Gangrel Plegia Castle Fire Emblem
Large Fry Mount Bighill Wario
Chaos Kin Chaos Vortex Kid Icarus
Scornet Maestro Tropical Wilds Pikmin
Metal Face Gaur Plain Xenoblade
Yaldabaoth Galahad Fortress Xenoblade
Gah-Goojin Lost City of Lowrule The Wonderful 101
Rampaging Octowhirl Octo Valley Splatoon
Zeron Centrium Pandora's Tower
Chaos Chimaera Apollo Sanctum Golden Sun
Egg Dragoon Apotos Sonic the Hedgehog
Yellow Devil Wily Castle Mega Man
Jet Stingray Final Weapon Mega Man
Sigma Zero Space Mega Man
Seymour Omnis Zanarkand Ruins Final Fantasy
Orthros Temple of Fire Bravely
Diamante Celestial Realm Tour Bravely
Specter Knight Lich Yard Shovel Knight

Assist Trophies

Assist Trophies are non-playable characters who help you out in battle. There are 81 Assist Trophies in Royale. Assist Trophies in bold are new.

Assist Trophy Series Origin
Hammer Bro. Super Mario
Lakitu & Spinies Super Mario
Chain Chomp Super Mario
Broque Monsieur Super Mario
Cranky Kong Donkey Kong
Midna The Legend of Zelda
Skull Kid The Legend of Zelda
Tingle The Legend of Zelda
Zant The Legend of Zelda
Hilda The Legend of Zelda
Metroid Metroid
Mother Brain Metroid
Dark Samus Metroid
Space Pirate Metroid
SA-X Metroid
Knuckle Joe Kirby
Nightmare Kirby
Squeak Squad Kirby
Chef Kawaksaki Kirby
Andross Star Fox
Krystal Star Fox
Jeff Earthbond
Starman Earthbond
Duster Earthbond
Samurai Goroh F-Zero
Silvers Neelsen F-Zero
Lyn Fire Emblem
Priam Fire Emblem
Hector Fire Emblem
Waluigi Wario
Kat & Ana Wario
Ashley Wario
Dr. Crygor Wario
Magnus Kid Icarus
Phosphora Kid Icarus
Cragalanche Kid Icarus
Isabelle Animal Crossing
Don Flamenco Punch-Out!!
Riki Xenoblade
Elma Xenoblade
Gadolt Xenoblade
Prince Vorkken The Wonderful 101
Cap'n Cuttlefish Splatoon
Nintendog Nintendogs
Starfy The Legendary Starfy
Saki Amamiya Sin & Punishment
Takamaru The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Barbara Jam With the Band
Dr. Wright SimCity
Infantry & Tanks Nintendo Wars
Helirin Kururin
Devil Devil World
Dillon Dillon's Rolling Western
Sheriff Sheriff
Sable Prince The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls
Dr. Kawashima Brain Age
Whisper Yokai Watch
Dr. Lobe Big Brain Academy
Lip Panel de Pon
Elite Beat Agents Elite Beat Agents
Mach Rider Mach Rider
Monita Nintendo Land
Frey Slashing Reginleiv
Grey Fox Metal Gear Solid
The Fear Metal Gear Solid
Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Tikal the Echidna Sonic the Hedgehog
Vector the Crocodile Sonic the Hedgehog
Elec Man Mega Man
Blade Man Mega Man
Boomer Kuwanger Mega Man
Ground Scaravich Mega Man
Chun-Li Street Fighter
Adon Street Fighter
Ghosts Pac-Man
Shantotto Final Fantasy
Nikolai Nikolanikov Bravely
Konoe Kikyo Bravely
Black Knight Shovel Knight
Plague Knight Shovel Knight
Polar Knight Shovel Knight



The main mode of the game, Royale lets up to 4 players battle in out to see who'll win.

8-Player Royale

Basically the same as Royale, but up to 8 players can join in on the fun.


Classic Mode

Classic Mode is a mode where you can face random fighters in the span of 10 stages. After the 4th stage, you can play a mode called Break the Targets, which tests each of the fighters' skills in unique courses made specifically for them. This also happens with Board the Platforms after the 8th stage. The 9th stage pits you against three random fighters. When you reach the final stage, the opponents you face varies on the intensity you faced Classic Mode.

  • 0.0-3.0: Master Hand
  • 3.1-4.0: Master Hand & Crazy Hand
  • 4.1-5.0: Master Hand, Crazy Hand, & Master Core (Master Edges and Master Shadow)
  • 5.1-6.0: Master Hand, Crazy Hand, & Master Core (Master Beast, Master Edges, and Master Shadow)
  • 6.1-7.0: Master Hand, Crazy Hand, & Master Core (Master Giant, Master Beast, Master Edges, and Master Shadow)
  • 7.1-8.9: Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Master Core (Master Giant, Master Beast, Master Edges and Master Shadow), & Master Fortress
  • 9.0: Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Master Core (Master Tank, Master Giant, Master Beast, Master Edges and Master Shadow), & Master Fortress

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode pits you up against all of the fighters you unlocked up to this point. You can either face them in three ways- in chronological order, reverse chronological order, or in the order their series came out.


Here, you can hone your skills with each and every fighter against a training dummy, whose settings you can change.


The Stadium has various events that you can choose to do.

Home-Run Contest

Using a Home-Run Bat, see how far you can hit a Sandbag.

Target Blast

Launch a bomb and score lots of points by taking out various blocks and targets in 5 courses. You have two chances to score points; the second bomb is bigger than the first.

Multi-Man Royale

Take place in events that allow you to defeat as many enemies as possible under various pretenses. In this game, the enemies are the Fawful Flunkies, taking moves from Mario, Link, Shulk, Kirby, Pit, and Wonder-Red.

Break the Targets/Board the Platforms

Take place in an obstacle course that makes you break 10 targets or board 10 platforms while testing out your characters' moves.

Smash Run

Similar to City Trial from Kirby Air Ride, Smash Run takes place on a massive battlefield filled with a hodgepodge of enemies from Adventure Mode. You have 5 minutes to collect as many upgrades as you can by defeating enemies. After time's up, players will face each other in one final event.


The Vault is where you can listen to music previously unlocked, see your photos you took in the Album, watch fighter reveal trailers or endings in Movies, and view a list of all referenced games in the game in the Chronicle.


Aside from viewing trophies in the Gallery or Hoard, you can also buy trophies in the Trophy Shop using your winnings, or play three minigames to help you get more.

Coin Launcher

Coin Launcher lets you shoot coins at enemies to get Stickers or Trophies. The game ends if you're satisfied or if you run out of coins.

Trophy Rush

In Trophy Rush, you can collect falling trophies for a maximum of 150 second. You can also collect coins, stickers, and custom parts as well.

Royal Treasury

Royal Treasury is a never-ending, side scrolling stage that has many enemies from Adventure Mode and Smash Run. If you defeat 5 enemies, the fifth enemy will drop a trophy for you to collect. Each playthrough of this mode is random, and the stage gradually scrolls faster when you overtime. The mode ends when you get KO'd.

Smash Taunts

Smash Taunts are done by pressing the down taunt button on a certain stage using a specific character. Successfulling doing the Smash Taunt will trigger a conversation about the fighter that character's currently facing.


Done by Snake, he contacts five of his friends to tell him about the Smashers. However, in two of these codecs (those being Falco and Zero's), two guests make an appearance (those being Slippy Toad and Axl, respectively). This Smash Taunt's unique, as when Snake somehow gets KO'd while the taunt is in action, the character he contacted will suddenly scream Snake's name- an homage to the famous Game Over screen from the Metal Gear Series.

Palutena's Guidance

Done by Pit, he'll contact Palutena, Viridi, and Magnus to tell him about the Smashers. However, since this is Kid Icarus Uprising, Hades will unexpectedly join in on the conversation too. Just like the Codecs, in two of the conversations (Robin and Janne's), two guests will make an appearence (Chrom and Nikolai Nikolanikov, respectively).

Viridi's Lowdown

Done by Dark Pit, this is similar to Palutena's Guidence. However, Viridi, Arlon, and Phosphora will give in info on the fighters.

Party Chat

Done by Ringabel and Janne, this Smash Taunt is different from others. Instead of them getting the lowdown on the fighters, friends of Ringabel/Janne themselves talk about each fighter. The characters appearing vary on who did the Smash Taunt. In Ringabel's case, Tiz, Agnes, and Edea will talk about the fighters. In Janne's case, Yew, Magnolia, and Nikolai will talk about them.

Unlocking Criteria

Character Criteria 1 Criteria 2
Falco Play 5 vs. matches
Lucas Play 10 vs. matches
Luigi Play 20 vs. matches
Lucina Play 35 vs. matches
Palutena Play 50 vs. matches
Janne Play 65 vs. matches
Lucario Play 80 vs. matches
Roy Play 100 vs. matches
Snake Play 120 vs. matches
Dr. Mario Play 135 vs. matches
Pac-Man Play 150 vs. matches
Ganondorf Play 175 vs. matches
Rundas Play 200 vs. mayches
Mr. Game and Watch Play 230 vs. matches
Sonic Play 255 vs. matches
Fawful Play 280 vs. matches
R.O.B. Play 310 vs. matches
Rosalina & Luma Play 345 vs. matches
Bowser Jr. Play 380 vs. matches
Bayonetta Play 420 vs. matches
Jigglypuff Play 465 vs. matches
Dug Hunt Dog Play 500 vs. matches
Cloud Play 550 vs. matches
Viridi Play 600 vs. matches
Wolf Play 650 vs. matches
Mewtwo Pkay 700 vs. matches

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